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Differentiated Instruction

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Differentiated Instruction. Top Ways to Implement Differentiated Instruction Strategies. To help each individual student reach his fullest potential, teachers should try differentiated instruction strategies.

Top Ways to Implement Differentiated Instruction Strategies

These educational techniques accommodate each student’s learning style, readiness, and interest. 6 Differentiation Strategies For New Teachers. As a new teacher, I remember feeling overwhelmed by the wide range of abilities in my classroom.

6 Differentiation Strategies For New Teachers

How was I supposed to meet all of my students’ needs while simultaneously covering grade level content? As I learned more about differentiation, this became easier, but it still remained one of the most challenging aspects of teaching. Now that I coach teachers in their first and second years, I can safely say that differentiation remains a huge challenge. 6 Differentiation Strategies For New Teachers. What Is Differentiated Instruction? Differentiation is a way of teaching; it’s not a program or package of worksheets.

What Is Differentiated Instruction?

It asks teachers to know their students well so they can provide each one with experiences and tasks that will improve learning. As Carol Ann Tomlinson has said, differentiation means giving students multiple options for taking in information (1999). Differentiating instruction means that you observe and understand the differences and similarities among students and use this information to plan instruction. Here is a list of some key principles that form the foundation of differentiating instruction.

Ongoing, formative assessment: Teachers continually assess to identify students’ strengths and areas of need so they can meet students where they are and help them move forward. 6 Strategies for Differentiated Instruction in Project-Based Learning. Project-based learning (PBL) naturally lends itself to differentiated instruction. By design, it is student-centered, student-driven, and gives space for teachers to meet the needs of students in a variety of ways. PBL can allow for effective differentiation in assessment as well as daily management and instruction. PBL experts will tell you this, but I often hear teachers ask for real examples, specifics to help them contextualize what it "looks like" in the classroom.

StrategiesThatDifferentiateInstruction4.12. What is Differentiated Instruction? Examples of Strategies. Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint, each student has an individual style of learning.

What is Differentiated Instruction? Examples of Strategies

Not all students in a classroom learn a subject in the same way or share the same level of ability. Using Playlists to Differentiate Instruction. Listen to my interview with Tracy Enos or read the transcript here.

Using Playlists to Differentiate Instruction

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 44:52 — 62.0MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | In our never-ending quest to find better ways to differentiate and personalize instruction for students, we have plenty of options. I covered a lot of the basics in my Differentiation Starter Kit. Then last year we learned how math teacher Natalie McCutchen manages a self-paced classroom. Now, Rhode Island teacher Tracy Enos shares her system for customizing instruction to meet the needs of every student. First, consider what we usually do: When planning a typical unit of instruction, teachers map out a series of lessons to deliver, assignments for students to complete, and some kind of final assessment at the end. Learning Profile Cards » Opening Paths. Students need opportunities to practice Global Competencies like Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Innovation, and Influencing across networks.

Learning Profile Cards » Opening Paths

This is why working in teams gives them the opportunities to practice these skills and to get coaching by the teacher and others. Differentiating Your Classroom with Ease - The Brown Bag Teacher. For me, differentiating no longer means creating separate games/activities/learning targets.

Differentiating Your Classroom with Ease - The Brown Bag Teacher

It doesn't mean that some students do more work or students are being taught different content. It does mean tweaking activities, so they have the just-right scaffolds and pushes for my students. To me - right now - differentiation means... Believing these things, our team has developed structures and organization to help us be intentional in our planning.

Today I'm sharing some ideas, resources, and specific examples that have worked in my classroom. What do I need? Like most teacher stories, it all starts with school supplies. How do you group and organize for your groups? We flexibly group our friends into these 3 groups - green (below grade-level), yellow (on grade-level), and blue (above grade-level) for math and reading. Differentiated Instruction: Resource Roundup. Understanding Differentiated Instruction. 50+ Tools for Differentiating Instruction Through Social Media. Imagine a world where resources were limited to what was found in the classroom or the school closet known as the "Curriculum Materials Room.

50+ Tools for Differentiating Instruction Through Social Media

" Picture a world where students wrote letters with pen and paper to communicate with other students and adults outside of the building. Due to postage costs, the teacher either sent the letters in bulk or paid for stamps out of his or her own pocket. Can you recall a time when student interests like skateboarding or video were never used as part of learning curriculum because the tools needed were either too expensive or not yet conceptualized? Do you remember a time when non-traditional learners struggled, and absenteeism meant a high likelihood of students doing poorly in school, and possibly having to retake the course?

If you experienced none of these scenarios, then you live in a world of possibility because you grew up with the many social media tools available to support all learners. Selecting the Right Tool Readiness Interests. Summer Readings on Differentiation: 150+ Seedlings for Growing Stronger Learners. Sir Ken Robinson made the analogy that "Teachers are like gardeners.

Summer Readings on Differentiation: 150+ Seedlings for Growing Stronger Learners

" Gardeners cannot make the plants grow, but they do prepare and nurture the conditions that enable plants to thrive. Robinson explains that great teachers do the same by providing the support necessary for each student to grow in his or her learning. In Steve Jobs' 2005 commencement speech to Stanford graduates, he encouraged the value of exploring passions and interests, because you never know where they might lead. ASCD Express 10.17 - Differentiating Instruction Using Mobile Technology Tools.

Differentiating Instruction Using Mobile Technology Tools Kristina J.

