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Arduino & DevKit. Tutorial 11 for Arduino: SD Cards and Datalogging. HomePage. Clodiuno - Clojure API for Arduino (by Nurullah Akkaya) Arduino/Clodiuno – Hello world in morse. It’s as simple as a clojure data – map and vectors.

Arduino/Clodiuno – Hello world in morse

A map with a char as the key and the vector of bits as the morse representation. ;; 0 represents short signal;; 1 represents long signal;; Intermational morse from (def letters-2-bits {\a [0 1] \b [1 0 0 0] \c [1 0 1 0] \d [1 0 0] \e [0] \f [0 0 1 0] \g [1 1 0] \h [0 0 0 0] \i [0 0] \j [0 1 1 1] \k [1 0 1] \l [0 1 0 0] \m [1 1] \n [1 0] \o [1 1 1] \p [0 1 1 0] \q [1 1 0 1] \r [0 1 0] \s [0 0 0] \t [1] \u [0 0 1] \v [0 0 0 1] \w [0 1 1] \x [1 0 0 1] \y [1 0 1 1] \z [1 1 0 0]}) source: Getting Started with Arduino, 2nd Edition  Getting Started with Netduino  Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets  Projects. Welcome. Crash course: Embedded programming with Arduino. December 20, 2011, 8:00 AM — Demand for embedded programming is growing like crazy, so anyone looking for some job security might consider becoming an ace embedded programmer.

Crash course: Embedded programming with Arduino

It helps to have some programming experience, but even raw beginners can get started inexpensively and learn on their own. One of the friendliest introductions to embedded coding is Arduino. Learning Ins and Outs of Arduino. Arduino is an open embedded hardware and software platform designed for rapid creativity.

Learning Ins and Outs of Arduino

It's both a great introduction to embedded programming and a fast track to building all kinds of cool devices like animatronics, robots, fabulous blinky things, animated clothing, games, your own little fabs... you can build what you imagine. Follow along as we learn both embedded programming and basic electronics. What Does Arduino Do? Arduino was invented by Massimo Banzi, a self-taught electronics guru who has been fascinated by electronics since childhood. Arduino programming guide – part 1. This article originally appeared in issue 95 of Linux User & Developer magazine.

Arduino programming guide – part 1

Subscribe and save more than 30% and receive our exclusive money back guarantee – click here to find out more. ResourcesArduino Experimenter’s Starter Kit Arduino IDE The Arduino project is a hacker’s dream: originally designed as a way of getting students involved in microcontroller programming and electronic design, it offers a quick and easy route for programmers to take their skills out of the digital realm and into the physical.

Arduino and Ikea = Superb RGB LED Table Hack. Taking a stock Ikea table, this hacker added a set of 81 individually controlled RGB LEDs to the frame, creating a glowing livingroom centerpiece. Using the Arduino, he can individually address each LED to control the color change. Now if only it was a VU meter which bumped to the beat of your music…Perhaps that’s another project Above is a photo of the LED array beneath the table.

Arduino and Ikea = Superb RGB LED Table Hack

Definitely a superb job of cable management to say the least. More info on the project can be found on the author’s flickr page.  Finally, below is a video of the table in action. Do not miss out: Arduino Tutorial - Lesson 5. Buy. Arduino Store union, Italy, rest of the world) Global RS Components, Mouser, Digikey, Farnell/Newark Europe Austria: Physical Computing, Tigal, Watterott Electronic, Semaf Electronics, Distrelec Ges.m.b.H.


.:oomlout:. Arduino & DIY Electronics and kits in the UK. SK Pang Electronics, Arduino, Sparkfun, GPS, GSM. Maker SHED. Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits. News. Pinguino, open source hardware electronics prototyping platform based on 8- and 32-bit PIC from Microchip. Arduino « Search Results « ID's blog. The speed of the sound in the dry air (20° C) is around 343 m/s.

arduino « Search Results « ID's blog

Send a short ultrasonic pulse at Frequency of 40Khz in the air, and try to listen to the echo. Of course you won’t hear anything (only a little click noise), but with an ultrasonic sensor the back pulse can be detected. If you know the time of the forth & back travel of the ultrasonic wave, you know the distance, divide the distance by two and you know the range from the ultrasonic sensor to the first obstacle in front of it.