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BlocksCAD. EDpuzzle_Flier.pdf. CollabraCam. Free QR Code Generator, Coupon, Contact & Design QR Codes & Tracking. Online Diagram Software to draw Flowcharts, UML & more. Visible Tweets – A Twitter visualisation for displaying at events. A Collection of Some of The Essential Educational Web Tools for Teachers.

July 29, 2015 We spent sometime during the last weekend sifting through our archive of educational tools we covered in the past and decided to bring to the forefront the titles below.The aim of this multi-purpose collection is to provide teachers with a handy resource where they can access some of the best educational tools to leverage in their instruction.

A Collection of Some of The Essential Educational Web Tools for Teachers

This list is a work-in progress and we will be adding more to it in the next coming days. Tools for creating instructional videos and tutorials 1- PixiClip Pixiclip is a wonderful tool to create step by step instructional videos to use in your flipped classroom. Like Educlipper, PixiClip provides you with a whiteboard where you can add images,text, videos, drawings, annotations and many more. 2- Explain Everything Knowmia Teach is a new free lesson planning and recording tool for teachers and their students. Diffen - Compare Anything. Diffen. Discern. Decide.

Stoodle. GradeCam - Grading With A Camera. Quizizz: Fun Multiplayer Classroom Quizzes. Ebook_iste2014webtools. Lessons Worth Sharing. Print Friendly & PDF. Find and share online flashcards and notes from StudyBlue. Any subject, anywhere, anytime. How to play. Print coloring pages fromhere Paint inside the bordered figures as well as you can Download Chromville app for FREE from APP Store or GOOGLE PLAY Point.

How to play

Riddle. Tech For Teachers Course Description. A hands-on, high-tech workshop for teachers of grades 6-12.

Tech For Teachers Course Description

High-energy sessions designed for all learning levels. Participate in a hands-on, high-tech exploration of digital tools and resources tailored for the secondary (grades 6-12) educator. Join in a discovery, discussion and demonstration of free web-based applications that work anytime, anywhere, on any device. Collaborate with colleagues as you learn how to use the latest in education technology to maximize parent-teacher-student communication, increase student engagement and enhance learning. Utilize the concept of app smashing to exponentially increase each application’s value to the learning environment. Increase Student Engagement Maximize Parent Involvement. Skoolbo. The game machine. W2L Info Published on December 1st, 2013 | by What2Learn Are you looking to make your own study game?

The game machine

At What2Learn you can quickly and easily create an incredibly wide range of interactive learning activities including hangman games, quizzes, interactive word searches, extended writing activities and much more. Popplet. Wooclap - Increase engagement during events, meetings and in the classroom. Véronique BASTIENStart Academy Organizer We have used Wooclap for the public to elect the best start-up; how convenient!

Wooclap - Increase engagement during events, meetings and in the classroom

Prof. Dr. 81 Ways Teachers Can Use Google Forms with Their Students. The Best 8 Tools to Create Posters for your Classroom. Today, we are sharing with you some great web tools that you can use to create your own posters and customize them the way you want.

The Best 8 Tools to Create Posters for your Classroom

Check out the list below and share with us what you think of them. Enjoy. The 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You. If you’re not an avid follower of #edchat on Twitter, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to learn about some new Web 2.0 tools that are currently being used in classrooms around the world.

The 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You

That’s because @chickensaltash posed a simple question to the PLN and there has been a huge swell of support as hundreds of people have jumped in to answer the question about which 5 Web 2.0 tools teachers are using in classrooms. The Best of the Best You can view the live stream of #edchat here and see what people are saying at the hashtag #chickenweb2tools here. We scoured hundreds of responses and have come up with the following list. The following tools have not been verified and are simply based on the number of times each was mentioned on Twitter during this hashtag discussion. A Beautiful Visual On The Impact of Technology on Today's Classrooms.

April 28, 2015 We just came across this beautiful visual on the impact of technology on classroom learning and teaching and wanted to pass along some important stats that stood out to us.

A Beautiful Visual On The Impact of Technology on Today's Classrooms

Technology is radically transforming the education landscape and the stats below speak volumes to this transformation: In a 2009 report released by the National Centre for Education Statistics with the Department of Education:74% of Pre-K to 12th grade teachers said that technology has helped them reinforce and expand content and has also motivated students to learn. 73% of these teachers also reported that technology enables them to respond to a variety of learning styles and allows them to demonstrate things that could not demonstrated otherwise. Impact of technology on student writing: A larger majority of teachers attest to the positive influence of web technologies on students writing. For instance, 96% view that technology helped students share their work with a wider and more varied audience.

Go Vocab - Learn a language without the boring bits. Google Forms: Quick Start Guide. EasyBib: Free Bibliography Generator - MLA, APA, Chicago citation styles. App Smashing For Educators: Leveraging Tools To Maximize Communication. Parent-teacher communication has always been a cornerstone for success in education.

App Smashing For Educators: Leveraging Tools To Maximize Communication

For decades, schools have attempted to build and maintain this crucial bridge to lasting learning. Research shows that the stronger the connection between home and school, the greater the academic achievement can be for students. In socioeconomically challenged school districts, this correlation is magnified tenfold! The Power of Twitter: Personalized PD At Your Fingertips. Have you ever wanted to be in two places at the same time?

The Power of Twitter: Personalized PD At Your Fingertips

Do you often feel as if you’re being pulled in three directions? In my roles as teacher, technology staff developer and father of four I frequently feel this way. Saturday was a good example of this as there were two education conferences in the NY Metropolitan area that I really wanted to attend, but family responsibilities prevented me from going to either of them. However, Twitter made it possible for me to “be” in three places at once!

Long Island Connected Educators Summit 2015 (#CELI15) Learning Doesn’t Stop At 3 O’Clock – Tools to Maximize Communication. Learning Doesn’t Stop At 3 O’Clock: Four Reasons Teachers and Students Need a Class Blog Last March I received an email from my superintendent thanking me for my outstanding work. At first I was a bit confused. It was spring break and class was not in session. I wondered what he was referring to until I saw the forwarded message attached to his email. It was from a parent of one of the students in my ELA class. Tech Isn’t Everything – Teachers Are! 10tech. Remind101 is now Remind. Design flyers to spread the word online. Game-based blended learning & classroom response system.

Kidblog. Storyboard That: The World's Best FREE Online Storyboard Creator. LinkBunch - Put multiple links into one - Tagul - Gorgeous word clouds. ViewPure / Videos Without Clutter. ExitTicket. Educreations. Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events.

Flocabulary - Educational Hip-Hop. Tech For Teachers Inservice Preview by Lee Araoz on Prezi. Plickers - Clickers, Simplified. Nearpod: Create, Engage, Assess through Mobile Devices. EDpuzzle. Math & English Learning Program, Activities – 6th, 7th & 8th grade. Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink. Try FreshGrade — FreshGrade. Make Presentations Different.

Strike - A fun and easy way to strike stuff off lists. PatrickJMT. Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine. Stoodle. Technology for Learning: Multi-Genre Projects. Presentation for teachers. MyScript Calculator. Sign up, Sign in. What Technology Does What: An #edtech Chart For Teachers. Actively Learn. Shmoop: Homework Help, Teacher Resources, Test Prep. Check out Khan Academy's Math Missions.