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Knock Knock. Sunshine: Video Talk - Google Slides. UP! Carl & Ellie meet. Closet Space -Short Film. Creative film and production house. Diverse MovieTalks Database. Comprehensible Equity: Reactions, Renovations, & Revisions. CGI Animated Short Fillm : "Chicken or the Egg" by Christine Kim and Elaine Wu. The Monster Under My Bed. Coffer - Short horror film. Funny Cartoons For Kids. The Other Pair. Senior Citizen Plays Piano...Then Magic Occurs. CGI Animated Short Film HD "Spellbound " by Ying Wu & Lizzia Xu. All kinds of 'Zoom'ers out there.

Out Of Reach - Vancouver Film School (VFS) French Toast, short animation movie. CGI Animated Short Film HD: "Last Shot Short Film" by Aemilia Widodo. "Life" - A Silent, Smart & Simple Short Film! **Award Winning** CGI Animated Short Film: "Serpendipity" by Team Serpendipity. HairLove routines reflexives intro - public - Google Slides. Level 1 Listening Assessment- ( AstonishingHairyIrishredandwhitesetter-size_restricted.

#JesuisleClimat #Infos Que faire si... - Je suis le Climat - officiel. Lol - A.B. Quintanilla. Admirez la créativité des publicités de prévention routière au Québec. Ces 6 spots sont décalés, drôles, parfois chocs, mais dans tous les cas... ils font réfléchir ! Toutes sont des réalisations de l'agence lg2 pour la Société de l'assurance automobile d. How Unexpected - Vancouver Film School (VFS) Movietalk ecole - Google Slides. In a Heartbeat - Animated Short Film. CGI Animated Short Film "Love On The Balcony Short Film" by Kun Yu Ng.and Joshua Hyunwoo Jun. 'Me Time' As A Cat Owner: Simon's Cat. Simon’s Cat: A Day In The Life Of A Cat Owner. Love me, love my cat! - A Simon's Cat Valentines. CGI 3D Animated Short HD: "The Easy Life" - by Jiaqi Xiong.

Lambs. Bons Amis Movie Talk - Google Slides. DELSEY Paris - What Matters is Inside. YouTube. YouTube. IGA #Inséparables □□‍□□□□ McDonald's Service à Table. Un dolce spot natalizio ♥ - Innamorati del Natale. Fais bien attention! Snack Attack. iFLT/ NTPRS/ CI Teaching Public Group. Groupe public SOMOS Curriculum Collaboration. A L'ecole - Google Slides. Amazon Commercial Song – You Got What I Need – Dads Who Keep Up – TV Advert Music. With Prime Day not far away, Amazon’s latest TV commercial video shows a Dad trying to keep up with his daughters changing hobbies and interests, which quickly shift from ballet dancing to playing soccer, to skateboarding and eventually to BMX bike riding.

Amazon Commercial Song – You Got What I Need – Dads Who Keep Up – TV Advert Music

But thanks to Amazon’s returns service, a huge selection of items and fast delivery, the guy just about manages to keep up and support his girl’s activities. Advert Music: (You) Got What I Need (cover). Singer: Ashton Jones. This Summer 2019 Amazon commercial song is a cover of American soul artist Freddie Scott’s ‘(You) Got What I Need’. The version playing in this Amazon TV advert was recorded by British singer Ashton Jones, who previously provided the vocals to the online retailers ‘Can You Feel It’ Christmas ad. Jul 1 2019. Want to try a Movie Talk? Get to know Fritz! – I Heart Input. Hey guys, I know that I have talked about Movie Talks before.

Want to try a Movie Talk? Get to know Fritz! – I Heart Input

I LOVE Movie Talks, and so do my students. Recently I came across a FANTASTIC clip suitable for a first-year class that you can use if you have never done a Movie Talk before and want to try one. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Fritz (Note: Thee image below is just a screenshot. If you want to play the video, click here.)! Fritz is a Golden Retriever with a BIG problem. I turn on the video and pause it when I have a good picture of Fritz (3 seconds in). Here is why this video is so great to use if you are doing a Movie Talk for the first time: Everyone who has watched this video, whether a student or an adult, has LOVED it. Any other simple, repetitive videos out there that are suitable for Movie Talks? Like this: Like Loading... ORMIE THE PIG - ANIMATION. Simon's Cat 'Let Me In!'. ‫بيتي - مهما كثرت العقبات لا تيأس، تفنن في اللامبالاة..□□ Berthaaaaaa!!!! □□ - Sharon the clucker.

Carpark. Pirate Parts fr - Google Slides. Pirate parts sp 2 - Google Slides. Pirate parts sp - Google Slides. Wildebeest from Birdbox Studio. Movie Talks. Movie Talk: KitBull (#4) Movie Talk: KitBull (#3) Movie Talk: KitBull (#2) Movie Talk: KitBull (1) Trotro part en vacances. One of the staples of the site is the video listening worksheet.

Trotro part en vacances

These are aimed at students of all levels and link out to online videos from YouTube and other sites. The example below is a free sample from the site, featuring Trotro the donkey, a favourite with French toddlers. The language is reasonably slow and comprehensible, but is scaffolded by the activities on the worksheet. It could be used with a good Y9 class, or above (low intermediate outside England and Wales). It would support the topic of holidays and contains some quite topic-specific vocabulary.

