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The cherry blossom girl “Almendrón”, c’est le nom par lequel les cubains désignent les très vieilles voitures américaines. Ces voitures font à présent parties du patrimoine culturel de l’île, c’est même devenu l’emblème du pays ( essayez de me trouver un guide sur Cuba qui n’ait pas l’une de ces vieilles voitures sur la couverture ! ). Elles étaient là déjà avant le début du communisme en 1959, quand plus aucun véhicule n’a passé les frontières du pays. Autant dire que c’est un miracle qu’elles roulent encore ! Un miracle, ou un soin tout particulier apporté par leurs propriétaires. The cherry blossom girl
childhood flames childhood flames Just finished reading (re-reading in the case of Calvino) If on a winter's night a traveler and Meditations in an Emergency. I feel like I read constantly online but this year I'd like to read more physical books and academic texts. Open to any suggestions related to linguistics/language, intersectional feminism, critical race theory, textiles/design, etc.! Next up on my list: Lunch Poems, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, To Whom it May Concern, Here and There Vol. 8
Elinkan Elinkan Myror Svar på frågor. Nu flyttar jag! Klick! Jag flyttar till Radar Magazine och jag hoppas ni alla följer med mig.
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Le Blog de Betty : Blog mode Dear Shauna, I grew up with an artistic passion of my own: fashion and design. I had dreams of attending Parsons in NYC but when I sought out my more creative inclinations for college, I was pushed into a more “practical career path”.
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my friend shelley and i have been friends for 28 years...since we were 10. i was new at woodlands elementary school in longwood, florida, and she reached out to me and befriended me. our lives have diverged in different directions over the decades, but i still love her as a sister and when i go down to florida a couple of times a year i try to get together with her if time and circumstances allow. back in july of 2013, she told me she was pregnant. i was overcome with joy for her (and her partner danny). just after christmas 2013, one day after, to be specific, she had her second child, a tiny little girl named danielle. this quilt is for that special baby girl, little danielle, the new baby of my oldest, dearest friend. :) bits and bobbins bits and bobbins
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Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes We welcome you to our wonderful world of unique clothing, accessories, handbags, and shoes, where fresh floral patterns and flirty designs flourish, and fun frocks and fabulously flattering swimwear spring into style. ModCloth provides an exciting and engaging online shopping experience for everyone in search of cute clothing with remarkable flair. Dozens of darling designs are added daily, so check back often for our perfect pieces of statement jewelry, the dresses you've been dreaming of, coveted vintage pieces, and an ever-expanding array of unique clothing. Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes More than 400 invited guests attended the opening event of The Art Hunter in Sydney on Tuesday night. The Art Hunter launch is a collaboration between The Cool Hunter and Jaguar, and the opening night was also the Australian debut of the spectacular Jaguar C-X17 concept car. To present The Art Hunter, we engaged our dream team of collaborators, led by the incomparable Natalie Longeon, Peter Pengly and Phil Barker from The Artistry (they designed and executed our Summer Lovers store as well), to transform a 500 m2 warehouse in Alexandria into a genuinely exciting, temporary three-week art exhibition experience. The Art Hunter is not a white-walled space where you quietly walk past pieces of art. Instead, it is an eclectic and vibrant environment where every wall is a different colour (by our paint sponsor Taubmans), where there is no natural light and where the work of more than 40 artists, curated by us, is not only on display but also for sale.
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Style Bytes Style Bytes 2010 Handbago Awards have been announced. The winners of the awards include big-time designers Jimmy Choo, Hermès Birkin, Linea Pelle, Lena Erziak, Treesje, Cashhimi and Nyla Noor. However, it was Adriana Castro won the Best Designer Award while Hermès Birkin defeated Chanel by a single vote to win the Best Timeless Classic Award. Certainly, the Handbago Awards highlight excellence in designer handbags. Speaking on this, Kristina Moreno, handbag expert and President of gives her opinion on the Handbago Awards: “Every year there is a handbag designer that stands out above the rest.
After days of furious coding, databases crashing (not my fault…), late nights, and trying not to change the design yet again, I have a portfolio website! I’m so ecstatic! In the process I also moved my blog, and the new address is: As with my last blog-move, I’ll be posting in conjunction with the “old” blog for a week, and then will permanently move to the new home. So please adjust your feeds (sorry about this–I know it’s so annoying!). elegant musings elegant musings
On Friday night, I sat knee-to-knee with my friend Sarah, as we watched Gabby on stage. She was launching her new book, Miracles Now. The lecture was incredible, and afterwards, she opened up the stage for Q&A. The clock was ticking, and it was time for the party to wind down. A woman approached the microphone. She was terrified, trembling, and she could hardly get the words out. iCiNG - iCiNG -
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