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Improve your English pronunciation using YouTube. Tubequizard. Improve Your English Writing Skills. Play Taboo Online Now. Welcome!

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Happy playing! Did you like playing this game? Click NO to provide feedback Score Sheet This is where you can enter your team names, followed by a score for each round. These cards are meant to be played however you would like to. New game / Categories word game - play multiplayer, play free, play online. Online MP3 Cutter - Cut Songs, Make Ringtones. Free Screen & Video Recording Software. Online PDF tools for PDF lovers. PDF24 Tools: Ingyenes és könnyen használható online PDF eszközök. Coachbot - How much time do you have? - Homeworkchoiceboard.jpg. HA-wählen.docx. Half a Crossword.

Cloze test creator. Details?id=com.masterkeygames. Learn English - Listening Master is and educational game for kids and students of all ages.


Listening Master will help you understand and learn English better, improve your English language skills and help you learn real English spoken in everyday situations. Games for Learning English, Vocabulary, Grammar Games, Activities, ESL. Learn English Sentence Master – Alkalmazások a Google Playen. Learn English and grammar free by ordering the words to form correct sentences and sayings.

Learn English Sentence Master – Alkalmazások a Google Playen

Sentence Master is a fun and educational game for kids and English language students of all ages who want to learn English and improve their language skills in a more entertaining way. How do you play? It’s easy. The game consists of putting the scrambled words from each level in order to form a correct sentence and learn English in a fun way.

(Beginner, skilled, professional, expert, sayings.) If you make a mistake and click the English word in the incorrect order, there is a time penalty. Learn English - Online ESL Games. Classroom Timers - Fun Timers. Free custom bingo card generator. Enjoy Learning Languages with Music! ESL Brains - Unique video-based teaching materials for adults. Learn English with Papa Teach Me. English Grammar - Online Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises foe English Language Learners.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Interactive worksheets. English Grammar. English Grammar Secrets - English grammar lessons and quizzes. Grammar. ESL Grammar Conversation Questions. ESL Conversation Questions App. Random Questions - Conversation Topic Generator.

Conversationstartersworld. ESL Conversation Topics. Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - English Listening. ELLLO - English Listening Lesson Library Online. General English - Video zone. Blog.

Vsauce. Free English Lessons. Videos in Levels. BBC Learning English - 6 Minute English. Breaking News English Lessons: Easy English World News Materials - ESL. Home - BBC Reel. English news and easy articles for students of English. Monthly topical news lessons. Monthly news lessons are sourced from The Guardian, onestopenglish's principal news partner, and include topical news items with worksheets for you to use in class.

The lessons in this section are available at pre-intermediate/intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced levels. All the articles are from the Guardian, onestopenglish's principal news partner. As well as using the language exercises which accompany each article, you can exploit these news texts in a number of ways: as extra reading, especially for advanced students;by asking students to compare the political slant of different news organizations;as a way to start projects on the issues covered, etc.

Please note: All news lessons are available on the site for a full year from the date of publication. Monthly news lesson: Why do we gender AI? Monthly news lessons are sourced from The Guardian, onestopenglish's principal news partner, and include topical news items with worksheets for you to use in class. ESL warm-up activities and time fillers – 34 fun ways to start a class. ESL warm-up activities are essential in the English classroom. Students may be tired or have other things on their minds and diving straight into a textbook or grammar explanation can be quite jarring.

With a good warmer you can put your students into English mode; attentive, interested and ready to participate. A warmer can also serve to review language from a previous lesson or prime the class for a new topic. Teaching Online I have created a page collecting activities suitable for teaching online many of which work well as warmers and fillers.

No-preparation ESL Warm-up activities Here is a list of warm-up activities you can use which don’t require any preparation. Warmers, fillers & coolers. Warmers Below is a list of warmer/cooler/filler/game activities in no particular order.

Warmers, fillers & coolers

If you have any warmers you'd like to add to the list then please send them to via the Contact page Aims: - to introduce a theme - to relax stds after a hard day's work - to wake stds up after a hard night - to wait for late arrivals - to provide a break in the lesson - to provide humour - to provide oral fluency practice - to finish the lesson on a light note 1. Persuade each other that their favourite colour, animal, film, etc. is more important, better, etc 2.Spot the difference. 2 pictures - the same but with a few differences. 3 Find someone who. 4.Word association. 5.Word disassociation.

Keep The Score: an online scoreboard and leaderboard app. Poodll Record MP3 Online.