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Former Intern for Nadler arrested for spitting in cop’s face while shouting "f you fascist" | News Thud. Devina Singh, 24, who was an intern for Democrat Jerry Nadler in 2018 was arrested Wednesday for spitting in the face of an New York Police Officer. According to Nadler’s district director, Robert Gottheim, Singh failed to complete her internship and left not long after she started for personal reasons. Per DailyMail “Singh, of Brooklyn, was among the 57 people arrested in New York City on Wednesday night after she was filmed in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood screaming ‘f**k you fascist’ at an NYPD officer before spitting in his face.

Footage of her spitting at the officer, which went viral on Twitter, was immediately condemned by the NYPD and police unions.” DC Antifa/BLM Rioters Now Targeting Press -- Will The Left Finally Care? Right on cue, ‘protesters’ on the left swarmed many of America’s cities. In DC, things got ugly. In another story, we covered the stabbing of a civilian. Here, they are causing trouble more generally. Presenting: the true threat to American Democracy. DC: “F*ck Trump. First stop: demonstrate hatred for the country. WHITE HOUSE: about 150 black bloc Antifa militants march to the White House security barrier at BLM plaza They first stop to burn an American flag, fail to ignite it fully, and kick it out of the wayThey are trying to kick out press but there are too many cameras rolling— ELIJAH SCHAFFER (@ElijahSchaffer) November 4, 2020 This messes with the ‘official’ narrative a little. WHITE HOUSE: black bloc Antifa militants behind harassing and assaulting press, including this observer The Antifa that assaulted him were white and he is a person or color— ELIJAH SCHAFFER (@ElijahSchaffer) November 4, 2020 Causing trouble.

This is America. 2 Police Officers AMBUSHED...Serious Condition - The GOP Times. Two police officers on patrol in the French Quarter of New Orleans were ambushed Friday afternoon. According to CNN, Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said that a pedicab passenger opened fire on the police vehicle. The officers reportedly had no prior contact with the suspect. “Two of our officers were ambushed at the intersection of Royal and St. Philip Street,” Ferguson said. “This is a dark day for our officers, so I ask that you keep our officers and their families in your prayers,” the Superintendent added. One of the officers was shot in the face. A man riding in a New Orleans pedicab shot a police officer sitting in his patrol vehicle in the French Quarter. The four-year veteran officer was struck by a bullet in the left cheek below his eye, Ferguson said. The other officer, who has minor injuries, is a 16-year veteran, Ferguson said. According to Ferguson, the suspect “appeared to be under some sort of medical condition” and “would not identify himself but was taken into custody.”

Bail Set at $2 Million for Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse. The defendant in an alleged double murder in Kenosha, Wisconsin has a chance to be free ahead of trial, but it is going to cost some money. Bail has been set at $2 million for Kyle Rittenhouse, 17. He will likely be able to post this amount, however, considering that his attorneys have raised significant funds for his defense, raking in almost $1 million as of early September. JUST IN: Bail has been set at $2 million in the case of accused Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse.— Gabriel Malor (@gabrielmalor) November 2, 2020 The defendant is a minor, but Law&Crime is naming him because he is being charged as an adult. Rittenhouse, an Illinois resident, traveled to Kenosha amid protests over the police shooting of Wisconsin man Jacob Blake, 29. But the teenager was there as part of a number of armed people, who insisted they were there to protect local property among friction between police and protesters.

[Warning: Video is disturbing.] Have a tip we should know? Protesters burn American flag, smash windows Halloween night in Vancouver, Washington | News Thud. Protesters burned an American flag Halloween night in Vancouver, Washington. “Death to your f—ng empire” shouted a man while he burned the flag. VIDEO: Portland Neighborhoods Attacked by Antifa Rioters.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Social media is cracking down on Conservative content. Many of you have complained that you never see our content in your news feeds. There’s only one way to fight back — and that’s by subscribing to my FREE weekly newsletter. Click here. We apologize to the members of the Lloyd District and Irvington Neighborhoods for the loud announcements; however, the group marching on NE 11th Ave have broken windows at multiple businesses on NE MLK Jr. Blvd and the Lloyd District. (continued)— Portland Police (@PortlandPolice) November 1, 2020. 2 Police Officers AMBUSHED...Serious Condition - The GOP Times. WATCH: Protesters Retaliate Against Seattle TV Station for Reporting Riot Arrests. Protesters invaded the lobby of a Seattle television news station to object to the reporting of people arrested in riots.

