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Play Taboo Online Now
Welcome! Happy playing! Did you like playing this game? Click NO to provide feedback Score Sheet This is where you can enter your team names, followed by a score for each round. These cards are meant to be played however you would like to. Related:  Online games / Quizzes / Escape rooms

Depression Quest: An Interactive (non)Fiction About Living with Depression 4 Educational Web Tools to Create Interactive Lessons April 20 , 2016 Web technologies provide teachers with limitless possibilities to create challenging and engaging content to use with students in class. There is now a wide variety of easy to use and free web tools teachers can use to enrich their curricula and diversity their teachable content in such a way that attends to multiple learning styles. In today’s post we are sharing with you a set of excellent tools to help you create interactive lessons. More specifically, using these tools will enable you to add different multimedia materials to your lessons including videos, questions, images, hyperlinks… and create engaging learning experiences in class. 1-TedEd 'TED Ed is a website that allows teachers to create lessons around YouTube videos. 'DocentEDU is a great web tool and mobile app to use with your students. 3- EDpuzzle ‘If you use videos in the classroom, EDpuzzle is a must have.

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