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Tips and Tricks for Upcycling Home Goods. A federation style home's contemporary renovation. Home - Alpine Building Permits. Cheap Carpet & Flooring Melbourne. Tech note3 1.

Californian Bungalow

Concrete. Consultants directory. Important: Inclusion in the Heritage Victoria Consultant and Contractor Directory does not imply that a consultant or contractor is endorsed or approved by Heritage Victoria, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning or Heritage Council of Victoria.

Consultants directory

Anyone who wishes to be included in the directory must meet minimum criteria and demonstrate their qualifications and experience. We cannot, however, guarantee the accuracy of all the details provided by consultants and contractors. You should check all the information provided. If seeking to engage a consultant, you are advised to ensure they have the required expertise to undertake the work you require. More information Contact us for heritage advice or assistance. Consultants directory. Technical guidance. Repair Tongue and Groove. InspectionSchedule. Prepmaintplan. Maintenance and Repair. Sustainability Heritage tech leaflet.

Heritage buildings energy efficiency. Salt Damp tech guide. Heritage Council of Victoria. VHD. Final Owners Guide.


BBP ProjectColour StyleBrochure NAT. TERMITES in Australia. Proper identification is essential - some species of termites in will attack only living trees and will not attack dry seasoned timbers in a building - whilst others are highly destructive to such buildings in a short amount of time - please see below an outline of the main destructive termites.

TERMITES in Australia

Commonly found throughout Australia - particularly in urban areas or where eucalypt gum trees are highly prevalent. Sub-nest in your wall ? Coptotermes acinaciformis may construct a subsidiary nests away from the main colony nest - often in a wall cavity of a building where there is a reliable moisture source - say from a leaking shower recess or faulty guttering or rusted down pipes. Area of Distribution - Commonly found in eastern NSW and south eastern Queensland - particularly along the entire coast-line, the Great Dividing Range and adjoining slopes.

Commonly found in tropical Northern Territory, parts of QLD and WA - generally north of the tropic of Capricorn. Property and Land Data - Interactive Map. Wall Crack Stitching & Repairs Australia. Average Room Sizes (An Australian Guide) - BuildSearch. Australia has a massive land area and with so much space available in the land down under, it’s no wonder why many Australians choose to live in massive houses.

Average Room Sizes (An Australian Guide) - BuildSearch

Surprisingly, rising costs to build a new house and dense suburb population don’t seem to stop existing and prospective home buyers into living in big, luxurious homes. In fact, we’ve beaten the United States in terms of floor space per capita, with Australian homes having an average size of 214.6m2 floor area. House designs have changed over the years and this could be attributed to the fact that we now have more construction materials to choose from, improved heating and indoor plumbing systems, and material and structure durability, to name a few. The living standards have also drastically risen in the past few years, and privacy and space have become critical factors to consider when designing a house.

Average Home Size Across Australia Living Room Size. Urban Design Framework. Products. ‎RoomScan Pro on the App Store. ‎Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass on the App Store. Sunseeker is a comprehensive solar tracking & compass app.

‎Sun Seeker - Tracker & Compass on the App Store

It shows the sun’s hourly direction intervals, its equinox, winter & summer solstice paths, sunrise sunset times, twilight times, sun shadow, the golden hour & more. The app allows you to add sun-event notifications & has a widget showing the day’s solar data & position on an arc. The surveyor view shows the solar direction for each sunlight hour. Sunseeker has both a flat compass view & a 3D Augmented Reality (AR) view to show the solar position & path. The app is useful for - Articles - Lunchbox Architect. 6 Top Tips For Renovating For Profit. Renovating for profit isn’t about simply painting a wall and watching the returns roll in.

6 Top Tips For Renovating For Profit

It’s about carefully adding real value over the long haul. We spoke to renovating expert and founder of The Makeover Group, Richard Armstrong, for his renovating for profit tips. Here are his six renovation tips to set you up for success. 1. Get studying Take the emotion out of the equation and learn what improvements are most likely to add value for your style of home, your suburb, in the current market. When renovating for profit, simple is best. Is investment property renovation a good idea? Negatives The most obvious negative to renovating your investment property is the loss of rental income that occurs when you decide to renovate.

Is investment property renovation a good idea?

