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Historical Research

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Projects and Publications. Abbot is a tool designed to convert dissimilar collections of XML texts into a common interoperable form.

Projects and Publications

Abbot's schema-harvesting procedures focus on TEI, but is extremely flexible and format agnostic. Across the Spectrum: The Interdisciplinary Life and Letters of John G. Neihardt provides an extensive searchable digital archive of Neihardt's collected professional and personal letters along with previously uncollected essays and reviews. The American Indian Treaties Portal provides texts of American Indian treaties that are not covered by Kappler, peer-reviewed articles on various treaties, and an original biography of Charles J. The World's Largest Library Catalog. Television. In the world of television, if "The Bachelor" or "Fear Factor" isn't your cup of tea, we recommend several alternatives to "reality TV.


" Have you ever wished you could step back in time and experience the way people lived in your favorite era of history? Costume College 2012. Joyful Molly. UNDER CONSTRUCTION (status: September 2010) Until this part has been updated, please see the original list here.

Joyful Molly

Thanks a lot for your patience. “How on earth can I write about something I don’t know anything about?!” This question started the “useful list”; a helpful link-collection for myself and my fellow authors of Age of Sail fiction. Yale University Library: Digital Collections. FIDM Museum Blog: Welcome to the FIDM Museum! Located in downtown Los Angeles, the FIDM Museum is devoted to the exhibition and interpretation of dress and textiles.

FIDM Museum Blog: Welcome to the FIDM Museum!

Our collection focuses primarily on the 19th and 20th centuries, with an emphasis on American and European dress. Like all museums, we have thousands of objects housed in our secure, climate controlled storage areas. Until now, these objects were only available for viewing by those able to visit us in Los Angeles. But now we have a blog! History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. The Legend of Dolley Madison’s Red Velvet Dress. As Major General Robert Ross and his 4,000 British troops closed in on Washington, with orders to set fire to the city’s public buildings, Dolley Madison stood her ground at the White House.

The Legend of Dolley Madison’s Red Velvet Dress

One of the most powerful first ladies in history, she maintained enough composure to gather some of the nation’s treasures before making her escape. That fateful day, August 24, 1814, Dolley famously arranged for servants to bust the frame of Gilbert Stuart’s portrait of George Washington hanging in the state dining room and cart it off to safety. She also saved some silver, china and, of all things, red velvet draperies from the Oval Drawing Room. “The Queen’s Lover,” by Francine du Plessix Gray.

That doesn’t mean it won’t entertain you.

“The Queen’s Lover,” by Francine du Plessix Gray

How could the story of Marie Antoinette’s Swedish lover and their trysts in the king’s palace fail to engage a reader? Art review: The National Portrait Gallery’s ‘1812: A Nation Emerges’ Unfortunately, not much is made of the dizzying range of representational styles on display in the exhibition: primitive lead-pencil drawings (a sketch showing the battle lines at Bladensburg), overzealous partisan cartoons with crudely drawn speech bubbles, and meticulous, academically proper portraiture.

Art review: The National Portrait Gallery’s ‘1812: A Nation Emerges’

Nor is much attention devoted to the rich but now mostly forgotten iconography of these works, the liberty caps, the figure of Brother Jonathan (a symbol of the early United States), or the medals and other symbols that appear in many of the portraits. The focus, rather, is on the events and personalities of the war. It is an interesting and engaging exhibition, but it could have been much more so if history and artistic practice had been integrated throughout. There is something almost incestuous about the elites who led the country into what some deemed a dangerous folly and others considered a second war of independence. Derelict London Cemetery. Google-search-infographic.gif 800×8,848 pixels.

Historical Literature

British History. Google-fu. Interactive online Google tutorial and references. Google Guide Quick Reference: Google Advanced Operators (Cheat Sheet) How to become an Ascended Master of Google-fu… Because Google is like a jetcar with a 20-speed manual gearbox, first gear is plenty for most people.

How to become an Ascended Master of Google-fu…

However, if you want the other 19 gears, here are some ideas to get you fired up (just make sure you’re pointing in the right direction first)… Google’s 2nd gear - Exact-fu Without much doubt, I think the two basic Google tricks everyone should know are:- If you want an exact word match (i.e. not a nearest sound match, or a plural/singular), precede the word with ‘+’. This is most useful when (as is often the case with historical research) you’re looking for a particularly obscure word or name, for which Google will suggestion zillions of alternatives.

Favorite Genealogy Websites / Midwest History / ComPortOne of Rockford Illinois. Occupations Found in Old Records / ComPortOne of Rockford Illinois. Old Names for Illnesses and Causes of Death / ComPortOne of Rockford Illinois. The World of fashion and continental feuilletons. Subject:"Fashion" Hearts Through History Romance Writers. By Margaret Breashears On Apr 7 2014, 2:45 pm in nineteenth century life, Texas On one of my jaunts to explore local Texas history I stopped at the Heritage Village Museum in Woodville, Texas.

Hearts Through History Romance Writers

Photo Sharing. Your Photos Look Better Here. ECD links « Hope's Centre-Table. Colonial Williamsburg Official History Site. Earthly Delights: Music - Dance - Costumes. New York Historical Society. Wonders & Marvels – A Community for Curious Minds who love History, its Odd Stories, and Good Reads. New York Historical Society. Hearts Through History Romance Writers. By Jody Allen On Dec 20 2011, 7:03 am As writers no matter if you write historical or contemporary, fantasy or suspense,we all do research to make our characters come alive in their period and locations.

Hearts Through History Romance Writers

For those writing fantasy world building is the key, but for those of us who write historicals we must rely on the historical facts of an event or era or location to give credibility to our story. For us the history becomes like another character in our story. Fashion. The 'Fleet Registers' or irregular marriage registers of 17th and 18th century London. Crace Collection of Maps of London. Charles Booth's 1889 Descriptive Map of London Poverty. Old-Maps - the online repository of historic maps - home page. Copac National, Academic, and Specialist Library Catalogue.

History-Georgian, Regency

Explore the British Library here. Food Timeline: food history & vintage recipes. Old Bailey Online - The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913 - Central Criminal Court. Crime Broadsides Project, Harvard Law School Library. Crimeculture. Christopher Pittard, University of Newcastle There are two points to consider when talking about Victorian detective fiction: firstly, that the detective story as a distinct genre is a product of the nineteenth century; and secondly, that only a small amount of the detective fiction produced at the time is still read and studied.

For most people, Victorian detective fiction is constituted by the Sherlock Holmes stories (despite the fact that a number of these stories were written well into the twentieth century) and perhaps the trio of Dupin tales written by Edgar Allan Poe in the 1840s.


7 Clever Google Tricks Worth Knowing. Email. FrontPage. .Mac Reader: The National Archives Podcast Series.