Police intervened and made arrests on the scene. A Twitter video shows protesters in the lobby of KING5 NBC Seattle on Thursday evening. Protesters expressed outrage about the television news station reporting the news of rioters being arrested. A Seattle police officer can be seen calling for backup as the situation appears to become more intense.

Seattle kicking off with the larpers crying about their arrest records going public.— CIA-Simulation Warlord (@zerosum24) October 30, 2020 The man live-streaming the protest calls for others to join them to help “reduce the likelihood” of protesters being arrested. This is the KING5 news report that outraged the protesters: KING5Seattle report on Seattle protestorsPt.1— EnterYourName (@tr00puRR) October 30, 2020 Arrests going down at King 5 Media in Seattle. Video: Black-Owned Boutique Ransacked in Philly Riots, Owner Left in Tears. Joe Biden's America...Group of Police Officers Mowed Down, Dozens in Critical Condition (Video) - The GOP Times. Once again Black Lives Matter rioters have descended on a city to create pure chaos while Joe Biden does nothing to condemn the heinous actions.

WELCOME TO A PREVIEW OF JOE BIDEN’S AMERICA – A line of NYC Cops getting mowed over by a car– Dozens of Philadelphia cops in the hospital in critical condition– Mob violence/looting– Journalists assaulted– Feeble Dem leaders do nothing to protect— Benny (@bennyjohnson) October 28, 2020 Multiple Officers Injured In Philadelphia, multiple officers have been injured and run over by vehicles as they try and keep some form a law and order. On Monday night police shot an armed man, Walter Wallace after authorities say he refused to drop a knife after they told him many times.

This sparked rioters to take to the streets, break into businesses, loot and attack police officers. Vehicle Runs Over Police Footage and pictures posted on social media show police cars and dumpsters set on fire. Welcome to Biden’s America. Philly BLM Rioters Chant 'Every City, Every Town, Burn Precincts to the Ground!' On 29th October 2020 @ 12.00am © press Video footage from the second night of violent riots on the streets of Philadelphia shows Antifa and Black Lives Matter mobs calling for extreme acts of violence against police. Far-left protesters were recorded reciting a violent anti-police chant during rioting over Monday's fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr.

The protesters' chant was filmed by Blaze TV reporter Elijah Schaffer. However, Schaffer was forced to stop recording shortly after capturing the video. "Every city, every town, burn the [police] precincts to the ground! " the leftist mob chants as protesters march down the Philly streets. Have your say - ⇓ Hit the comments below ⇓ They chanted on the video before the frame jerks as an Antifa girl reportedly hits his camera, according to The Blaze. She is heard saying, "Stop filming! " TRENDING: Leaked Audio of Hunter Biden Confirms He Worked with Spy Chief of China She suffered a broken leg as well as other injuries, police said.

Seattle Lawlessness: City Council Pushes to Decriminalize Majority of Misdemeanors | David Harris Jr. The Seattle City Council is considering legislation that would allow judges to dismiss criminal charges against offenders who show symptoms of addiction, mental illness, or poverty. Seattle City Councilwoman Lisa Herbold introduced the legislation last Wednesday, October 21st and defended the legislation in a council session the following Tuesday, October 27th.

The legislation would expand the definition of “duress” to include addiction, mental illness, and poverty. If passed, a misdemeanor crime could be excused and dismissed if the offender shows: symptoms of addiction (without having to provide proof of a medical diagnosis);symptoms of a mental disorder;poverty, so long as the crime committed was to fulfill an “immediate and basic need” The legislation would cover most crimes below the felony level, excepting DUI and domestic violence. You can read his full, detailed assessment of the legislation by clicking here. “It’s not a radical change from where we are now. Over 85% voted “No.” No matter who wins, be prepared for trouble after the November 3 election. The following editorial is written by a former police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today UNITED STATES- No matter what happens next Tuesday, our suggestion to everyone is maintain diligence and get ready to lock and load to protect your home and your family.

Things appear like they are going to make this past summer seem like a walk in the park. While many seem to think that things will get very bad if President Trump wins the election, there are indications that things may be even worse if Biden wins. Think retribution. We have seen over the past 4-5 years the pure vitriol that is faced by supporters of President Trump. Assaults, vandalism, arson, and even murder have come to those who support our president. Part of President Trump’s appeal to his base is that he not your typical politician—the one who tells you what you want to hear, and then does the opposite behind closed doors. Yet, he tells the truth. Why is the president such a threat? Stay vigilant people. Watch the 2nd night of 'unrest' in Philadelphia as Biden supporters have some fun. The second night of ‘unrest,’ aka riots and looting, in Philadelphia took place on Tuesday over the police shooting death of a Black man, Walter Wallace Jr. after he waved a knife within ten feet of them.

