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Report: 1000 Girls Forcibly Converted to Islam in Pakistan Each Year. Some 1,000 girls are forced to convert to Islam in Pakistan each year, according to a report Monday from the Associated Press (AP).

Report: 1000 Girls Forcibly Converted to Islam in Pakistan Each Year

The forced conversions often take place as a prelude to non-consensual marriages and frequently involve underage girls, AP stated, a practice that has only increased during the long months of coronavirus lockdowns. “Forced conversions thrive unchecked on a money-making web that involves Islamic clerics who solemnize the marriages, magistrates who legalize the unions and corrupt local police who aid the culprits by refusing to investigate or sabotaging investigations,” AP declared, citing child protection activists.

These conversions and forced marriages are often sanctioned by state authorities, making it particularly difficult to help the victims. ISIS Fanatic Who Plotted to Behead Solider Among 100 Terrorists Due to Be Freed. On 9th November 2020 @ 12.00pm © press An ISIS fanatic, who plotted to behead a soldier on the streets of London, UK, during an Anzac Day parade, is due to be freed, along with more than 100 convicted terrorists, as early as next month.

ISIS Fanatic Who Plotted to Behead Solider Among 100 Terrorists Due to Be Freed

The Islamic State supporter, known only by the initials RXG, was convicted for the sickening plot in October 2015 but is now due for parole. Agents Raid Muslims Home...What They Discover Sends Chills Down Their Spines - TRENDINGRIGHTWING. The Muslim Brotherhood is out to destroy America and the rest of the North American continent from within.

Agents Raid Muslims Home...What They Discover Sends Chills Down Their Spines - TRENDINGRIGHTWING

While your liberal friends might laugh this off as just a far-right conspiracy theory, it’s something that we conservatives have suspected for many years now. The big difference is that now we actually have the evidence to back this up. Law enforcement agents recently raided the Annandale, VA home of a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and this led to the discovery of a blueprint detailing the thirty-year plan for Muslims across America to engage in a complete takeover of the North American continent.

Of course, now that the cover of the Muslim Brotherhood has been blown, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will stop at nothing to cover it back up again. Al-Qaeda Terrorist PPT. Fernando Jara: A high school dropout who converted to Islam and became a U.S. spy. The tale of a high school dropout who converted to Islam, became a U.S. spy and infiltrated terrorist groups abroad Fernando Jara says he joined the ranks of the CIA shortly after the September 11 terror attacksAfter receiving weapons and anti-terror training, he infiltrated terror camps in Yemen and AfghanistanHe now suffers from PTSD and runs RockHill Farm, a rehab clinic for drug and gang offenders By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 18:50 EDT, 18 March 2013 | Updated: 19:00 EDT, 18 March 2013 Undercover: Frenando Jara spent five years under the guise of a radical Muslim after the 9/11 attacks It may sound far-fetched, but a California man says he lived a real life spy thriller when he became an unlikely secret agent.

Fernando Jara: A high school dropout who converted to Islam and became a U.S. spy

Fernando Jara, of Kern County, spent five years completely off the grid beginning in 2001 when the seemingly normal guy joined the ranks of America's most clandestine agency. To his surprise, the feds got back to him, and offered him the job, Jara told the Los Angeles Times. So they arrest a Christian militia group but won't even touch all the MUSLIM militia groups around this country?

HOLTON: A Major Twist To The New Mexico School Shooter Training Camp Story. This story about the jihadist training camp uncovered in New Mexico near the Colorado border should be the biggest news story of the day, but, other than Fox News, the TV networks are either ignoring it or purposely omitting key facts in their reporting.

HOLTON: A Major Twist To The New Mexico School Shooter Training Camp Story

Late last week, a bold sheriff in Alamia, New Mexico, decided not to wait on the FBI to get out of its own way when he raided a compound in his jurisdiction, uncovering an Islamic terrorist training facility and human trafficking ring all rolled up into one… How long the FBI would have waited to move on the compound is anyone’s guess, but it’s a good thing that Sheriff Hogrefe decided to move when he did. Americans Against Hate. JIHAD AMONG JUNIPERS AND MINT JULEPSRADICAL ISLAM COMES TO FULL BLOOM IN SOUTHERN VIRGINIA by Paul L.

