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Early Learning Activities For Pre-K and Kindergarten

Early Learning Activities For Pre-K and Kindergarten
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Preschool Worksheets and Printables Help prepare your child for elementary school and beyond! These preschool worksheets are easy to download and help make early learning engaging for your 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old. Guide your child through these preschool worksheets to teach him about letters, music, shapes, imaginative play, and more. Preschool worksheets are great learning tools for young children. Give your child a clutter-free and quiet space to complete worksheets. Preschool Printables 20 Visitors Currently Online Join us on Facebook!! What's New Having difficulties printing? The Daycare Resource Connection does not endorse, license, nor otherwise recommend listings found at The Daycare Resource Connection.

Nature Salt Dough Craft We came back from the ocean with alot of beach treasures. I wanted to do a fun craft to incorporate the shells my little guy had found. I decided it would be fun for him to make something with salt dough, since he loves the stuff. I got his fish cutter from his playdoh toys (since this is his favorite cutter and fish are in the ocean:) but you could use any kind of shape you want. After we made the salt dough, he cut the fish shape out with his playdough cutter and picked out the shells from our beach trip that he wanted to use. Bake them at 200 degrees until they harden up. My little guy had fun playing with the fish, too, pretending they were swimming in the ocean! This craft was super fun for my preschooler!

Free Lapbooks, Bible Lapbook Gardening - Gardening Guides: Gardening with Children - Build a wormery Pen Pals & Picture Books Packing For A Picnic @ The Virtual Vine This unit is like so many others, once you get started planning for it, you realize all the different directions it can take you. If you're interested in having a Teddy Bear Picnic, you can include bears in the unit; you can include watermelons, ants, insects, bees, the 4 food groups, or places you could go to picnic such as the park, the zoo, the beach, etc. So I hope you enjoy this unit and have some FUN! How could you not? Bulletin Boards & Displays What's In Your Picnic Basket? click on image to enlarge 8.4.04 The bulletin board turned out precious!!! An alternative to making the egg carton ants would be to make a TLC style ant or an ant from an ant pattern. Bulletin Board captions: (grade level) was a picnic! (grade level) is a picnic! You will have a picnic in (grade level)! This year will be a picnic! Vocabulary You can use these words along with pictures for a Thematic Word Wall. Work Stations Big Book Station - Drama Station - *provide a picnic basket and food items for the flannelboard me!

Creation Crafts God's Creation Board BookCreative illustrations and design make this retelling of the Creation story a perfect fit for young readers. 12pg, Ages 3-5 More Creation Printables Didn't find what you were looking for? Try a search: Free Creation printables for your Homeschool, Sunday School, Outreach program or Missionaries. Creation themed puzzles and games, including file folder learning centers, worksheets, bulletin board displays, bible minibooks and more! It is recommended that you print on heavy cardstock or laminate each sheet for durability. 7 Days of Creation CraftCreate your own activity book! Perfect for homeschoolingThese figures are pre-cut for immediate useEasy to use and fun for kids! Creation Collage CraftThis is a wonderful set of printables you can use with your students to make a creation collage. Creation Felt SetThis is a felt set where you can print larger versions of the graphics for use on a story board or felt board.

How to make your own wormery A wormery will recycle your waste food to make a superb fertiliser for your crops and a living soil in your containers. Wormeries are perfect for small spaces: they’re small, don”t smell and make compost faster than conventional composters. You can either buy one (in the UK many councils offer them at discounted prices) or it can be fun and rewarding to make your own. It’s easy to make your own! When I started growing I imagined that wormeries were complicated and hard to make. Worms will be happy in any home that meets their basic needs: air, darkness, and moisture. What you need To make a simple box wormery you’ll need a shady space (under a bench or table is fine) for it to live and: A large plastic box with a lid (see below)A drill2 bricks or pieces of wood to stand it on.Some newspaper or cardboard. How to make it 1. An old recycling box like this is perfect. 2. You want as much air as possible to get in. 3. Standing it on bricks lets the air get to the air holes. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Songs for Children With Lyrics, Kids craft ideas, Printables, Food Recipes, Apps and more Barbeque Theme BBQ & Picnic Theme ActivitiesIs there a better way to spend a sunny summer day then having a spontaneous picnic? Whether it's in a park, at the beach or in your backyard - picnics are so much fun! Have a Picnic Basket ready to Go!! What you need:picnic basket, cooler, beach bag or cardboard box large blanket or tablecloth for sitting on handi-wipes or baby wipes recyclable plastic or disposable plates and cups Insect repellent, band-aids, sunscreen Non-Perishable Foods: Drink boxes Trail mixMarshmallowsPrepackaged cheese and crackersbarsPrepackaged treatsRaisinsCookiescondiments (ketchup, salt, pepper, relish, vinegar) - save the ones you get at restaurantsWhen the mood strikes you are ready to throw in a few sandwiches, some cool drinks and you're off on your picnic! Kids need stuff too!!........ Keep your favorite things in a handy pack sack and ready to grab when Mom calls Another type of contamination does not even involve ingestion of a food or beverage. Memory game. A song.........

BBC Nature - Earthworms videos, news and facts Activities For Toddlers | Toddler Information and Articles How to support your child's learning JODIE BENVENISTE Our children are little learning machines - every day, and in almost every way, they're learning. And long before they get to school, all this activity helps them get ready for a more formal learning environment. Welcome the Brown Wiggle "Who ever thought they'd get to hang out as a Wiggle, even if it's just for a day or two?" Daycare and separation anxiety My toddler is starting daycare again soon and I am dreading the first few weeks because I know it is going to be a running battle. Should we teach our children to say 'sorry'? Andrew Whitehouse When Early Childhood Australia asked if children should be required to say sorry after doing something wrong, even though they may not understand what the word means, the reaction was swift, furious - and divided. VIDEO: Adorable toddlers slug it out Staff writers What’s cuter than one toddler dressed in a tae kwon do outfit? Letting toddlers call the shots Ethical dilemma Come scream with me

When it Comes to Challenging Behaviors, Do You Take the Time to C.A.R.E.? | Not Just Cute When children present us with their most challenging behaviors, it’s easy to fixate on what they’re doing that gets under our skin. We claim the behavior as the source of our frustration: he throws tantrums / she won’t listen / they constantly argue. But change rarely comes by focusing only on the symptoms. Some of you just read that phrase and thought, “Source of the behavior? A Little Detective Work I grew up watching Perry Mason with my parents during Dad’s lunch break, and Murder She Wrote with my Mom and Grandma on Sunday nights. Sometimes a story that seemed to point one direction would suddenly take a turn on one tiny detail, and immediately the whole picture became clear. Sometimes the source of our child’s difficult behavior is staring us right in the face. When we have a hard time figuring out the source of the behavior, it can help to take a look at all the other pieces of the puzzle to see if they help to create a clearer picture. {Print your own CARE form here.} Cause Action