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Online Advertising in 2020. The online world has become an inseparable part of our lives since its inception, and with the global pandemic forces most of us indoors, it has become a second haven for many bored and restless people stuck indoors.

Online Advertising in 2020

While online advertising has always been used by businesses to get their brands known, 2020 has forced many companies to rethink their advertising strategies. The Importance of Virtual Assistants in Business. Digital marketing in Davao City has increased tenfold ever since the declaration of community quarantines, and while going outside the house isn’t as restricted as it was in the first few months of the lockdown, the pandemic still discourages people from traveling a lot.

The Importance of Virtual Assistants in Business

Because of this, many businesses have opted to use the internet to maintain their connection with their customers, hence the boom in digital marketing ventures. What To Look for in a Philippine Agricultural Products Provider – Agricultural Products Updates. The agricultural industry is an important facet of any developing society, and in a time when the supply lines are slowed by necessary sanitary precautions (due to the spread of the current pandemic), the prosperity of the harvest is important now more than ever.

What To Look for in a Philippine Agricultural Products Provider – Agricultural Products Updates

With that said, the crop of Philippine farmers cannot produce bounty without agricultural assistance, from both crop protection and crop nutrition products in the Philippines. Agricultural products providers are essential in that regard, but how does one look for the best sort of product provider? Why food-grade lubricants important in the Food Production – Agricultural Products Updates.

There are many fascinating and important components of production that may not be entirely understood by people outside the industry.

Why food-grade lubricants important in the Food Production – Agricultural Products Updates

Food manufacturing, for example, is such a complex and fascinating process with different kinds of machines and functions needed for different kinds of products to be produced. For example, some food processing plants might need grinding machines, while others need canning and mixing machines. However, one common component that many food manufacturing plants use is the lubricant, specifically the food-grade lubricant. What to look for in a real estate developer in Davao City.

The current pandemic has truly changed our perspectives on certain things in life.

What to look for in a real estate developer in Davao City

Many people are rethinking about how they will move forward with their plans, rethinking about what they’ve been doing with what was given to them. As most of us are either stuck at home or risking their lives to help others (physicians, nurses, garbagemen, food and grocery delivery, etc), we’re put in a situation where we have to think about our future. Where will I go once this pandemic is over?

Luxury Homes: Choosing A Real Estate Agent. While it may also be enjoyable, choosing a high-end property in Davao is also serious business.

Luxury Homes: Choosing A Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents will certainly help in such a situation. You should be armed with knowledge in choosing a real estate agent for the task or if your current one is good enough. Has Good Networking A network of sources and connections consisting of their colleagues when it comes to luxury home sales is a must. This is because luxury homes themselves are mostly a no-show in most search browsers for the discretion of the seller.

Vegan Meals Inspired By International Classics – Vegan Culinary Cruises & Travels. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night looking for some food to munch on?

Vegan Meals Inspired By International Classics – Vegan Culinary Cruises & Travels

At some point, we all did! There’s nothing to be ashamed about that–we all love food! Three Veganized French Dishes You Should Cook! – Vegan Culinary Cruises & Travels. France is beautiful, true, but might prove to be challenging for your vegan travels.

Three Veganized French Dishes You Should Cook! – Vegan Culinary Cruises & Travels

Aside from the shortage of vegan restaurants, a good chunk of French food has little to no vegan options. Even when meat is not present on foods, a large amount of cheese is replaced with it, and breads and pastries contain eggs, honey, dairy, and butter. Kosher River Cruise. Are you looking for a more citrus-y dessert to cap off your evening meals?

Kosher River Cruise

Or do you just want a new kosher pie option for your future celebrations? Well, in this time of enforced indoor living, a breath of fresh new cuisine might be enough to get you out of your quarantine funk. Here’s a delicious Frozen Key Lime Pie recipe from the expert chefs at Kosher River Cruises. Bought (or homemade) Graham Cracker Crust4 Limes1 can sweetened condensed milk1 cup heavy whipping cream From the limes, grate 1 tablespoon peel and squeeze ½ cup juice.