Americans Against Hate

Williams, Ph.D. (author of The Day of Islam)with the able assistance of Shawn Michaels, Jamal Babour and Dr. Muslims with ties to terror groups have a prayer room in the Capitol building. Islamic Movement U.S.A Preparing for Zero Hour. Re-upping this important post from 2016.

Islamic Movement U.S.A Preparing for Zero Hour

This should make crystal clear why we need to designate the Muslim Brotherhood in it’s entirety a foreign terrorist organization. The use of terrorist tactics by the Muslim Brotherhood is guided by the principle of gradualism laid out by Sayyid Qutb in his book, Milestones. When they feel that the time is right they have always resorted to violence to gain power. Understanding the Threat, by John Guandolo, Sept. 13, 2016: For UTT followers who are accustomed to brief articles, this is a longer article because it needs to be. As UTT has continually reported, there exists in the United States a significant jihadi movement led primarily by the Muslim Brotherhood whose organizations include the most prominent and influential Islamic groups in America. The Islamic Movement in the U.S. continues their daily work of preparing for the coming battle at all levels of the society. Strategic Overlay The U.S. Victory is not possible with this recipe. Watters World Jesse Watters Saturdays 8Pm ET.

BNI Reader presents: ‘All the Muslim news that isn’t fit to print’…anywhere else. Inside the anti-Muslim organization that has ties to the White House. Roy White wants to inform as many Americans as possible about the terrorists he sees in their midst.

Inside the anti-Muslim organization that has ties to the White House

The lean, 62-year-old Air Force veteran strode into the Texas State Capitol in late January wearing a charcoal-gray pinstripe suit and an American flag tie, with the mission of warning all 181 lawmakers about a Muslim group sponsoring a gathering of Texas Muslims at the Capitol the following day. Muslim Judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo Sworn In On The Qu'ran Hiding Terrifying Secret. NYC’s New Muslim Judge Has A Terrifying Secret She Didn’t Want Out Muslim judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo, who was elected last month in Brooklyn’s 7th Municipal District, took her oath of office Thursday using the “holy” book of Islam as a testament to her Muslim faith.

Muslim Judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo Sworn In On The Qu'ran Hiding Terrifying Secret

This, of course, caused a firestorm of controversy from the moment the social media world became aware of it. But the bigger story went almost completely unnoticed. Islamic Group With Terror Ties Push For “Islamophobia Day” In Canada. Islamic Group With Terror Ties Push For “Islamophobia Day” In Canada May 11th, 2019Brad In Canada, “Islamophobia” comes in only fourth behind crimes against Blacks, Gays and Jews.

Islamic Group With Terror Ties Push For “Islamophobia Day” In Canada

According to the last Statistics Canada, crimes against Muslims have dropped, even as the overall number of hate crimes increased. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is being asked by the National Council of Canadian Muslims to designate January 29 as a “National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia.” If he does, it will validate the success political Islam is having in terms of the ability to manipulate the Prime Minister’s Office. U.S. MUSLIMS ASK OBAMA TO BLOCK COUNTER-TERROR TRAINING. U.S. Mohammed Azhar Ali Khan – Saudi Gazette publishes reservations of a National Council of Canadian Muslims’ ally about suing PM Harper’s Office for defamation over links with Hamas - Point de Bascule Canada.

It appears that we must have recourse to Saudi Arabia’s press, in order to figure out what some of our local Islamists might be planning. Rather than wanting a defamation lawsuit to proceed against PM Harper, Mohammed Azhar Ali Khan pleads for mobilizing Muslimsin order to bring down the Conservative Government in the expected 2015 federal election. On February 20th, the Saudi Gazette published an opinion piece by Mohammed Azhar Ali Khan. The Ottawa-based Muslim leader challenged the idea that a defamation suit against Prime Minister Harper and his Director of communications is the best way to reply to the statement made in mid-January by the latter to the effect that the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM / former CAIR-CAN) has “documented ties” with the terrorist organization Hamas.

On January 28th, the NCCM sent a notice of libel to the PMO. This is the first step in a defamation suit. The NCCM (former CAIR-CAN) is involved with the MCCNCR.