ASCD Express 10.17 - Differentiating Instruction Using Mobile Technology Tools

Doubet and Eric M. Carbaugh Whether used at home or at school, mobile technology provides teachers with multiple avenues to proactively respond to student needs. When using these resources to differentiate instruction, however, educators should pay particular attention to the quality of the learning experiences these technological tools provide. Classroom Community. How the Heck Do You Implement “Student Empowerment”? The following is an excerpt from Marsha Ratzel’s new book In High Gear: My Shift Toward a Student-Driven, Inquiry Based Science Classroom. Most classrooms follow a prescribed formula. Teachers plan and lay out what is going to be learned. Students come into class and have the responsibility of switching themselves into “ready” mode, waiting for the teacher to instruct and guide them in the day’s tasks. There is very little student ownership in this process. Surely there were parts of the learning process where the control could be shifted to the students – where I could hand them responsibility and freedom and give them a voice in what they would learn.

Differentiation Is Just Too Difficult: Myth-Busting DI Part 3. What if you could predict the winning numbers to the biggest prize of a major lottery? Would you play? Here are the odds for two lotteries: Powerball: 1 in 175,223,510 Mega Millions (California): 1 in 259 million If you could reduce the odds to 1 in 3 attempts or 1 in 1 attempts, would you play then? I would. Teaching curriculum and ensuring that all students achieve can sometimes feel like long odds because of the many obstacles that exist in education. Differentiation Doesn't Work. Published Online: January 6, 2015 Published in Print: January 7, 2015, as Differentiation Doesn't Work Commentary. Delivering Differentiated Instruction in Your Classroom. As the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development points out, today’s educators face a catch-22 — they must “help decidedly unstandardized students meet an expanding set of rigorous, standardized learning targets.”

“Fliperentiated” Instruction: How to Create the Customizable Classroom. In a rapidly changing learning landscape, educators of all stripes still coalesce around two steady beliefs: There's No Time to Differentiate: Myth-Busting DI, Part 2. The microwave oven is a great timesaver for getting any food on the table. Yet it's a taste killer. The more I use the grill and oven to cook meals for my family, the more I experience the diversity of tastes that come from grilled or baked salmon, chicken, and burgers, plus sautéed vegetables. A microwave oven dries everything out, and thus limits the tastes. There are days when I get home exhausted with work still to be completed, but I bypass the microwave most times.

Resources and Downloads for Differentiated Instruction. Put students in charge of their learning. On a Monday morning at a junior high school just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, a student teacher enters Room 120 for the first time. Looking to his left, he sees students discussing how to write an appropriate description of a picture they’ve just embedded in the online poster they’ve created for a project. To the right sit two students engrossed in reading novels on handheld devices — one a Kindle, the other an iPod. Behind him sit three students huddled around laptops, whispering and pointing at one another’s work.

Helping Diverse Learners Succeed. Learner Interest Matters: Strategies for Empowering Student Choice. A parent shared with me that she struggled motivating her son to build a model of a Frank Lloyd Wright home for a presentation. This was part of a social studies unit in which he studied the architect. Her son had no interest in building the model or researching Frank Lloyd Wright. 15+ Readiness Resources for Driving Student Success. Learning how to drive is an exhilarating experience, unless you're the parent sitting in the passenger seat.

Are Teachers of Tomorrow Prepared to Use Innovative Tech? Getty Images With a new generation of teachers coming into the work force, there’s a discrepancy between what principals expect of teachers-in-training and what they’re actually learning in school. Resources and Downloads for Differentiated Instruction. Easy Differentiation with Colored Folders. Guest post by Kelly Witt Differentiation is the buzzword that just keeps on buzzing! Teachers, administrators, and evaluation systems are placing more and more emphasis on differentiation in the classroom. Sometimes, the thought of organizing lessons to meet the individual needs of all of your students can feel like an overwhelming challenge. One of the best and simplest ways I have found to do this is with colored pocket folders. Differentiated Instruction - Videos, Articles, Resources, Experts.

An Updated Digital Differentiation Model. Selected_Resources_Technology_to_Meet_the_Needs_of_Diverse_Learners. Differentiated Instruction. DI_Tech_Handout%5B1%5D. Technology. Kn-05-01. NewTThandout. Tech_tips_diff_inst. Technological Tools for Differentiated Instruction. Technology empowers differentiated instruction. Differentiate-with-Technology - home. Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction. Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction. Differentiated Instruction: Getting Personal with Technology. DIFFK5-excerpt. A Teacher's Guide to Differentiating Instruction. Advocates Say Differentiated Instruction Can Raise the Bar for All Learners. Spotlight on Differentiated Instruction - Education Week. All Differentiated Instruction articles. Differentiated Instruction Allows Students to Succeed. ToniTheisen - Differentiated Instructional Strategies.

ACM-Leadership-Instructional-Strategies.pdf. Diffinst8. Top ten differentiation strategies. Culturally Responsive Differientiated Instruction.pdf. DifferentiatedInstructionStrategiesKit.pdf. Six Strategies for Differentiated Instruction in Project-Based Learning. Differentiated Instruction. Differentiated Instruction - Videos, Articles, Resources, Experts. Differentiated Instruction. Differentiated Instruction on Pinterest. 8 Lessons Learned on Differentiating Instruction.

What Is Differentiated Instruction? Differentiating Instruction: Meeting Students Where They Are, Teaching Today, Glencoe Online. Differentiated Instruction with UDL. Differentiated instruction.