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Shade Solutions Australia Pty ltd. Outdoor Kitchens Gallery. Johanna and Charlie give a garden and deck a spring makeover. Our design brief was simple: modern, usable and practical.

Johanna and Charlie give a garden and deck a spring makeover

We achieved all of this quite simply, first by addressing the privacy and slope, and then by adding a new lawn, new paved area, extra space to the existing deck and accessorising. Simple! Screening The first and most obvious issue in this space was privacy, or lack thereof. While the fences were in good condition, they do nothing in terms of height and privacy for this backyard. Hedges can offer much more to a garden besides just privacy, depending on what you choose to plant.

Hedges like a Waterhousia hedge, featuring loose, hanging foliage, can offer interest and movement to your boundaries rather than a hedge clipped so tight that it looks just like another fence. Hedges that are pruned heavily can make your space feel even smaller, as they can highlight where your boundaries actually are. Save Waterhousia can get to a fair height, however they can also be kept to a much smaller, practical height to suit your space.

Outdoor Fireplaces: Your Ultimate Guide. How to design a great deck, alfresco or outdoor space for your home. Gardening Ideas and Inspiration. Australian Outdoor Living® - Quality Outdoor Home Improvements. Premium Shade & Roof Solutions. Outdoor kitchen options and ideas. ARTICLE Joanna Mathers There’s something deeply satisfying about cooking outside.

Outdoor kitchen options and ideas

The smell and sound of sizzling food seems to tap into our primal instinct for warmth and nourishment; and flame-grilled food tastes all the better when cooked and served in the fresh air. The popularity of outdoor kitchens (as opposed to the simple backyard barbecue) has soared in recent years. Australians are choosing to add al fresco dining areas to many new builds or renovations, and landscape designers and builders have risen to the challenge; creating all weather living spaces that are more than a match for their indoor counterparts. Recently, there has been an increase in the availability of quality appliances and furnishings for open air eating. Ideas to get you started creating an outdoor kitchen. The basics: The type of outdoor kitchen you create will depend on the size of your section and, of course, your budget. A flat area leading off a living room is ideal for an outdoor kitchen. Refresh Renovations Australia. ARTICLE Patricia Moore For many of us enjoying the open air is about relaxing, on the deck or around the pool, with family and friends.

Refresh Renovations Australia

Increasingly homeowners are looking at ways to stretch the seasons by creating outdoor spaces that are liveable for more than just a few months over summer. We're also looking at ways to stretch our living areas, says Michelle Bevin from Gorgeous Homes Interior Design. "Many newer homes are not big, so if you can utilise a semi closed-in space, and do it well, it can be a real asset.

" You first need to consider how and when the space will be used says Nigel Cameron. Professional advice is important. A professional will provide alternative solutions that can save money, says Nigel. With even the most basic timber deck costing more than concrete, it's worth considering, he says. A growing range of products are available to manage the sun and contain warmth.

IMAGE Louvretec "Ensure the components will work in your climate. IMAGE Provista. Shading. Direct sun can generate the same heat as a single bar radiator over each square metre of a surface, but effective shading can block up to 90% of this heat.


By shading a building and its outdoor spaces we can reduce summer temperatures, improve comfort and save energy. A variety of shading techniques can help, from fixed or adjustable shades to trees and vegetation, depending on the building’s orientation as well as climate and latitude. Photo: Architect Brian Meyerson Shading glass reduces unwanted heat gain. Shading glass is the best way to reduce unwanted heat gain, as unprotected glass is often the greatest source of heat entering a home. Radiant heat from the sun passes through glass and is absorbed by building elements and furnishings, which then re-radiate it inside the dwelling. Shading of wall and roof surfaces is therefore important to reduce summer heat gain, particularly if they are dark coloured or heavyweight.

Solar radiation is re-radiated inside. External shading devices. Refresh Renovations Australia. Refresh Renovations Australia. ARTICLE Persephone Nicholas There are many ways of creating indoor-outdoor flow, including using a similar colour palette and finishes (particularly for flooring); installing bi-fold or French windows so you can transition easily between both zones; creating shade and shelter from the elements to make outdoor living more comfortable; and investing in outdoor furniture, accessories and appliances that will make your outdoor space a pleasure to be in.

Refresh Renovations Australia

What are the key planning considerations? As with any kind of renovation project, you should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and your budget before starting.