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Digital Storytelling

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Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools - – PLEASE UPDATE YOUR LINKS: This page of resources has been moved here from the Cool Tools for School workshop website.

Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools - –

I need to revise the structure of that site and update the lessons there. But this one page has so many external links to it, I didn’t want it to disappear. I hope you’ll update any links you have to that older page with the link to this page. CC by pollyalida. Education. A List of The Best Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Teachers. 1- ZimmerTwins It is all about creative storytelling.

A List of The Best Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Teachers

ZimmerTwins is a web2.0 tool that allows students to give vent to their imaginative powers and exercise their storytelling skills from early stages to advances ones. 2- Digital Story Telling in The Classroom This section provides resources and materials for teachers to use with their students in storytelling. It helps students personalize their learning and perform better. Students can use these materials to create a movie or interactive slideshow to tell their stories. 3- Story Bird This is an awesome website that allows students and teachers to create short art inspired stories to read, share or print out. 4- Someries Someries is a fantastic storytelling site . 5- PicLits This is another awesome website where students can choose a picture and start drawing or writing a text on it to create a story. 7- Capzles This is where you and your students can create rich multimedia stories with videos, photos, music, blogs and documents.

Web Tools for Teachers: Digital Storytelling. There are a lot of great digital storytelling tools on the web.

Web Tools for Teachers: Digital Storytelling

The tools below are free, easy to use, and they do what they say they will do: Animoto– Educators can apply for a free Animoto Plus account for use in the classroom. Its powerful features can be used to create stunning presentations incorporating images, video clips, music and text. Capzles– Create rich, multimedia experiences with videos, photos, music, blogs and documents. Creaza Cartoonist– Cartoonist is an online tool to create cartoons or personal digital stories, consisting of professional backgrounds, characters, props, images and text. Digital Storytelling Samples - Created with Frames. Frames: Digital Storytelling Links. Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum - Presentation Resources These are some of the resources I share in my presentations on using digital storytelling in the classroom.

Frames: Digital Storytelling Links

Before I share examples of digital stories created by students with session participants, I always talk about the origins of digital storytelling and share resources to enhance its use in the classroom. Enjoy, Melinda Some of my favorite online resources for digital storytelling: The Center for Digital Storytelling This is where the movement started and is usually the form that most people refer to when talking about digital storytelling. StoryCorps Many of us have heard the great short stories recorded as part of the StoryCorps project on NPR. Digitales This site is a must visit for aspiring classroom storytellers. Digital Quill After training with Joe Lambert and Dana Atchley at the Center for Digital Storytelling in 2004, Jon Orech's teaching was forever changed. Pics4Learning Frames Samples. Digital_Storytelling_in_the_Classroom_Rubric.pdf. Digital_Storytelling_in_the_Classroom_Storyboard.pdf. Get Started with Digital Storytelling. 0 0Edmodo0 New.

Get Started with Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling with iPad2s. From the Classroom: Best Tech Practice Video of the Week - Digital Storytelling. Digital Storytelling with Toontastic. What is better than our students watching videos?

Digital Storytelling with Toontastic

Of course, creating them and sharing their learning with others. This is what my fourth graders quickly discovered as they began creating videos focusing on content curriculum. Let the FUN and LEARNING begin! As most educators know by now, Launchpad Toy Creators of Toontastic and TeleStory were bought by Google and are now free apps. There is also talk of a new YouTube version just for kids.Toontastic was a huge hit in our classroom just after one day of using it as a learning tool. Myths and Legends from E2BN. Digital Storytelling Kit - Thank you! Teachnology / Digital Storytelling.

DigiTales- The site created by Bernajean Porter, with resources for digital storytelling, many of which are linked below Center for Digital Storytelling- Based in Berkeley, with international digital storytelling resources Digital Storytelling Cookbook- By Joe Lambert, from the Center for Digital Storytelling The Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling- Site from University of Houston, with examples, guidelines, tips, and other resources, many of which are linked below The DAOW of Storytelling- by Jason Ohler, another look at the elements of digital storytelling; a good lunchtime read!

teachnology / Digital Storytelling

What is a Digital Story? Digital Storytelling. Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum. Find content’s deeper meaning “By telling thoughtful stories, we clarify our own thinking about what we have learned to share with others in a profound way that sticks with us over time.”

Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum

—Annette Simmons, The Story Factor In an age of mathematical, logical, and scientific thinking, storytelling is often considered appropriate only for language arts projects for young learners. However, in today’s information-loaded world, storytelling is being rediscovered as an effective tool for helping us make sense of this data barrage. Digital Storytelling: Get Creative with the Common Core. My students are constructing digital portfolios as a culminating celebration of their work that will be published and shared with a wider audience than the traditional paper portfolios constructed in the past.

