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Make an apple tree the toddler way. Our closest apple orchard is about 100 miles away .

Make an apple tree the toddler way

It is sad that we as a family have NEVER gone apple picking. May be one of these days.. But that did not stop us from doing an apple tree craft. What’s special is we did the toddler way. Naturally Educational: Lesson Plans, Activities, and Crafts for Early Childhood Education. The gingerbread house. Stretched but not snapped. Jennifer's Little World blog - Parenting, craft and travel. Carrots Are Orange — Dedicated to Developing Little Spirits. Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas. Easy clothespin animals. Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness - School Sparks. Photo gallery - play sets/44258 Indian Family. Kindergarten-Preschool Family and Pets Theme. Printables Kindergarten Printable Reader 1 - "Families" The Family Book by Todd Parr is a wonderful book to read to the children.

Kindergarten-Preschool Family and Pets Theme

It points out the differences within family structures. After reading the book to the children, the emergent reader "Families" could be used as a follow-up activity . The emergent reader could be made into a big book or predictable chart and used to model the reading process. The story line reads as follows: What do families do together? Sample Page from the Emergent Reader Preschool -Kindergarten Reading Lesson Plans on Pets Theme Printable Reader 2 - "The Perfect Pet" The literature selection "I Wanna Iguana" by Karen Kaufman Orloff would be read prior to modeling the reading process of the related emergent reader "The Perfect Pet". PreKinders: Website for Pre-K & Preschool Teachers.

PreK Numbers, Shapes, Colors Review. To review all of the numbers, colors and shapes we learned as we went through our Letter of the Week curriculum, I made some fun review games!

PreK Numbers, Shapes, Colors Review

Note: If you missed it, don’t forget to do the A-Z Review also! Fine Motor Skills. *~> The Virtual Vine <~* An invitation to play tutorial. I have been seeing a lot of “Invitations to Play” across the web and on Facebook.

An invitation to play tutorial

The photos being shared are beautiful and inspiring to look through but there are many things to consider when creating an invitation to play… Defining the Invitation to Play Simply stated, an invitation to play is arranging the environment so that it “invites” young children to come to an area in your classroom to explore, investigate, question, examine, participate, touch, feel, and manipulate through as much independent play as the materials can possibly allow. An invitation to play should… Capture a child’s curiosityBe intentional in design and purposeBe appropriate for the age of children you teachInclude materials that the children can freely touch, manipulate, and explore.

Preschool resources. Crafts for Kids: Easy Craft Ideas for Every Holiday and Season. Early Years Maths. — Creative play, art, craft, preschooler, toddler, cooking, early learning experiences, books, christian. Ladybug's Teacher Files. Bookmarks for Bookworms — Simple Kids. KinderArt - Free Art Lessons and Lesson Plans, Projects and Art Education Information for Toddlers, Elementary, Middle and Secondary School. Dschurma Shop - baby-birds-preschool-pack.

Primary Resources - FREE for Early Years (EYFS) KS1 & KS2. Mommy Lessons 101: Five Little Shamrocks. To go along with the "Five Little Shamrocks" poem that Andrea shared in her St.

Mommy Lessons 101: Five Little Shamrocks

Patrick's Day Lesson Plan, I created some simple printable shamrocks. You can get your numbered shamrocks here Or plain shamrocks without numbers here And a printable version of the poem here Five Little Shamrocks Poem: Five little shamrocks growing by the door. (Child's name) picked one, and that left four. Four little shamrocks, green as they could be. Instructions for preparing the shamrocks: Print and laminate the shamrocks if desired.

Other extension activities to do with the shamrocks: In addition to sharing the shamrock rhyme with your children, you could also use these shamrocks for other activities such as the following: *Color-shade sequencing: Each shamrock is slightly different shade of green. Somewhat Simple - creative idea and inspiration for the home and family. Play Create Explore: Busy Bags. Back to School. I've loved looking at all of your beautiful and creative rooms these last few weeks!

Back to School

After working like an animal in my classroom this past week (in between all of those meetings/trainings of course) my room is complete. I've carried over the apple theme that I started last year. Modern DIY supplies coming to Target. Todd Oldham has teamed up with Target to produce a collection of art supplies inspired by his 2009 book, Kid Made Modern.

Modern DIY supplies coming to Target

The kits and supplies are geared toward children, but I'm eyeing this duct tape! Todd suggests making wallets and messenger bags with it. Check out the Charley Harper paint-by-number sets, too—you can make your own painting on wood for some nifty DIY wall art. Also available are crayons shaped like gems, wooden jewelry kits, a comic book set with rubber stamps, and more. Toddler Approved!

I Can Teach My Child! — Activities and resources for parents of young children. Quiet Book. I'm really excited to share this project with you.

Quiet Book

Several months ago someone put the idea into my head that I should make some quiet books. This is one project that I've never really had the desire to do, but that little seed kept growing until one day I found myself drawing up the templates and then at JoAnn's buying the supplies. My Creative Family. Bunny Hand Puppets. As I was making these sweet bunny hand puppets I realized that my attachment to them had grown beyond my usual care and attention and had blossomed into full blown love! They just seem to have such personalities! Felt Aquarium Magnets. When I was in the third grade my class took a field trip to Point Reyes, California to look at the tide pools.

Felt Aquarium Magnets

I was fascinated by them, each pool was like a small secret world. There were orange and purple sea stars, tiny little fish, and flower-like sea anemones.