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Red and Near-Infrared Products

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Things to consider if deciding on a purchase:
* Red, Near Infrared (NIR), or a combination?
* Wavelength(s) measured in nanometers (nm)--some have been tested for specific conditions. NIR is usually used for deeper penetration. Red is often used for skin treatment.

But some research shows that the effects are systemic, so it may not matter as much.
* EMF radiation levels--these need to be tested and low
* flicker of the light source--may or may not be that important. LEDs have an indiscernible flicker and incandescent do not
* power intensity at the distance you use it because dosage is important
* cost--some of these units are expensive.

A Skeptical Look at Low Level Laser Therapy. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) refers to the use of a red-beam or near-infrared laser with a wave-length between 600 and 1000 nanometers and power from 5 to 500 milliwatts.

A Skeptical Look at Low Level Laser Therapy

Depending on wavelength, tissues absorb energy to produce heat. LLLT lasers transfer small or very small amounts of energy into the skin. In contrast, lasers used in ablative surgery typically use 300 watts and burn the tissues they encounter. FTC settles false advertising suit against low-level light therapy marketer with $22 million judgment. The Willow Curve The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the marketers of Willow Curve, a low-level light therapy device, have agreed to a Stipulated Order for Permanent Injunction and Monetary Judgment forbidding false claims that the device treats chronic, severe pain and associated inflammation.

FTC settles false advertising suit against low-level light therapy marketer with $22 million judgment

The Order also imposes a $22 million judgment, suspended pending the payment of $200,000 each by individual defendants Ronald Shapiro, MD (a kidney specialist) and David Sutton, co-owners of the defendant companies marketing the device, based on their ability to pay. The Order resolves a six-count Complaint filed by the FTC against the defendants for violation of federal laws against deceptive advertising. The FTC, which had been investigating the defendants since 2017, apparently agreed with SBM’s own Dr.

Harriet Hall, who wrote about the Willow Curve in 2015: Willow Curve makes a lot of claims, but there is no credible evidence to back them up. You heard it here first, folks.

SaunaSpace Incandescent Red/NIR

GembaRed Groove Red & NIR LED Light Panel. How to make a low-cost infrared sauna in your home, and why we prefer near infrared rather than far infrared. Red Light Photobiomodulation Buyers Guide - PrimalHacker. Everything You Need To Know About Red Light Therapy. Do you have a question about red light therapy (RLT), photobiomodulation (PBM) or low-level laser therapy (LLLT)?

Everything You Need To Know About Red Light Therapy

(They are all the same thing.) Well, this article is for you. I have spent weeks researching the literature on red light therapy and have created this comprehensive guide to answer every question you may have! I've covered everything from the best wavelength to use, whether it's safe for your eyes, the difference between LEDs and laser and much, much more!

I have split the article into 3 categories: Near-Infrared Light - Buyer's Guide - Saunas & General Lighting. This is a guide to purchasing lights with high amounts of red and near infrared light.

Near-Infrared Light - Buyer's Guide - Saunas & General Lighting

This first section is on broad spectrum general use bulbs like incandescent bulbs, heat bulbs and halogen lamps. Red and Near-Infrared Light Buyer’s Guide. Part II – LEDs. Part I in this guide is here.

Red and Near-Infrared Light Buyer’s Guide. Part II – LEDs.

This is a brief guide to buying red and near-infrared LEDs with potentially beneficial biological effects. The 20th Century saw much exploration of the biological effects of light, from the sunlight solaria of Europe to experiments with incandescent bulbs many effects were repeatedly demonstrated. In the 1960’s Endre Mester performed experiments with rodents using a red ruby Laser, his intention was to explore the effects of focused heat from the new device , however the modified Laser device was of much lower power than had been intended for the experiments.

Mester observed firstly that the rodents in the experiments with the low powered Laser had greatly increased hair growth in the areas treated by the device. This was the beginning of a very large field of research into the specific effects of red and near-infrared light on biological systems. Red Light Therapy for Your Entire Body. Joovv Review - Powerful Results With The Red Light Therapy Device + EMF Levels Tested. I've had my Joovv combo red light panel for over a month now and I wanted to share my review, my before and after and benefits that I have experienced to date.

Joovv Review - Powerful Results With The Red Light Therapy Device + EMF Levels Tested

Plus, I spent a bit of time testing the EMF output on the Joov full body device so will share with you the nnEMF radiation readings below. I've tried to keep this review brief and to the point, so I will use bulletpoints. Please watch the video above to see my full review. Otherwise, read on! Which Joovv Light is Best for Me? People thinking about Joovv light therapy often ask us two questions: “What size Joovv Light should I get?”