CAIR. ISLAM. MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. QURAN. The History of America's Largest Muslim Organization. Like many people in my mid-20s, I approached my parents about getting married and initially chose to use a more traditional route. That is to say, creating a resume – or biodata – and sending it to matchmaker aunties. I wanted this approach because I wanted to be able to balance my American, Desi, and Muslim identities. I wanted things to be done in a halal way with my parent’s knowledge. However, over the past 2 years, my experience with the process has left me jaded. Before I continue, I want to preface with two things. The second is that while I have critical feedback, I am not intending to discredit the entire process. Support MuslimMatters for Just $2 a Month MuslimMatters has been a free service to the community since 2007.

The Prophet (SAW) has taught us the best of deeds are those that done consistently, even if they are small. Muslim Migrant Slits Throat Of 7-Year-Old Girl. Like the jihad knife attack France, there’s no news coverage from the sharia-complaint media. Pandemic be damned, truth continues to be a casualty of media reportage. Iranian Defectors, Or, Goodbye To All That  There have been several high-profile defectors from Iran recently.

There is a female chess umpire, Shohreh Bayat (above), who was videotaped doing her job at an international tournament. At one point, she removed her hijab – and then put it back on – but she was caught on camera without the hijab; there was an outcry over this offense to morals, and death threats, too. Bayat has chosen not to return to Iran where, she says, she would be in danger for her life. In December, the Iran Chess Federation announced that their top-rated champion Alireza Firouzja had decided not to play for the Islamic Republic over its informal ban on competing against Israeli players. He has not defected, but he will no longer be representing Iran in international competitions, a great blow to its standing.

Alireza Faghani, an Iranian international soccer referee, also left Iran for Australia last year. Alizadeh knew the script. Muslims Demand Locals Don’t Walk Dogs In Public – Violation Of Sharia And “Disrespects” Them – Seattle daily. Muslims Demand Locals Don’t Walk Dogs In Public – Violation Of Sharia And “Disrespects” Them – Seattle daily. Muslims Demand Church Remove "Bigoted" Signs, Pastor Has The PERFECT Reply... Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – The Belmont Drive Missionary Baptist Church has a bold message for the citizens in Hood River, Oregon and let’s just say that Muslims and liberals are losing their minds over it! The churches outside reader boards display 2 messages. One says, “Wake up Christians. Nation Of Islam Follower Admits To Killing Four People Because They Were White: ‘I Just Found Some White Men To Kill’ New Jersey Swears In First Turkish Muslim US Police Chief On Quran. The people of the united States continue a downward spiral in their advancement of the antichrist religion of Islam and those that promote it.

The latest example is that of Ibrahim ‘Mike’ Baycora, the first Turkish police chief in the united States, who was appointed as police chief of Paterson, New Jersey and sworn in on the Quran. California: Grandson Of Muslim Terrorist Wins Congressional Primary After Filing Under Fake Name. You may recall that in 2018, we reported that the grandson of a Muslim terrorist filed to run for Congress under a fake name. Well, now he has won the California primary election in his bid for Congress. How Many Muslims Have Been Elected To Government In 2019? The Numbers Might Surprise You. Michigan Muslim Congressional Candidate Solomon Rajput: "We're Done Waiting - It's Our Turn Now" 18 Years After 9/11, Muslim Organizations Have Goal Of 5,000 Muslims Running For Office In 2020. Muslims Emboldened: List Of Islamists Looking To "Represent" You in 2020 (Updated)

Those holding to the false teachings of Islam are at odds not only with Christianity, which our country was built upon but also against our Constitution. Yet, with this last election, we saw many Muslims elected to office and in the coming election, we are sure to see many more. 2020: Antichrist Muslims Running In US Elections. WATCH: Muslim Refugee Cuts In Line and Calls Lady ‘WHORE’- He Messed With The Wrong Customer. A Muslim migrant punk, just like the one’s that liberals worship, thought he could just push past people he believed inferior to him, but he got a huge wake-up call from a woman who refused to put up with his crap! Pakistani Islamists pelt International Women’s Day marchers. FBI Raid Reveals Muslim Brotherhood Plot to Destroy America – Conservative Base. Muslims in London demand that British people obey Sharia laws "Law of their Creator" - Speech Point Net.