Depending on the scale of the renovation that is being planned, you could potentially lose your investment as an income source for some time. To counter this, it is vital that you manage the renovation of your investment property with great attention to detail so that the process can go as smoothly as possible. This is, however, sometimes not possible. ‘I spent far too much on my renovation’: How to avoid overcapitalising on your property. Professional renovator Cherie Barber admits she made a few mistakes on her early renovation projects, including buying her first property on a six-lane highway when she was an inexperienced 21-year-old.

‘I spent far too much on my renovation’: How to avoid overcapitalising on your property

“I couldn’t live in the house,” she says. “It was too noisy, so I did a very quick cosmetic spruce-up of the house to get out.” Barber says she made a small accidental profit on the property, which she reinvested in a second property in West Pymble, Sydney. She says she spent about $300,000 renovating the house over the next seven years.

“I spent 100 per cent of the property value on renovations. LJ Hooker Real Estate - To renovate or not to renovate when selling. Do you renovate before you sell, or just put it on the market as is?

LJ Hooker Real Estate - To renovate or not to renovate when selling

This is a big question and unfortunately the answer is maybe…it is not a simple yes or no. With so many variants at play, how do you calculate if you should put in the time, effort and dollars in to renovate before selling? Must-do home improvements when selling We have written many many times on the LJ Hooker Blog about the importance of having a well presented property when you are looking to sell, so I apologize for repeating this, but it is super important.

The other way to look at this is if you don’t do at least these 6 jobs, you’ll be throwing money down the drain: The big property clean – you want your property sparkle Touch up any chipped paintwork Remove or store your clutter and any highly personal items Fix any obvious detrimental defects Tidy the front garden Ensure you have the best possible street appeal – sweep paths, ensure your gate is working, your street number is visible etc Avoid overcapitalization.

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"Ageing gracefully" – which period features retain value over time? Period homes have never been more popular in the inner suburbs of Australia’s capital cities than they are right now.

"Ageing gracefully" – which period features retain value over time?

That old-world charm, rock-solid build quality and almost timeless elegance have put them at the top of the list for many buyers who are prepared to pay a premium to own a piece of historic architecture. But will all of those distinctive period features both inside and outside the home stand the test of time? Or will some fare better than others? Here are the features that will best retain their value in the coming years. The façade Find any property listing for a period home and it’s almost a given that the hero shot will be a stunning view of the front of the house from the street. The Rentovators. The Renos That Will Decrease or Do Nothing for Your Property Value. Not all renovations are created equal; some will send a property’s value sky-rocketing, while others can actually slash it.

The Renos That Will Decrease or Do Nothing for Your Property Value

Character Home Renovations and Extensions. Verbal offers vs contracts + Don't get screwed by a builder + Our new Reno Show. Nail your Renovation without getting Screwed : Steve Burke and Suzanne Burke : 9781925403510.

Naomi Findlay

‎Reno Radio on Apple Podcasts. Property & Home Renovation Courses in Australia. Should you renovate or detonate? Remodeling Ideas, Home Planning, Kitchen & Bath Design. Renovation-Secrets-Ultimate. How to use ‘Other People’s Money” to pay for your ‘Reno Windfalls’. The secrets of getting the banks to fund your property purchases – and the reno project costs. The Ultimate List of Home Renovation TV Shows. There’s nothing like a good home renovation show to get the creative juices flowing. Whether it’s for designing your own home or to give you ideas about buying a foreclosure to flip, these shows can show you the good, bad, and ugly of all things home renovation. But their surge in popularity means it can be hard to tell which show to watch, or sometimes even find your favorite show when it gets bumped for another.

To help, here’s a list of 18 home renovation shows still playing regularly on HGTV and TLC. 1. Reduce heat loss through windows. When you consider that a single pane of glass can lose almost ten times as much heat as the same area of insulated wall, it is worth taking some simple steps to reduce heat loss through your windows to make your home more comfortable and reduce your heating costs. Size and orientation The size and orientation of your windows will affect the amount of sunlight entering your home. West, east and north-facing windows tend to be exposed to sunlight, while south-facing windows receive almost no direct sunlight. If you are planning a renovation consider orienting your living areas and windows to the north, and rooms where you spend less time to the south.

This will take advantage of the winter sun, keeping these rooms warm, light and bright. Reduce heat gain through windows. 5 home renovation must do's. Hidden plumbing problems & how to uncover them. Plumbing Checklist: What to Do before You Start to Renovate. 403 Not Allowed. Renovations and additions. How to Tell Which Renovations Increase Your Home's Value. Home Renovations That Return The Most At Resale.


Living area. Deck. Kitchen.