Which Joovv Light is Best for Me?

And “What wavelength configuration is right for me?” They’re great questions, especially considering we now offer the Joovv Light in 3 different sizes with 3 different wavelength configurations—a total of 9 different choices! The short answer is that there’s no “one size fits all.” That’s why we try to help our customers find the right product by first learning more about their specific health, beauty, or fitness goals. But it doesn’t hurt to familiarize yourself with the available options!

Joovv Versus Sauna Space. “How is the Joovv Light different than Sauna Space?”

Joovv Versus Sauna Space

In full transparency, I was a bit surprised when we first started hearing that question from some of our prospective customers. Joovv Vs Other LED Light Therapy Devices. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a light therapy device. And there are also a lot of manufacturers making different products with different marketing claims. That can make things difficult for consumers trying to compare devices and choose the best light therapy option for their health needs. This article is a summary of how Joovv compares with other LED light therapy manufacturers in 6 key areas: treatment area, total light output, personalization, wavelengths, safety, and service.

We hope this dispels some of the myths around light therapy and arms you with the right questions to ask. Treatment Area Matters. Infrared Heat Lamps vs. LED Photobiomodulation (Light Therapy) Devices. You’ve probably seen them at a local home improvement store.

Infrared Heat Lamps vs. LED Photobiomodulation (Light Therapy) Devices

The red heat bulbs that sell for less than $10. Are these just as good as LED-based light therapy (photobiomodulation) devices? It’s a great question and one that often comes up during interactions with our customers. After all, it would be ideal if you could get great results from a $10 heat lamp from the local Home Depot, right? Admittedly, to answer this question, it can be confusing since there are quite a few companies that claim their products produce cellular health benefits using nothing more than 250-watt incandescent heat lamps. Before making the same mistake, let’s take a look at the science to determine if these infrared heat bulbs can actually be used to generate the same type of benefits that have been proven across hundreds of photobiomodulation (PBM) studies.

Red Light Mini Therapy Device 660nm / 670nm - Red Light Man. Red-Infrared Combo Mini - Red Light Man. Infrared light device - Red Light Man. Infrared Mini Light Therapy Device 830nm / 850nm - Red Light Man. Combo Bodylight 2.0 - Red Light Man. Vielight 810 Infrared (Brain) - Vielight Inc. Description The Vielight 810 Infrared emits an infrared light with an 810 nm wavelength.

Vielight 810 Infrared (Brain) - Vielight Inc

The wavelength and power density parameters enables photons to reach the brain’s important ventral areas. Engineered to pulse at 10 Hz 50% duty cycle, this frequency is associated with brain oscillation in the alpha state. In a study conducted by the University of Texas, near infrared energy stimulation produces beneficial effects on frontal cortex functions such as sustained attention, working memory, and affective state. This state also helps to release the calming chemicals seratonin, which helps alleviate sleep disorders. The LED beam footprint spans the underside of the brain up the mid-brain area. Vielight Neuro Alpha (Brain) - Vielight Inc. Ambient Weather TM-206 Solar Power Meter (Pyranometer) The Top 5 Infrared Light Therapy Home Devices (2017 Reviews)

More and more people are regularly using deep penetrating Infrared Light Therapy products to relieve pain naturally and fast – without any side effects. Having your own infrared heat therapy home device is a cost-effective and quick way to relieve muscle pain, joint pain, Neuropathy pain, or any kind of pain, no matter the cause. But: There are so many models: small ones, larger ones, hand-held ones, carbon fiber ones and LED ones. How do you choose the right one for you? This infrared light therapy comparison will help you choose the best one for you, and save you hours of tedious research. Amazon. Tips & Tricks: IR LED.

The IR LED (or infrared light-emitting diode) module sends out light with longer wavelengths than visible light, similar to the light in your remote control. It’s invisible to the eye, but many digital cameras can see it! Try using it to activate the light sensor or remote trigger. The Remote Trigger is a light sensitive trigger module that sends a brief ON signal when it senses infrared light. This makes it a perfect bit to pair with your IR LED if you want to send simple ON and OFF signals through a circuit. Below are two different ways you can use the IR LED with the Remote Trigger. Using the IR LED with the Remote Trigger In the video below we have two simple circuits. If you want the Remote Trigger to keep sending the ON signal, you need to keep turning your infrared light source ON and OFF. DPL Flex Pain Relief System - Light Therapy Products.