He refused to put the knife down. Three of his children spoke, saying what a great guy he was as 1,000 looters targeted businesses and tore up the city. *Alert* A large crowd of appx 1000 is looting businesses in the area of Castor and Aramingo. Avoid the area— Philadelphia Police (@PhillyPolice) October 28, 2020 “We always go places,” said one child, whose name was not revealed. These rioters are the Democrats’ army, and they are communists. Watch:

WATCH: Car Plows Through Police in Brooklyn, Widespread Damage. Hundreds of thugs stormed the streets of downtown Brooklyn causing all sorts of damage in my old neighborhood. A car rammed a police barricade. There is no word on injuries. OH, HECK NO! They Looted the Philly Chick-fil-A! WATCH: 1,000 Looters, Dozens of Injured Cops - PA Governor Calls It a "Peaceful Protest" BREAKING: Mass Looting Going On In Philadelphia Right Now - WATCH - The Rainforth Report. Antifa and BLM are currently looting throughout Philadelphia right now. This comes on the heels of the governor announcing he was sending in the PA National Guard after riots & looting broke out last night over the shooting death of a black man. This looks to be much worse than the rioting & looting I covered in Sacramento and Portland. “A second night of unrest in Philadelphia began Tuesday over the police shooting death of a Black man, just as his children recalled memories of their father in front of reporters and 1,000 looters reportedly began targeting businesses, police said.

Three of Walter WallaceJr’s., son remembered their father during a news conference. “We always go places,” said one child, whose name was not revealed. “He always teach [sic] me how to be a man. Elsewhere in the city, looters ransacked a Foot Locker, Rite Aid and other retail stores. (@JackPosobiec) October 28, 2020 Other videos showed protesters confronting police officers. Philadelphia police tweet about mass looting on Tuesday night | Just The News. Anti-cop protesters leave trail of destruction in Downtown Brooklyn. Police Officers Forced to Flee Area Because of BLM Extremely Violent Rioters (Video) - The GOP Times. REPARATIONS: Violent Looting Under Way in Philadelphia. BREAKING: 30 Cops Injured By Anti-Police Rioters In Democrat-Controlled Philadelphia - Conservative News Daily.

30 cops injured, squad cars torched in violent Philly riots after black man allegedly with knife killed by police. 'Protesters' ravage and loot Philadelphia as police flee. Philly Erupts Into Violence Hours After Police Shoot Armed Man Dead ... Truck Runs Over Cop. BLM Protesters Demand Allegiance from Terrified Suburban Shoppers. Philadelphia Police Shooting Video of Walter Wallace Jr. [GRAPHIC] RIOT: Multiple Cops Injured By Violent Mob in Philadelphia. Breaking News: Gunman Opens Fire, Police Respond Heavily...Perp Flees the Scene Injured - NEWS HOUR FIRST. Reject Biden's America! BLM Domestic Terrorist Demands Allegiance From Suburban Shoppers, Diners Trying To Live In Peace. | David Harris Jr. VIDEO: Trump Supporters Beaten, Attacked in Times Square. Soros behind violent protests in America. Is civil war coming?

Joy Reid claims there is "zero evidence that" BLM "has ever pushed for anything violent" | News Thud. Judge OKs release of 2019 video of George Floyd resisting arrest, crying for his mama. BLM punches people, keys cars, after officer shoots thug trying to kill him. Video: Black Militia Group Plans Leaked...Now We Know - Right Wing News Hour. Hamas-linked CAIR does victory lap as Oakland police end partnership with Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Video: Black Militia Group Plans Leaked...Now We Know - Right Wing News Hour. Shooting leaves four people injured in Brooklyn. Antifa's violent activity in Portland ratchets up, but doesn't end well. WATCH: Protesters hurl objects at police, set off fireworks in Rhode Island | News Thud. Nation braces for election violence, ‘guns, batons, Molotov cocktails’ Left Wing Extremist Gets Slap on the Wrist After Attacking 73 Year Old War Veteran - Right Wing News Hour. Trump Campaign Urges Supporters to "Stand Tough, Stand Tall" Against Violent Leftist Mob. ANTIFA Members Attack Trump Supporter, Knock His Teeth in and Attempt to Stone The Patriot...Media Blackout - TRENDINGRIGHTWING. Antifa Beat Trump Supporters Teeth In...ALL Caught on Camera - Right Wing News Hour. Antifa Member Knocks Black Man’s Teeth Out for Holding Free Speech Rally - WATCH. WATCH: Antifa Mob Attacks Pro-Trump Free Speech Rally at Twitter HQ. ‘CRY ABOUT IT!’ San Francisco ANTIFA animals TAUNT and BEAT black man in broad daylight for supporting FREE SPEECH | News Thud.

