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Kevin Lonigro

Cubebrus. BRINK. Brink’s look is drawn from traditional artistic movements like Hyperrealism.


Although Leonardi says he weren't simply trying to mimic them, he was more about using comparable processes. Other games clearly inspired Splash Damage, but this was more about broadly reinforcing the decision to go for a stylised look. "We felt our audience would be mature enough and receptive to different visual treatments that we could finally move away from photorealism and start having some fun," adds Leonardi. Environments Architecture and technology on the Ark was based on actual tangible research and existing projects. It is by no means pure sci-fi, as everything needed to be grounded in reality. Killzone 3 Characters by Rudy Massar - Game Art Hub. Rudy Massar currently Freelance Character modeler and Digital sculptor, previously he work as the Principal Character Artist at Guerrilla Games based on Amsterdam, Netherlands for 8 years.

Killzone 3 Characters by Rudy Massar - Game Art Hub

And before that he work at Willem De Kooning Academy (Media Art Design Education,Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) teaching 3D-modelling and animation. Below are some he and his team work for Killzone 3 a Playstation 3 exclusive game. Source – All Images copyrighted to their respective owner Related posts: Interview. Drag image to rotate How many characters are there in Killzone 3?


Rudy: For Multiplayer mode we have 5 different characters for each faction. Most characters are new, except for both Marksmen which are Killzone 2 models with a shader and texture polish. All other multiplayer characters are completely new. Unless you put them side to side, you don’t see how different the ISA soldiers are compared to the KZ2 variants. UDK. UDK. Unreal Development Kit Tutorials. UDK Tutorials List UDK video/text tutorials covering the entire process from basics, to 3d modeling, texturing, material creation, kismet and gameplay integration of your game environment or level design.

UDK. Unreal Development Kit Tutorials

Tutorials. Unreal Engine 4 Unreal Engine 4 tips: A couple of random all purpose UE4 tips.


Performance tips most notably. The Solus Project: Several videos and presentations on the making of the UE4 title Solus, along with the free Solus example files. Digital Production Program in 3D Animation, VFX & Entertainment Design. The ultimate program for aspiring digital artists blending a strong foundation in art and digital production with an in-depth focus Three years of full-time study Focus on production skills for movies, broadcast or games Specialized, industry developed tracks Financial aid for those that qualify International visas available Choose Your Path as a 3D Artist The Entertainment Design and Digital Production Program is a full-time 3-year curriculum blending one year of foundation art and design classes with two years of digital production.

Digital Production Program in 3D Animation, VFX & Entertainment Design

This program is for students who desire a career as a digital artist in the game, broadcast or film industries but have limited traditional art skills. As with all of Gnomon's programs, the goal is to create well-rounded, production ready artists who are versed in digital and traditional skills. Our curriculum is geared towards the development of artistic and technical skills by profession and not by industry. Alumni Success Stories. The University for Creative Careers.

Behance. Crzyeuropn (Kevin Lonigro) on deviantART. Pixologic. ZBrush Docs » Pixologic ZBrush Documentation. Varga Hair Tutorial. This tutorial is dedicated to Polycount community. 1.Hairstyles2.Game models approach3.Example of hairstyle 4.Varga You could also check the second part of this tutorial regarding normal mapping(workflow used for Varga ) This is not a step by step tutorial.I will nail down the main stages for creating hair for game characters using lots of images and some printscreens directly from the application used ( maya/photoshop etc ...).

Varga Hair Tutorial

Jamie-Lee Lloyd. Gavin Goulden - Character Artist. Florence Lapalu - Freelance 3D Character Artist. Peter Zoppi – Character Artist. Character Artist. Professional Work. KrisKelly3D // Character Artist, 3D Modeler, and Texture Artist, Digital Sculptor, Visual Effects Artist // WELCOME. CHARACTERS. [CG Textures] - Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! Environment Textures - High Resolution Textures for 3D artists and Game Developers. Polycount Forms. NormalMap. What is a Normal Map? A Normal Map is usually used to fake high-res geometry detail when it's mapped onto a low-res mesh. The pixels of the normal map each store a normal, a vector that describes the surface slope of the original high-res mesh at that point.

The red, green, and blue channels of the normal map are used to control the direction of each pixel's normal. When a normal map is applied to a low-poly mesh, the texture pixels control the direction each of the pixels on the low-poly mesh will be facing in 3D space, creating the illusion of more surface detail or better curvature. However, the silhouette of the model doesn't change. Gunslinger. Rat Bird! - Page 2.

Keen: Thanks man!

Rat Bird! - Page 2

MeshMolder: Thanks! (MeshMolder asked me in a PM how I made the cut lines in Zbrush, and I realized I never clarified that I ended up not being able to make the cut lines look right in zbrush. So in max I turbosmoothed the mesh once, selected the edges where I wanted cuts, chamfered them, then and beveled it in. I took it into zbrush after this step. Just wanted to clarify in case anyone else had the same question!) Game Artist. Game Art Hub. CG Hub. CGTalk. ZBrushCentral. BLACK INK drawing software for high quality generative art. Version 0.205.1923 The new kind of digital painting More about Black Ink Infinite possibilities With Black Ink anyone can create unique custom brushes.

BLACK INK drawing software for high quality generative art

Concept Art World. Anatomy for Artists Online Course. SPRING: in-progress SUMMER: June 24, 2016 – REGISTER HERE AUTUMN: October 7, 2016 Welcome to Scott Eaton’s Anatomy for Artists online course page.

Anatomy for Artists Online Course

The course is online to share the anatomy lessons of the old masters with artists intent on mastering the human figure. The course takes the daunting task of learning human anatomy and distills it into artist-focused lessons that cover the critical foundation that every figurative artist needs to know. This course has been taught to artists from around the world including artists from leading animation, game, and visual effects studios – Industrial Light & Magic, Blizzard, Pixar, Ubisoft, LucasArts, Disney, Warner Bros, Sony, Rhythm & Hues, Valve and many others. New Masters Academy.