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The Water Page - Water in Animism The Water Page - Water in Animism Introduction The purpose of this article is to examine the relationship between animism and water. Animism can be defined as either "the belief that natural objects, natural phenomena and the universe itself possess souls, or the belief that natural objects have souls that may exist apart from their material bodies." Viewed in such terms, animistic religions accord water a supernatural life force. The manner in which it visualises this life force is dependent upon the specific beliefs of the people in relation to the environment that they inhabit. The range of examples for this article is not limited to one continent, but as is the case with animism, will take into account relevant beliefs from different geographical locations.
Ghost stories, hauntings, ghouls, vampires from Philippines Ghost stories, hauntings, ghouls, vampires from Philippines I was a teacher at Central Philippine University. One night, reluctantly, I worked late to prepare for the next day's test papers. It was well known that the campus was haunted, and true to the accusation, strange things did take place that night. There I was in my class minding my work when I heard a 'thud' sound coming from upstairs. I thought maybe some unlucky soul had to work late as well.
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Ghosts in the Mirror My mother visited the Myrtles Plantation near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It has been given the name "America's Most Haunted House." Anyhow, a mirror in the house has to be replaced every 10 years because of unexplainable smudges that appear within the mirror. On the tour of the house, everyone photographed the mirror. My mom got that picture back... nothing unusual in it. However, my mother had this feeling that she should go back and rephotograph the mirror. Ghosts in the Mirror
Advertisement ∇ I’ve posted a list of Malaysia’s very own haunted places. Now its our neighbour – Singapore’s turn! Haunted Places in Singapore - Spooky Corner Haunted Places in Singapore - Spooky Corner
Ghostly photographs from Hauntings New book of ghost photographs by Gordon Rutter September 8, 2011 Ghosts Caught on Film 3 is an all-new compendium of extraordinary phenomena caught on film. Featuring a selection of contemporary ghost pictures from this blog along with several new images, leading Fortean and paranormal expert Gordon Rutter explores an intriguing collection of shadowy figures, strange mists and ghostly apparitions. Ghostly photographs from Hauntings
Schools and Churches - Ghost Hunting Illinois College was founded in 1829, and like many other historic spots in Illinois, the events of the past still come back to remind students and faculty members of earlier days. Most claims of paranormal activity are associated with Beecher Hall, a two-story building constructed in 1829. Witnesses claim to hear footsteps and the occasional moan. Years ago, Beecher Hall was a medical building and cadavers were kept in the attic. There are several tales of people following the sound of footsteps up to the attic and then smelling the stench of decaying flesh. The most famous spirit on campus is that of the so-called Gray Ghost. Schools and Churches - Ghost Hunting
Spellbound tours Spellbound tours Tour departs nightly at 8PM From the Salem Visitor’s Center bell. Take a trip through the dark side of Salem’s sinister past, to the actual locations of the infamous witch trials! Expect to be AMAZED by the large amount of documented Paranormal Activity! Visit real haunted locations, including what may be the most haunted cemetery in the country! Hear tales of vampirism- historic and today! Do real, live Vampires still lurk in the shadows of the this seaport town?!
True Ghost Stories - True Stories of Ghosts and Hauntings from All Over the World True Ghost Stories - True Stories of Ghosts and Hauntings from All Over the World People all over the globe report ghost and haunting activity. Here are many of their stories. Ghosts of the FamousYou know their names, now learn about their ghosts and haunted legacies
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Have plans for Halloween? Love to be scared, scare someone else or delight in watching others wet themselves in fright? If so, this is the post for you. Compiled here are the 13 best American haunted houses, and each has its own specialties in gore and fear. These 13 are sure to terrify even the most seasoned haunted house goer. Haunted Houses to Wet Your Pants Haunted Houses to Wet Your Pants
"Keeping the Story Real" 12-28-2012 - New Author Site for Pat Fitzhugh - click here 06-29-2013 - Signed Paperbacks Available Again- click here 09-25-2013 - New Fall Lectures and Book Signings Added - click here The Bell Witch Web Site is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the legend of Tennessee’s infamous “Bell Witch” by presenting useful and well-researched information pertaining to the John Bell family and their “visitor.” The site’s owner feels that “disinformation” regarding the legend is abundant, and that you, the reader, deserve a historically-accurate account of this fascinating legend, absent the elements of myth, assumption, and “hocus pocus.” You are not being asked to believe anything, but only to review the information and draw your own conclusion. The Bell Witch Web Site - Online home of the Bell Witch of Tennessee
Every year releases the premier list of haunted houses, haunted hayrides, scream parks, Halloween attractions, corn mazes, real haunted houses and even home haunted houses. By doing so, has helped even the smallest home haunts become nationally recognized, allowing some to even progress into major, professional attractions. has also helped many local haunted houses receive national recognition as one of America’s best haunted houses in the nation. Many of the best haunted houses in the World were discovered and promoted on this very list, our annual list of the best haunted houses in America. America's Best 13 Haunted Houses ranked by
May 16, 2011 Rate this encounter:Jamie - Worthing, United Kingdom - April, 2005 This story isn't mine, but something that happened to two of my friends, Paul and Dan. Paul and Dan had written a script for a horror film called Eve's Demons, and were looking for a church to film one of the scenes. They were with a couple of girls cast in the film, Sarah and Aisha. Mysterious Church Yard-- Worthing, United Kingdom
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