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Photobiomodulation/ Light Therapy

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There are two general types of light therapy: far infrared and red/near infrared. Far infrared devices at wavelengths above 1400 nm excite water molecules in the skin and are used for general detoxification, weight loss, blood pressure reduction, and relaxation.

Red/near infrared devices (600-1200 nm) impact the mitochondria in the cells, may penetrate more deeply depending on the wavelengths and are used for cellular health (including all organs), immunity, wound healing, skin purification, and pain relief. The mechanisms and benefits are different.

CFS/ME: Dr. Myhill suggests using far infrared therapy for detoxification for CFS/ME patients. However, there is promising work being done with near infrared therapy for MS and other disorders due to the effects of those wavelengths on the mitochondria. ME is characterized by significant mitochondrial dysfunction and research on the benefits of near infrared therapy is ongoing. Wien's displacement law. Black-body radiation as a function of wavelength for various temperatures.

Wien's displacement law

Each temperature curve peaks at a different wavelength and Wien's law describes the shift of that peak. Wien's displacement law states that the black-body radiation curve for different temperatures will peak at different wavelengths that are inversely proportional to the temperature. The shift of that peak is a direct consequence of the Planck radiation law, which describes the spectral brightness of black-body radiation as a function of wavelength at any given temperature. However, it had been discovered by Wilhelm Wien several years before Max Planck developed that more general equation, and describes the entire shift of the spectrum of black-body radiation toward shorter wavelengths as temperature increases. Formally, Wien's displacement law states that the spectral radiance of black-body radiation per unit wavelength, peaks at the wavelength λpeak given by: Examples[edit] Discovery[edit]

Skeptical Posts on Infrared Therapy

Light Therapy with Far-Infrared Light. Photobiomodulation using Red and Near-Infrared Light. NIR and FIR Products. 13 Proven Ways Saunas Can Improve Your Mental Health — Optimal Living Dynamics. In his first study, the participants had just one infrared sauna treatment and it reduced their symptoms by about 50%.

13 Proven Ways Saunas Can Improve Your Mental Health — Optimal Living Dynamics

In his follow-up study, he found that a single session caused a rapid and powerful antidepressant effect, and the benefits continued for six weeks, which was unexpected. He concluded that whole-body hyperthermia holds promise as a safe, rapid-acting, antidepressant treatment with a prolonged therapeutic benefit (57-58). Other researchers have looked at the effects of infrared sauna therapy on mildly depressed patients with fatigue, appetite loss, and mental complaints.

They found that sauna treatment significantly increased their appetite and reduced their mental complaints (59). Whole-body heat therapy has also been shown to reduce depression in cancer patients (60-61). And other research shows that sweating increases mental satisfaction and energy (62). 2. Not surprisingly, saunas can also reduce stress and anxiety. 3. Researchers Explore A Drug-Free Idea To Relieve Chronic Pain. Published on December 19, 2019 Written by Will Stone, NPR Ann Jones has been spending two hours each day in front of a green LED light — an experimental treatment aimed at alleviating migraines and other forms of chronic pain.

Researchers Explore A Drug-Free Idea To Relieve Chronic Pain

Ann Jones tried everything short of surgery for her chronic migraines, which have plagued her since she was a child. “They’ve actually gotten worse in my old age,” says Jones, who is 70 years old and lives in Tucson, Ariz. Jones would have as many as two dozen migraines a month. 8 Amazing Health Benefits of Red Light Therapy - with Mechanisms. Can Light Therapy Make You Less Tired?

What's biofilm?

Can Light Therapy Make You Less Tired?

Biofilm is one of the major challenges behind superbugs because they protect pathogens from all forms of decimation. At the time, I was actually on medication for biofilm disintegration (and had been for over two years). Obviously, however, it wasn't strong enough. Far Vs. Near Infrared Sauna: Which is better for you? The Importance of Sunlight and How Photobiomodulation Can Help. Sunlight is deadly, and if you must be exposed to it—you’d better lather up with sunscreen.

The Importance of Sunlight and How Photobiomodulation Can Help

Sounds familiar, right? But is it really true? For thousands of years, people have used sunlight as a means to aid health and even cure illness. But the concept has gone in and out of favor over the course of time. For example, from ancient Greece to the Middle Ages, tanned skin was viewed as a sign of poverty, and so wealthy people minimized their exposure to sunlight.

But by the middle of the 20th century, sunlight had once again fallen out of vogue, in large part because the American Cancer Society began demonizing sun exposure as a significant cause of skin cancer. However, doctors, scientists, and clinical research is demonstrating that consistent (and thoughtful) exposure to sunlight is actually a critical component to overall health. Infrared Therapy: 14 PROVEN Health Benefits (& Practical Uses) Pain relief, detox, and calorie burning.

Infrared Therapy: 14 PROVEN Health Benefits (& Practical Uses)

You Asked: Are Infrared Saunas Healthy? Important Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas + Quality is Everything. Today we're talking about a kind of therapy that can keep you safe in a most toxic world, helping you eliminate accumulated toxins with long half-lives as well as dangerous heavy metals that cause disease over time.

Important Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas + Quality is Everything

Infrared saunas penetrate up to 1-1/2 inches below the skin to help detoxify and revitalize the cells and organs by allowing for efficient toxin elimination. Getting toxins out of our bodies on a regular basis before they attach to fat cells is paramount to retaining your health and quality of life. What people notice when they start to sauna regularly: More energy Easier to relax Better sleep Pain relief Enhance immune function Improves circulation Improved skin quality Natural, healthy weight loss Think clearer Increased range of motion with muscles According to information published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, infrared sauna sessions were shown to burn upwards of 600 calories.

Enter guest blogger, Randy Gomm, B. Lowering Your Toxic Load 1. 2. 3. 4. 1 2 3. Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas (& the Risks) Are Infrared Saunas Beneficial? Infrared Sauna Treatment: Are the Claims Backed Up? You may have heard about all the wonderful health claims of the infrared sauna: anti-aging abilities, detoxification, weight loss and even more.

Infrared Sauna Treatment: Are the Claims Backed Up?

Health Risks of High Power LED Lights. Light-emitting diodes, more commonly called LEDs, are used in a variety of ways, including in automotive and home lighting, video displays and traffic signals.

Health Risks of High Power LED Lights

LEDs are energy efficient and can last up to three years. They’re also easier to recycle than the compact fluorescent lighting bulbs due to the mercury content in CFLs. An LED is a semiconductor diode that releases energy in the form of light when it’s switched on. Do sauna therapy and exercise act by raising the availability of. The Health Benefits of Saunas.