Nahmanides, Rabbi of Catalonia. On previous Jewish vacations through the temperate riverside plains of Iberia, we explored the wonders, triumphs, tragedies and legacies of the Jewish peoples who lived in what is now known as Portugal and Spain.

Nahmanides, Rabbi of Catalonia

Near the end of the Golden Age of Spanish Jews, the Sephardic Jews of the Iberian Peninsula began to feel the grace and relative tolerance of their hosts begin to fade. Nevertheless, a number of different rabbis and scholars continued to contribute plenty of literary and religious work to the body of Jewish knowledge. One such scholar, Nahmanides, is most well-known for three things: his role as mediator between Maimonides’ followers and detractors, his victory in the Disputation of Barcelona, and the Ramban Synagogue of Jerusalem’s old City, named after him. This is the life of Nahmanides. Cul-de-Sacs - The Key To Exclusivity In The City. In search of a new area to move in? When checking out premier real estate properties in Davao, you’ll find different types of lots.

One of such are cul-de-sacs, which are typically considered by Feng Shui experts as undesirable. However, if you look beyond this superstition, you’d be surprised by the advantages of living in a cul-de-sac. Here we list the unique set of benefits that cannot be found anywhere else. Greater Privacy The positioning of cul-de-sacs naturally creates a feel of exclusivity for those who live in the area. 5 Tips For Protecting Your Wellness During Quarantine. Staying at home has become the best way to avoid the virus, and as much as it helps us stay healthy physically, so much time indoors can cause others to feel restless and weary. Fortunately, there are ways to combat symptoms of cabin fever and make the most out of staying at home.

Balance out your diet. Four Things You Should Remember When Branching Out for Your Agri Supplies - Envireau Pacific Incorporated (EPI) With too many products lining our shelves everyday, it’s no wonder that we tend to stick to one specific brand that we’ve been using for years or, that was suggested by a trusted friend of ours.

3 Common Waterborne Bacteria in the Philippines - Envireau Pacific Incorporated (EPI) One of the global problems affecting us in these modern times is food security, and among these issues encountered, water contaminants are the most prevalent. This can be concerning as water-borne illnesses are one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity around the world. With the sudden onset of rain, especially, having a potable water solution would help you and your family face the several disease-causing microbes lurking around the corner. #FoodFriday 61: A Welcome Slice.

Plant-based cuisine has changed over the years, evolving and improving with each new generation of plant-based enthusiasts. The advent of the internet age has allowed vegans from all over the world to share their recipes and showcase their creations with ease. In this time of pandemic, it’s heartwarming to know that despite the physical distance that we must maintain, we can all still connect with each other and share our mutual passions. Welcome to this week’s Food Friday blog.

This week, we’ve got a great gallery of vegan cuisine pics for you to peruse, prepared by the many great foodies of Instagram. We’ve got macaroni, zucchini, and other delightful slices of great plant-based meals ready to show you. Ready? Let’s start this Friday with something Greek! Go on delicious vegan tours aboard these bite-sized zucchini boats. This well and full bowl by @wellandfull looks lovely!

#TravelTuesday 62: Retracing Your Steps. To Revive the Semikhah: The Story of Yaakov Beirav. Sara Adler, from Odessa to Yiddish Theater. Friendly Exercises To Help You Stay Healthy. Staying healthy can be done in a variety of ways. Aside from getting enough sleep and following a well-balanced diet, regular exercise is a wonderful way to keep the body in the best of health, physically and even mentally. Northtown Phase 4 Unveiled: What To Look Forward To. The Essential Context of Food Grade Lubricants in the Industrial World - Envireau Pacific Incorporated (EPI)

Calcium Deficiency on Plants - Envireau Pacific Incorporated (EPI) One of the most valuable elements in the periodic table of elements is calcium, especially for plants. #TravelTuesday 61: Revisiting the Earth. The present is a concept ever in flux. #FoodFriday 60: A Promise for Greener Times. Blog Archives. Living La Dolce Vita in the Good Ole Italia.