Socialist Mob Attacks NY Republican Party Office, Injuries Reported. Seattle officer reportedly injured when suspect torches police cruiser with him inside. Latests Arrest In Kenosha Indicates That Charges Against Rittenhouse May Be Dropped | News Thud. Seattle Police Officer Suffers Burns After Thug Sets Patrol Car on Fire. Left-Wing Agitators Post Guide to 'Disrupt' Country With Eye Toward Removing Trump in Close Election. Urgent Warning: Financial System Collapsing, Military Martial Law Plans Leaked - Right Wing News Hour. Young Trump Supporter Violently Attacked: “You Wanna Support Trump, I’m Gonna Knock You in the F-ing Teeth!” - The GOP Times. Democratic Operative Caught on Hot Mic...Leaks Everything - The GOP Times. Project Veritas Releases Video of Dem Operative Purportedly Suggesting Violence Before Election.

Dem leadership in Colorado is infiltrated with violent revolutionaries. Undercover tape: Hardcore Antifa activist says random billionaires need to start turning up dead. Michelle Malkin: Media-political assassination in Denver should be a national outrage. Colorado Democrat Party Member Suggests Using Violence: ‘Morally Acceptable’ To ‘Lie,’ ‘Cheat,’ ‘Steal’ | The Daily Wire. Project Veritas exposes CO Dem Party Exec calling for VIOLENT STREET WAR and #ArmedRevolution | News Thud.

Fmr NYPD Commissioner: Dems 'Surrendered America’s Cities to Domestic Terrorists' Leftists Post Online Guide to 'Disrupting' America if Election Close. CO Dems united with Our Revolution chair who will kill 'random Nazis' Leftist group posts guide on how to stage mass disruptions if Trump wins close election. Leftists Post Online Guide to 'Disrupting' America if Election Close | News Thud.

Security Guard Charged With Murder of Navy Veteran Protester Didn't Have License. They Just Arrested One of the Culprits...Liberals Flip OUT - NEWS HOUR FIRST. Homeowner Receives Mysterious Letter Asking Him to Remove Trump Flags From Front Yard. Denver killing: NBC News9 hired a far-left unlicensed guard with a gun & took him to a Trump rally. About that so-called 'security guard' who gunned down a Trump supporter in Denver - American Thinker. They Just Murdered Him in Cold Blood - TRENDINGRIGHTWING. Chicago Weekend Shootings: 53 people shot, 4 fatally - Sara A. Carter : Sara A. Carter.

WATCH: Protester Starts Attacking Truck Full Of Trump Supporters, Immediately Regrets It. 'Day of Rage' in Portland sees statues toppled, windows smashed, riots declared. Denver shooting victim was pro-cop military veteran, shooter was Anti-Trump | News Thud. Denver Murder Victim Incorrectly ID’d As Part of “Right-Wing Patriot Rally” 'Security Guard' Who Shot Conservative Rally Goer Had No License For Job - Conservative Brief. Denver police, MSM told us the killer of the Trump supporter was a 'guard' Denver Rally Shooting Victim Identified as Lee Keltner by Family. There was a big Vegas rally for Trump, BLM invades. Denver 'Patriot Rally' shooting suspect ID'ed as Matthew Dolloff. Photos capture shocking moment man is shot dead amid Denver protests.

Tattoo On Denver Shooter That Killed Trump Supporter Shows Ties To Left Wing Activists Group | News Thud. Video shows protester shot in cold blood at Denver rally. Security guard for NBC affiliate in custody. 'Must Watch Video' The Media Doesn't Want You To See: Conservative Patriot Gunned Down in Cold Blood - Conservative Brief. UPDATES: One DEAD, 2 in custody in Denver SHOOTING at dual rallies; Antifa CELEBRATING | News Thud. Riot & Murder in Denver, 1 Dead (Video) - Mobs of shoplifters clean out high-class stores in Soho on threat of racism.