You could set the task for homework or, my preference, do it in class or a computer room. Help yourself! Trotro part en vacances (3 minutes 30) LINK: If the link is dead, just google it. Short Film about Playground Inclusion wins International Acclaim - Respect Ab... Walt Disney - (1938) El Patito Feo (en español) "L'HISTOIRE SE RÉPÈTE" Keny Arkana. Un petit moment de bonheur – Litté-FLE. Edpuzzle. Cohmedy - Wow...this is so powerful ❤️ Credit: Aryasb Feiz. Court-Métrage : Papa Parfait - Instant Fle. Lait drôle la vie – Google Drive. MadameSay Teaching Resources. I have worked as a college French professor and as a private tutor in French for years.

MadameSay Teaching Resources

I currently work at a public charter school in the Denver Metro area where we use a CI/TPRS focus. I have been trained in CI/TPRS in courses taught by Blaine Ray, Carol Gaab, Stephen Krashen, and Beniko Mason. I started using CI/TPRS in the fall of 2017, and it's so exciting to see my students grow with this method. I teach lower level students (French 1 and 2) in middle school and high school. CI/TPRS. Yet to be added JYA, Université de Paris IV (La Sorbonne), History // B.A. MONOPRIX_#LaitDroleLaVie. Frigolos. Tomato Festival: □ La Tomatina □ - Easy Spanish - Spanish Festivals #1. Simon’s Cat–Santa Claws MovieTalk – Williamson CI & TPRS.

Here are resources for doing a MovieTalk with the Simon’s Cat video called “Sa nta Claws.”

Simon’s Cat–Santa Claws MovieTalk – Williamson CI & TPRS

A good one to do with Christmas coming soon! Structures that I choose: empezó a jugar= s/he began to play asustó a=s/he scared… quería que fuera=s/he wanted him/her to go. Repsol Christmas Commercial - Anuncio de Navidad Clip Chat - Movie Talk. The Present - OFFICIAL. El regalo - MovieTalk - Google Slides. Profedeele. The Present. Corto Ian (2018) - Fundación Ian. Moodle Cloze Files. Subtitles for Subtitle Videoplayer (Save in .srt format) The Present (2014) Movie Talk: Un hombre triste se pone feliz – My generation of polyglots. Movie talk on the fly Recently a teacher asked me to describe how I do movie talk with my classes.

Movie Talk: Un hombre triste se pone feliz – My generation of polyglots

I believe that Movie talk is most effective when planned out so that target structures are recycled, but thinking about Krashen’s argument for non-targeted CI has led me to feel better about all of the Movie talks that I do on the fly. Nonetheless, even with my impromptu movie talks, I am still recycling target structures by relying on the super sixteen verbs that are posted on my wall. Here is an in-depth (perhaps tedious!) Description of how I stretched a 44 second video into a 55 minute lesson with my level 1 students… and we could have kept going!!

(1) Talking through the video When students came in today they saw the frame to the left. The first time through I stop it as often as possible, simply describing what we see. **Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short Film: "Hey Deer! Short Film" by Ors B... Erste Bank und Sparkasse - #glaubanweihnachten. Le restaurant français- Clip chat - Google Slides. Apprendre le français avec des sous-titres de vidéos. 2018 Noël Commercial Madness! – Williamson CI & TPRS. Here is the bracket and supplementary activities for the French edition of Noël Commercial Madness 2018!

2018 Noël Commercial Madness! – Williamson CI & TPRS

Announcing the French version of the 2018 Noël Commercial Madness!! This post contains the 2018 bracket along with supplementary activities. The activities document has links to Kahoots, Quizlets and ways to make each commercial comprehensible. I have also included links to my Google folder of the downloaded commercials, the Youtube playlist, and bulletin board materials to make your own bracket. I am happy to add a French version along with the Spanish edition of Christmas Commercial Madness. Movietalk Database. Smythe Movie Talks (screenshots!) – Google Drive. Aproveitem 2 minutos do vosso fim de... - Associação ARRISCAR.

Todally Comprehensible Latin: CI Reading Strategies. Reading in the target language can be divided into three phases: pre-reading, reading, and post-reading.

Todally Comprehensible Latin: CI Reading Strategies

Each of theses phases is important to contributing to student comprehension and literacy in the target language. Below is a list of reading stratgies which I have collected and written about on my blog (if there is not a link, it means that I plan to write about it). Why is reading important to language acquisition? Graphic Novel Training Part 6: More Pre-Teaching with Carrie Toth! Log In To log back in, start by finding your school.

Graphic Novel Training Part 6: More Pre-Teaching with Carrie Toth!

Don't see it? Tell your teacher to contact us, and we'll get it fixed right away. Don't see your teacher? Les chroniques de Mathurin Moreau. MovieTalk101 - Database - Write Christy.Miller to Contribute! How Do I do MovieTalk? Movietalk is the single best, simplest add-on to t.p.r.s. there is. You can do it; your colleagues who don’t use tprs/ci can do it; here is How To Do MovieTalk! All you need is a way to show a video/Internet clip in your class. A) if you have done a story, find a short video– animated film, commercial, public-service ad, clip from a movie– which will let you say your target structures. There are a zillion suggestions on yahoo’s moretprs listserv; some of my favorites include — Birdbox Studios’ youtube offerings (animated– many available) — “Chicken or the Egg?” B). C) Turn sound OFF. D) Play 10-20 seconds of the video. E) Now, point and start making statements, and then circling them. The beauty of MovieTalk is that you can target not only your specific structures but also anything else the students have already seen..

F) When the circling runs out of steam, play 10-30 more seconds of video, then pause and repeat.