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Is This What Twitter Commerce Will Look Like? Twitter is getting serious about commerce on its service.

Is This What Twitter Commerce Will Look Like?

So much so that it looks as though soon you’ll be able to buy goods for sale directly from a tweet. The microblogging service is close to finalizing a deal with payment services company Stripe, which would likely handle the back-end processing for making purchases on Twitter. As for the front end: Twitter looks likely to partner with at least one online commerce site,, which will let users purchase products inside the Twitter app and website, according to documentation discovered by Re/code. It is part of a new program called Twitter Commerce, according to these documents.

Re/code discovered the documents on the open Web through a public section of’s website that was not password protected. Chart-of-the-day-square. François Hollande: En rendez-vous avec Jack D... Twitter hits back after Jonathan Franzen outburst. StartupStats. Bw-twitter-cover. Twitter Enters French Controversy on Sarkozy Parodies. Did you know that the French President Nicolas Sarkozy had opened a Twitter account?

Twitter Enters French Controversy on Sarkozy Parodies

Its opponents certainly do, as several parody and critical accounts have been suspended by Twitter over the last days, generating accusations of censorship. This led the micro-blogging platform to publish a post on its French blog today. While it doesn’t directly mention the controversy, it is dedicated to clarifying Twitter’s policy with regard to parody and spam. As you may expect, the company affirms its desire to engage and promote public debate, as long as users respect a certain set of rules.

One element will particularly interest anyone who’s running a parody account. This may seem like a detail, but many users were assuming the list implicitly included “either/or” between each item – thinking, for example, that using the word ‘fake’ either in the account name or in the bio was acceptable. Twitter Acquires Web Security Firm Dasient. Deep Apple Integration Triples Daily Twitter Signups From iOS Devices - Liz Gannes - Social. Why Fred Wilson and Bijan Sabet Left Twitter.

A fellow Twitter investor tells us Fred Wilson and Bijan Sabet voluntarily left Twitter's board in order to sell a significant portion of their shares.

Why Fred Wilson and Bijan Sabet Left Twitter

"It was about compensation and the rules for the board. They had mutually agreed some time ago that if anyone cashed out as an investor [AKA sold more than 20% of their shares], they'd have to leave the board. Fred and Bijan decided that, at the $8 billion valuation round, they felt very comfortable with their return and they'd like to get out. " Fortune's Dan Primack has also reported this was the reason Sabet and Wilson stepped down. A source close to Sabet did not deny a share sale, but said Sabet's VC firm, Spark Capital, has not sold more than half of its stake. Why would Bijan and Fred sell at all? Our source speculates: Top 7 Ways to Save Time on Twitter. While many small businesses have started using Twitter in their marketing, finding the time to do it right can be a struggle.

Top 7 Ways to Save Time on Twitter

According to r March 03, 2011 While many small businesses have started using Twitter in their marketing, finding the time to do it right can be a struggle. According to recent research by R2integrated, the No. 1 barrier to entry into social media for businesses is lack of time and resources. Here are seven Twitter tricks from the pros that allow you to spend less time on the mechanics and more time engaging. 1. Twitter Was Act One. One brisk December day, Dorsey, 34, is leaving Third Rail, an artisanal coffee shop he frequents in New York’s West Village.

Twitter Was Act One

As he walks, he is unusually effusive. “I just had a meeting I’ve been wanting to have since I was 14,” he says gleefully, “with the taxi-and-limousine commissioner.” Their topic: “Technology in cabs. Making transactions faster and easier and more informational. I said, ‘Anything you guys need. His interest in New York City government goes surprisingly deep.

By the time Dorsey was in high school he was writing rudimentary software programs that could be used to dispatch taxis, ambulances, or delivery couriers. Twitter's Suitors Talk in Billions. The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery. It surprises me how many really smart people I meet still doubt the power of Twitter.

The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery

It seems the urge to be a naysayer of Twitter is really strong for some. I think some of this stems from the early days of Twitter when it was presumed that it was a technology to tell people what you ate for lunch. Twitter never seemed to really take the offense in PR and marketing. I guess it wasn’t in their DNA. Who Are The Most Listed Twitter Users? How Twitter Can Help You Quit Smoking. In this Sunday’s New York Times, reporter Brian Stelter outlines his using Twitter as a tool for weight loss by setting up a @brianstelter25 account for his progress and tweeting out his exercise plan and meals.

How Twitter Can Help You Quit Smoking

“I knew that I could not diet alone; I needed the help of a cheering section.” He ended up losing 75 pounds. On my birthday this year, I decided that 15 years of smoking were enough and tossed cigarettes. I didn’t tweet about it at first, mostly because I felt really sick from nicotine withdrawals –- but on day three I mustered enough energy to pound out the above missive. The amount of support I received then and in the days afterward was overwhelming, and much like Stelter I would have felt like I’d let people down if I picked up a cigarette instead of my iPhone. I stuck to my guns and stuck on my nicotine patches, tweeting instead of smoking when in at-risk situations like parties with friends and passing by airport entrances. Firefly - The Check-in Service for Twitter. So Now Facebook Has Check-Ins — What About Twitter? At an event on Wednesday, Facebook unveiled Places, their new location element that allows users to check-in to venues.

So Now Facebook Has Check-Ins — What About Twitter?

Obviously, this mimics the core feature of smaller startups like Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, and dozens of others. The move of the big boys into this space was inevitable, but it is somewhat surprising that it has taken this long. Help Center. The Twitter Photo Sharing Horse Race. Panasonic Adds A Twitter App To Its Viera Cast Plasma HDTVS. Social Great / Where's the Crowd? - New York. Birdfeed Looks To Attract Tweets As The Go-To Twitter Geolocation App. Back in June, we wrote about Birdfeed, an iPhone Twitter application that finally brought the speed and simplicity to rival what many consider to be the top client, Tweetie.

Birdfeed Looks To Attract Tweets As The Go-To Twitter Geolocation App

It’s a great app that offers a different look and feel from Tweetie (and especially now Tweetie 2), which some users prefer. And it’s about to gain a key feature which could further differentiate it: Geolocation. Now, to be clear, as we previewed last month, the upcoming version of Tweetie, 2.1, will also support Twitter’s new geolocation feature. But the new version of Birdfeed, 1.2, does it in a way that highlights it much more. Twitter. Brizzly / A simple way to experience the social web.