Digital Storytelling: Get Creative with the Common Core

One element of their digital portfolios is a digital story. I was inspired while listening to interviews on Story Corps. I was gripped by the power of the stories shared in these interviews. They were raw, honest and captivating. 64 Sites for Digital Storytelling Tools and Information. Big Universe- for younger childrenBlurb- prices start at $10.95 (small book) discounts on quantity orders Bookemon BoomWriter- students write a book together; class gets one free copy (free shipping) ClassikTV- create a movie by adding subtitles to old movie scenes Creaza- suite of creative tools, including cartoonist, movie editor, audio editor and mindmaps.

64 Sites for Digital Storytelling Tools and Information

9 Free Tools For Digital Storytelling - Hongkiat. Digital Storytelling Apps & Sites on Pinterest. 64 Sites for Digital Storytelling Tools and Information. Web Tools for Teachers: Digital Storytelling. 31 of My Favorite Digital Storytelling Sites. I am working on starting a virtual classroom…actually when it is all said and done, it will look more like a virtual club. I have opened up my virtual classroom to students in 3rd-8th grade. My first offering is going to be digital storytelling. In honor of that, I thought I would share the sites I am going to use with the students, as well as some other favorites for digital storytelling. 1.

Google Search Stories Video Creator- This is a YouTube site that lets you create a digital story out of a series of Google Searches, you really have to check it out to get the full effect! 50 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling. Digital Storytelling is the process of telling a story through the use of digital means. It also happens to be one the easiest ways to integrate technology into the classroom.

Educators can use digital storytelling with almost any subject and can even "flip" their classroom by using mobile apps. Below is my comprehensive list of sites/apps that can be used for digital storytelling, presented in alphabetical order. 30hands - A fantastic user-friendly iOS app for creating a story by adding a narrations to photos. For my Pinterest board on Digital Storytelling click here. A List of The Best Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Teachers. Digital Storytelling Project Examples - iPad Multimedia Tools.

App Smashing! Using multiple apps to create stories! Book Trailers by using middle schoolers using Puppet Pals, Toontastic, iMovie, and more! Talking Book Characters by middle schoolers using FaceJack, Tellagami, PhotoSpeak and more! ChatterPix Kids: The Angels Speak! Digital Storytelling Ideas. Personification Stories. Students will personify an object and write a story as part of an online book or animated adventure. The story will use conflict, experiences, and situations to help the viewer imagine what it might be like to be a particular object. 25 10Edmodo10 4863.

Digital Storytelling in the Elementary Classroom. Digital Storytelling In The Classroom. Free Digital Storytelling Tools For Teachers and Students. Digital Storytelling Resources. Digital Storytelling is the modern expression of the ancient art of storytelling. Digital stories derive their power by weaving images, music, narrative and voice together, thereby giving deep dimension and vivid color to characters, situations, experiences, and insights.

Tell your story now digitally. – Leslie Rule, Digital Storytelling Association The following curation is from licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.5 License. # How to Use Digital Storytelling in Your Classroom. Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. Ds_classroom.pdf. Digital Storytelling Finds Its Place in the Classroom. My fourth and fifth graders may never say so, but the Place Project was all about storytelling. At the beginning of the school year, students answered a survey about writing that asked, "Are you a writer?

" Sixty percent responded yes. After the Place Project, they responded to the same survey. "Are you a writer? " Ninety-nine percent said yes. One student captured it best: "This year I have learned that places are not just physical matter but emotional places in peoples' hearts. iMovie has made all my thoughts and feelings come alive in an awesome movie. " Structuring the Story Writing For the first time in my teaching career, not one student wrinkled a brow and declared, "I don't have anything to write about! " Structuring the second half of what to say and how to say it required an outline, a variety of pre-writing activities, and iMovie, the novice video-editing program from Apple. What is your earliest memory of your place? Digital Storytelling. Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. Storytelling has always been a significant part of history, but the means through which the stories have been told has evolved with each civilization.

From the oral histories presented by bards in ancient courts, to the works of scribes during the Renaissance, to newspapers, CNN, and now the Internet, personal narrative has been used to communicate the events of the past. Digital media now combines tradition with technology and allows students to tell stories through voice, text, images, audio, and video. Digital stories allow students to take a linear series of events and turn them into a multidimensional experience. It encourages them to communicate, collaborate, and research as well as to infuse media into the process. A plethora of tools and apps exists to create these projects, and all of them enable students to gain a deeper understanding of history as they explore the most effective way to retell it. ELI7021.pdf. Digital Storytelling. Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling.