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Red Octopus Face Off with a Swimmer Crab. Katherine Bilsborough: A simple idea - The Weekend Game. A simple Idea For me, the best classroom activities are usually the most simple, requiring little or no preparation time and few or no materials.

Katherine Bilsborough: A simple idea - The Weekend Game

They are activities that can be adapted to use effectively with groups of different sizes, levels or ages and they can be used again and again even with the same students. The Weekend Game ‘The Weekend Game’ falls into all of those categories. It’s an activity I’ve been doing for decades. Preparation time: 0Materials: 0Suitable for: Most ages, most levels Playing for the first time. How to use the internet to improve your listening skills – DYNAMITE ELT. Are your students struggling with authentic listening activities?

How to use the internet to improve your listening skills – DYNAMITE ELT

Below is a brief guide I wrote to help my EFL students overcome both confidence issues and poor strategic choices when doing independent listening at home (the full story of which can be found here). In addition to coaching them on how to choose what to listen to, the point was to make the structure of standard-issue listening activities visible to them so that they could make it part of a self-guided listening routine. For the record, this is not a replacement for doing regular listening work in the classroom, whether it’s activities you’ve created, canned coursebook texts or ad-hoc micro-dictations.

But this guide gives students one more tool for developing independence and autonomy in their learning. Since I first created it, I’ve used it with a number of groups from lower intermediate to advanced level. Learn English Paraphrase Writing. Paraphrase writing means you take a sentence and change some words but keep the same idea.

Learn English Paraphrase Writing

It’s a good skill for ESL students because it helps them learn English words and different ways to write a sentence. These ESL teaching materials provide writing students with 4 strategies to paraphrase sentences. What is Paraphrasing? Paraphrase writing is actually quite difficult. It involves several tasks. find and keep the main ideachange the key wordschange sentence order Paraphrase Practice Questions Here are 4 sets of paraphrase practice questions. Bringing closure to a lesson – On the same page.

Bringing closure to a lesson connects what has just been learnt with both previous and future learning experiences, encourages student reflection on their work and progress, and provides invaluable information for formative assessment.

Bringing closure to a lesson – On the same page

The amount of time spent on lesson lead-ins and the variety of activities and strategies used to this end has often little to do with the time devoted to wrapping up a lesson, missing a meaningful learning opportunity altogether – and one that is notably crucial. At its very simplest, asking the students a variety of questions on different aspects of the lesson or project, having them predict what the following lesson might be about, or just eliciting one-word responses from them, are all quick effective ways of closing a lesson. 1.

Opinion Stage: Create Polls, Quizzes, Lists and more. How to Calculate What Test Scores You Need to Pass Your Classes. There are tons of apps that students can take advantage of in school, ranging from sleep trackers to study aides.

How to Calculate What Test Scores You Need to Pass Your Classes

One common task you might overlook, though, is calculating your grade. Most college professors probably lay out how their various assignments and exams are weighted into your grade, but you might have trouble projecting your final grade based on how you’re doing now. EWE - Easy World Of English // HOME. Humans Are A Dog's Best Friend. Humans Are A Dog's Best Friend. Prepositions teachers notes. When to use apostrophes - Laura McClure. mELTing Activities, Lessons and Ideas: Why can't I text during class!?! I, like many teachers, have a policy of no texting during class.

mELTing Activities, Lessons and Ideas: Why can't I text during class!?!

It isn't because I am evil or cruel but because I find students cannot pay attention to class (especially one in a second language) as well as they think they can. Now, a lot of this can be prevented by making classes more dynamic and interactive, but then they should still be listening to their partner/classmates to properly interact (and not texting). Yes, I am from a generation of multitaskers, and my students even moreso. However we still have to deal with the fact that we are not able to do as much as we would like. Why? Well first of all something that some call inattentional blindness. If you have already taken that one try this one I highly suggest showing one, or both in class at the beginning to reinforce your rules.

Nonetheless, when you are in class even if you are 100% focused, you may still miss out on some essentials. Here's another activity. OK...but that isn't all. Think about it. 10 Intriguing Photographs to Teach Close Reading and Visual Thinking Skills. Photo Updated, March 17, 2016 | We have published a companion piece: “8 Compelling Mini-Documentaries to Teach Close Reading and Critical Thinking Skills.”

10 Intriguing Photographs to Teach Close Reading and Visual Thinking Skills

Ever want your students to slow down and notice details when they read — whether they’re perusing a book, a poem, a map or a political cartoon? Young people often want to hurry up and make meaning via a quick skim or a cursory glance when a text can demand patience and focus. Closely reading any text, whether written or visual, requires that students proceed more slowly and methodically, noticing details, making connections and asking questions. This takes practice. Why Korean and Japanese people can’t speak English, in their own words【Video】 Native English teachers who have worked in Korea or Japan have developed very strong opinions about the systematic approach each country takes when teaching English.

Why Korean and Japanese people can’t speak English, in their own words【Video】

Here at RocketNews24, we’ve previously talked about how all the focus is on test scores and how native English speakers are used as glorified tape-recorders. We’ve also mentioned that there are Japanese English teachers with limited ability to speak (let alone teach) the subject, textbooks that bore the students into a coma and students who are too afraid to try because they don’t want to make any mistakes. We could go on and on about the issues plaguing the system, but in the end, it is just advice coming from outsiders.

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