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Pandora. The cherry blossom girl. Childhood flames. Elinkan. StyleBites: An Insider's Blog. collective fashion consciousness. Refinery 29. Le Blog de Betty : Blog mode. Street Clash. Bits and bobbins. The street walker. Welcome to Hope Street Markets. Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes. Wardrobe Remix. Only shallow. Bits and bobbins by tricia royal.

Moderniteter - en blogg från Style Bytes. Elegant musings. iCiNG - FashionFillers. Garance doré: une fille comme moi. Painfully Hip — Fashion-Forward Finds for the Weak of Wallet. Fops and Dandies. Wear palettes. Style stalking blogs. With blogs and style-hunters and paparazzi party sites, it is getting easier to get your face out into the world, along with your styleand thus it is getting easier to find fashion and style inspiration from around the world without actually seeing the world i don't think anyone can deny the impact of them on fashion. it is most apparent with the "indie hipster" look that is about now, which i don't hate or anything, but its almost a worldwide phenomenon now!

style stalking blogs

And i think the internet and so called style icons on the internet have helped that spread, moreso than high-fashion or even magazines, which are always the last to catch onto things. so here are my favourite fashion/style blogs and stylish bloggers where daily outfit photos are posted (that i style-stalk a little bit). but, please comment and addany people/bloggers that you personally find inspiring and share them (their blog, their stylemob account, livejournal, whatever, lets be creepy) - any at all!!

Post pictures too if you can! Street Peeper: Global Street Fashion. 080311 - Tröjaskärpskor. - lisaplace - en blogg från Ledig måndag - Dagens - moderniteter - en blogg från Fashion Toast. Style Bubble Daily Wear. Kingdom Of Style. Madeit - buy & sell independent goods online, home of the independent australian designers directory. El Fashionista — Blog de moda.

Liebemarlene vintage. Street Peeper: Global Street Fashion. NOTCOUTURE. NOTCOT. Tokyomade Online Shop: Tokyo style by Tokyo and Japan-based designers. Style Bubble. Kingdom Of Style.

Even though we are both in our 40's, Both Queen Marie and I are women who strongly advocate the 'wear what the hell you want' ethos.

Kingdom Of Style

If you like it, it looks good on you and you can afford, then you should have it and enjoy it. However, we do still draw our own stylistic lines in the sand that we generally don't cross. Lines of comfort only perceptable to us, but ones that keep our wardrobes from getting entirely out of control. As I prepare to enter my 41st year of life next month, I find that I question my choices a lot more than I ever did. To the onlooker, my style might not seem like I consider very much at all, but the truth is that things I used to buy without nary a thought nor a care I now find myself questioning if I can 'get away with it'. When I ask myself that question, I have to also ask myself what exactly I mean by 'get away with it'?

Upon consideration, I guess both are true. Which is why this dress in Pixie Market has me conflicted. I want this dress so badly. QMichelle. Blog: Shop Outside the Mainstream. She's in fashion.