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40+Life Skills to Learn for Basic Survival and Self-Reliance. We’ve lost the essential life skills that used to be commonplace in our world.

40+Life Skills to Learn for Basic Survival and Self-Reliance

Isn’t it time we reversed that trend? We can all learn to embrace a more self-reliant lifestyle by tackling some basic life skills. Just remember that it’s a journey and may take some time! When my eldest son left for college I got a kick out of hearing some of the daily dilemmas that he and his roommates faced. Basic survival skills are not being taught at home these days, folks. This is quite possibly because in our shift toward outsourcing just about everything, these kids’ parents have never learned these basic survival skills themselves, the skills that used to be commonplace in our world. Quote from random college kid (not mine): “I can tell you one thing. Freeprintable recipe cardsLet me send you a collection of recipe cards to help you get started with a homemade pantry!

Cooking skills we should know Know how to make at least three inexpensive meals that don’t come from a box. Thread breaks. JB Anderson Inspections, Blaine's Home Inspectors. Arm your inspector with x-ray vision!

JB Anderson Inspections, Blaine's Home Inspectors

We can instantly image entire rooms, inspect places that can’t be physically reached with moisture meters, reveal wet conditions behind surfaces such as enameled walls and wallpaper that don’t readily water stain, track leaks to their source, monitor the drying process, and confirm when a structure is dry. Infrared Thermography is a powerful non-invasive means of observing a building. Infrared cameras see “heat”, our natural eyes see “light”, and therefore infrared cameras by definition can see what our eyes cannot see.

In the application of moisture surveys, building materials that are wet will be subjected to the process of evaporation and therefore be represented as a “cooler” image. This will alert the inspector that there is a “suspect” area and it will be documented using infrared photography and natural photography in the report. Learn how to clean upholstery naturally with this DIY upholstery cleaner.

The homemade cleaner works great and the ingredients are natural and inexpensive. Keeping upholstery stain-free is quite a challenge. This easy DIY upholstery cleaner recipe will help keep your upholstered furniture looking its best. A few years ago we bought new furniture. I loved the light cream color because it was fresh and bright! Little did I know what three years and two little boys could do. I finally decided that I would do my best to get all those stains out with a little elbow grease and this simple, homemade upholstery cleaner recipe. Detergent, Vinegar, and Baking Soda … Oh My! Detergent Alone is Good To begin, I tried cleaning my upholstery with a solution of water and natural laundry detergent, which definitely helped me get all the dirt out of my chair.

Since it is cooler out, I opened my windows and placed a fan in front of the chair on high. Stop the Stomach Flu. Facebook. Young Living Training and Education - New Convention Products. Do you ever think about the quality of your indoor air?

Indoor air quality is an often forgotten aspect of our lives that can seriously impact our health. Indoor air pollutants can cause a wide range of health problems including eye, nose, and throat irritation or as serious as respiratory diseases, heart disease and cancer. According to the EPA, our indoor environment is two to five times more toxic than our outdoor environment and on average Americans are spending about 90 percent of their lives indoors! (1) I’m about to share some scary yet very helpful indoor air quality facts plus natural ways to start improving the the air inside your home and office today! Sources of Indoor Air Pollution There are many indoor air pollution sources. Other sources include gases from cooking and heating, chemicals from candles and household cleansers, mold and mildew and a host of toxins from building materials. Radon And beware of the dangers of fracking.

Tobacco smoke Mold Cooking and Heating 1. 2. 3. All in all, Terry Radford's new product — with apologies to Pink Floyd — looks to be anything but another brick in a wall.

That's because the president of Just BioFiber, based in Airdrie, Alta., believes it has come up with a hempcrete-based brick that is more than the equal of the usual homebuilding materials. Radford, president and CEO of Just BioFiber, says his company has found a way to combine hempcrete — the wooden core of the hemp plant — with lime and water to create a building block that he believes has the potential to change the way we build homes. Radford says the product is as environmentally-friendly as it is user-friendly. "My brother is the guy who actually invented the product. What had happened is he started working with hempcrete and fell in love with the material because it had these great properties," Radford said. "The benefit to hemp is it's very insulative. Lego-looking bricks "It regulates humidity. "It does not burn," he said.

Non-Toxic Home. Pinterest. Pinterest.