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The Official Fanpage for the appreciation of the amazing artwork of Simon 'Biz' Bisley. Anyone have an IT tools (physical - not software) list? Our 2 man team is expanding to three - with the new guy being on his own 3,000 miles away.

Anyone have an IT tools (physical - not software) list?

While it would be nice to just give him a budget and let him pick his own, I'm of the mind that it would be best to make sure he has a full set on Day One. I'm building a list from scratch, but if anyone has a list they want to share, it may jog my memory so I don't leave anything out. This is for a small, but growing company. Typical tasks are pc repair and builds, retrofitting cable plant for additional drops and basic network diagnostics. I have a Byte Brothers cable certifier, but I think I want something more mainstream for the new guy - like a Fluke, if it doesn't break the bank. Cable testing is typically simply to determine that there are no crossed pairs, no breaks, and that it meets performance criteria for gigabit. Tilt Brush. Cart - 0 items Intro Tilt Brush is a Virtual Reality Tool that paints the Space all around you.

Tilt Brush

Paint thick, three-dimensional brush strokes, smoke, stars. Even light. Video Your ideas don't have to be flat ever again. With one click AutoGif for easy sharing. Awards Nominated for three Proto Awards including Best Interaction Design, Most Innovative, and Best Overall Virtual Reality Application. Winner of the Best GUI Proto Award. Contact. Ideal Resume For Someone Making A Career Change. Comcast Declares War on Tor? - Deep Dot Web.

If you needed another reason to hate Comcast, the most hated company in America, they’ve just given it to you: they’ve declared war on Tor Browser.

Comcast Declares War on Tor? - Deep Dot Web

Reports have surfaced (Via /r/darknetmarkets and another one submitted to us) that Comcast agents have contacted customers using Tor and instructed them to stop using the browser or risk termination of service. A Comcast agent named Jeremy allegedly called Tor an “illegal service.” The Comcast agent told its customer that such activity is against usage policies. The Comcast agent then repeatedly asked the customer to tell him what sites he was accessing on the Tor browser. The customer refused to answer. The next day the customer called Comcast and spoke to another agent named Kelly who reiterated that Comcast does not want its customers using Tor. Users who try to use anonymity, or cover themselves up on the internet, are usually doing things that aren’t so-to-speak legal.

How did Comcast know its customers were using Tor in the first place? CISSP training in NYC, CISSP course in NYC, CISSP class in NYC, CISSP class in New York City, CISSP training New York City. From Telehack -- (port 23) Telehack (web) -- Star Wars asciimation -- (port 23) Marvin (eliza-like bot) -- The Bofh Excuse Server -- Jumpjet has a nice list of telnet locations organized by category: Synchronet is a nice list of bbs systems: Mudconect keeps a good list of muds and moos: Hytelnet is an old (an now unmaintained) directory: Some muds that have been submitted by readers:


Share any free tools that deserve more attention. For myself, and some small jobs i've done these were ones i've found to be handy. 7-Zip is fairly powerful tool for making opening various compressed files.

Share any free tools that deserve more attention

I was told it also opens VHD files. Daemon tools lite is pretty good too. I primarily just use it for mounting ISOs so i don't have to burn them and can just put on a USB or network and take off from there. Also good for doing modifications to installs. Belarc advisor: is great reporting tool so you don't have to actually open a system to see what you have. Sysinternals suite: has some pretty awesome tools. Hiren's bootCD: is a fairly user friendly and powerful boot disk for various things Deriks boot and nuke: erases drives to many standards of sanitization.

Page 3 of Dana Gould on Comedians, Depression and Self-Destruction. Being a professional comedian brings with it a set of unintended consequences.

Page 3 of Dana Gould on Comedians, Depression and Self-Destruction

For one thing, you develop an uncanny familiarity with the nation's airports. "Where are you, St. Louis International? They've got a pretty ripping Oki-Dog in terminal four. " Additionally, stand-up comedians have to ask for their paychecks. Lastly, being a comedian means knowing a lot of people who've committed suicide. My count is now up to five. Firstly, the same brain that makes the good stuff makes the bad stuff.

Into this mix, one has to consider brain chemistry. Featured News From Comedian Dana Gould on January 6th, 2013 in Burbank, CA. Charles Darwin suffered clinical depression, yet he managed to come up with the theory of evolution. The same brain that makes the good stuff makes the bad stuff. NYC Neighborhood Real Estate Investment Funds.


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