Illinois: Muslim Leader Declares “Allah will grant us the Caliphate….Under its leadership, Rome will be conquered” Muslim Rape Gang Sentenced For Rapes Of 13 & 14-Year-Old Girls - Still No Justice. Museum Opens In Egypt To Honor 21 Christians Killed By ISIS In Gruesome 2015 Video. Australian Meatworker Mohammad Khan Jailed for Life After Beheading Friend on Fishing Trip. Muslim Man Runs For Congress In Georgia. Pregnant Woman and Baby Among Those Burned Alive by Muslim Group. Muslims Offended Over What This Farmer Raises On Land He Owns [Video] 12-year-old girl dies after genital mutilation. Iranian Ayatollah calls to restrict women's access to public space to "4 hours a day" - The Politics Online. (296) West Virginia Spends $87 Mil. For New MUSLIM Housing. (156) Out of Their Own Mouths: The Muslims are Telling You Their Plans–Infiltrate American Government.

Kentucky Muslims urged to raise their voices on ‘Muslim Day’ at State Capitol. (3312) FBI Confirms Islamic Jihadi Training Camps in America. Muslim groups aim to get 5,000 muslims to run for office in 2020. (3038) Muslim Cleric: "The Flag of Islam will one day fly over the White House" CAIR Leader: “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land” U.S. Muslim Imam Promises That America Will Become An Islamic Country. Walmart Made Disgusting New Rule That Is Turning Americans Stomachs - TRENDINGRIGHTWING. Media Remained Silent After Armed Muslim Stormed Local Church - TRENDINGRIGHTWING. Muslims Demand Man’s Arrest For ‘Islamophobic’ Insults, Police Respond. England's Muslim Population over 3 Million, Tops Populations of Wales, NI. ‘Devastated’ Muslim Demands Compensation After Being Served ‘Diabolical’ Sausage McMuffin.

Pakistani Immigrant Runs For Congress In Florida. Stefanae Coleman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know. Kentucky will kick off first-ever ‘Muslim Day’ to promote Islamic image. MN Muslim Woman Wins $120,000 Settlement After Suing County For Forcing Her To Remove Hijab For Mug Shot. Nine Christians murdered for refusing to recite Islamic creed… Bronx: Muslim migrant plotted to behead people with chainsaw, had huge cache of weapons. Muslim Democrat, Who Says Christian Prayer is Offensive, Arrested for Charity Fraud. Norway Waking up..Norway Deports Muslims; Crime Rate Drops 31%

Pope Bans Pork from Vatican Banquet Out of Respect for Muslims. Iran chops off fingers of man found guilty of theft. Minnesota Muslims brutally honest: 'We want Shariah' Islam—Facts or Dreams? - Imprimis. Muslims Elected To The U.S. Government In 2019. "If Islam is a religion of peace, why is there no peace in the Middle East?" - Political Discussion. (553) Islam Has No Right to Build Mosques, Spread Islam, or Institute Sharia Law In America. Paris Police 'Disarmed' After Suspicions of Islamic Radicalisation.

Muslims Complain That The National Anthem Is ‘Oppressive’ And a Method of ‘Forced Assimilation’ – Frontlines News. A controversial Bill passed in Iran, it allows men to marry daughters, draws flak from other nations? Austria takes their war against Islam to a whole new level by closing mosques, expelling imams and cutting off foreign-funding from Muslims – Frontlines News. CAIR Wins: Terrorist Watchlist Deemed ‘Violation’ Of Constitutional Rights. Former Miss Iraq Warns Americans About Ilhan Omar – She’s Exporting Sharia Law – Viral Stories. Duncan Hunter campaign mailer targets Arab American opponent and Muslim congresswomen. Texas: Muslim murders his sister’s friend in honor killing for encouraging his sister to marry a Christian. Man Who Allegedly Stabbed Tourists Was Protecting ‘Prophet Mohammed’ Major Islamic leader says that America will soon became a Muslim nation ruled by Sharia Law, and Christians better be prepared to become slaves – FireSideChat News.

MI SCHOOL DISTRICT Holds Taxpayer-Funded, 2-Day, Mandatory Islamic Training For Public School Teachers. Muslims verify Mufa’khathat – the legal incest of infants. Muslim Parents Withdraw Children from 'Non-Halal' Flu Vaccine. Terror-Tied CAIR Wants The "Muslim Ban" To Be A Campaign Issue - Geller Report News. Top 10 Worst Nations on Earth for Gender Equality are All Islamic. Muslim group alleges religious discrimination by Citibank. Is Islam Really a "Religion of Peace" or Does it Promote Violence? What do Muslims think of Jesus? 6 things you didn’t know about Jesus in Islam. List of converts to Islam from Christianity.