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The 2011 Legatum Prosperity Index
Science Vietnamese fishermen grow upmarket produce in water laced with fish crud In New Orleans, a collective of Vietnamese fishermen left jobless after the 2010 BP oil spill has found a new enterprise: growing upmarket produce in water laced with fish crud » Technology Robot tumbleweed gathers data on halting desert expansion Tumbleweed is usually a sign of desolation, but it has inspired an Israeli designer as a way to revivify barren landscapes.

Wired.co.uk – Future Technology News and Reviews

Wired.co.uk – Future Technology News and Reviews

TED: Ideas worth spreading Melinda Gates and Bill Gates Why giving away our wealth has been the most satisfying thing we've done In 1993, Bill and Melinda Gates—then engaged—took a walk on a beach in Zanzibar, and made a bold decision on how they would make sure that their wealth from Microsoft went back into society. In a conversation with Chris Anderson, the couple talks about their work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as about their marriage, their children, their failures and the satisfaction of giving most of their wealth away.

TED: Ideas worth spreading

The Story of Stuff Podcast The Good Stuff features interviews with changemakers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and folks just like you who are growing Solutions in their communities. Listen Teaching Tools Whether you’re a teacher, a faith leader, or just somebody who is interested in learning more about how we make, use, and throw away Stuff, we offer a diverse set of curricula and resources for all ages. Learn Blog Our latest take on what’s happening in the world of Stuff -- what’s good, what’s not so good, and what people just like you are doing to grow Solutions in their communities. read

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Federal Court Deals Blow To Open Internet Access Does West Virginia Have The Political Will To Prevent The Next Water Disaster? New York Post Columnist Calls Sandy Hook A ‘Little Convenient Massacre’ Justice BREAKING: Federal Judge Rules Oklahoma Marriage Ban Unconstitutional By Nicole Flatow on January 14, 2014