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NIVÅANPASSAT PÅ ENGELSKA – Patricia Diaz. Här tänkte jag försöka samla specifika digitala resurser som kan användas i engelskundervisningen i de grupper där man har lite extra behov av att förse eleverna med mer individanpassade övningar på olika nivåer.


Den här sidan är alltså ett komplement till den ”stora” länksamlingen för engelska som du hittar i menyraden under ”Länksamlingar” högst upp på den här sidan. Där hittar du också en länksamling över digitala verktyg. NiCe Learning-aktiviteter och lekar för barn, ungdom, skola-läromedel och fri... NiCe Learnings lekar och aktiviteter för skola och fritid, med kommunikation och interaktion i fokus.

NiCe Learning-aktiviteter och lekar för barn, ungdom, skola-läromedel och fri...

US Presidential Election explained. Reading Worksheets, Spelling, Grammar, Comprehension, Lesson Plans - School Start 7-9. Check also New Teacher Introductions in Teach by Calendar August 19th Warm-up Welcome to a New School Year (4:27) Video clip with powerful messages to live up toBack to School Expectations Vs.

School Start 7-9

Reality! (4:54) A funny vlog by a high-schooler to show what to expect of the school yearEMINEM GOES BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL (6:06) Eminem tells about his years at schoolKid President’s Pep Talk (3:54) Motivational video for students and teachers alike Songs The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Parody of the Christmas songBack to School Welcome and Motivation Song. My Homepage - Plays for ESL kids. Music - All Things Topics. Studiemtrl%20Stj%c3%a4rnl%c3%b6sa%20n%c3%a4tter_l%c3%a5guppl%c3%b6st.pdf. Directions - All Things Topics.

Remember the Titans

English Wizz - LingualNet. Tema music. Home - spraktrollet. Strategier. Webbresurser för att öva engelska. How to survive the worst moments of learning a language. Learning a language makes an appearance on a lot of bucket lists.

How to survive the worst moments of learning a language

People picture themselves strolling through a market in a foreign land, conversing easily with locals – and you always look tanned in the daydream, too. But on the way to becoming the fluent and unaccountably sexier new you, there are a few emotional troughs you have to get through. By the time I moved to Mexico I had dragged myself to intermediate level via a Spanish GCSE and a refresher course at uni, but before the two-year stretch that would make me fluent, I wish someone had warned me about some of these challenges. Since coming home five years ago, I’ve flirted with French and Italian – but I’m not ready for anything serious.

Because learning a language involves an initiation. Your first hilarious mispronunciation, mistranslation and malapropism Every language has words that are startlingly close in pronunciation to other, ruder words and no one is better at finding them than language students.

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Ordböcker. Idioms Game – Slang Game. Famous People English Lessons: Biographies and ESL Lesson Plans. Engelsk. Football Hooliganism Hooliganism is unruly and destructive behaviour most often associated with football.


It is an increasing problem in many countries. In this text we take a brief look at the problem. Animation Library Check out our animation library. Health Care Assistant in the UK.


Oregelbundna verb. Digital+l%C3%A4sning_%C3%A5rskurs+3-6. Ideer flipfilmer. Om strategier i engelska språket. Speaking. Färdiga lektionsplaneringar. Engelsk. Lucktexter. ESL Kids Games. Digitala arbetssätt i klassrummet. Basordförråd. English around the world. Traditioner. SVOMPT-word-order-mind-map.jpg (JPEG Image, 2480 × 3508 pixels) - Scaled (28%) LearnEnglishTeens. Pågående idéer. Fonetik med iPad och dator. I veckan har mina 9or för första gången fått möta fonetisk skrift.

Fonetik med iPad och dator

Vissa lärare arbetar väldigt mycket med det, själv berör jag det knappt alls i varken tyska eller engelska. Bästa webbsidorna för de som vill lära sig engelska.


Skriva. Hörförståelse. Utbyten. Visual_Story_Prompts.pptx. 20 Ways To Be A Better English Language Teacher (Part 1) English language teaching can be a challenging and difficult process, especially if you are seeking for new ideas and thoughts on improving your day-to-day teaching.

20 Ways To Be A Better English Language Teacher (Part 1)

Much of the challenge is learning to develop yourself, especially once you have found your place in this career and feel settled. You must continuously strive to improve your own teaching day in and day out. Here are some ideas to consider when you want to improve and develop your own teaching or if you want to be a better teacher overall. 1. Reflect on your lessons It seems like commonsense but for some teachers that I have observed, they have difficulty reflecting and improving their own lessons.

Did the students enjoy the lesson? 2. If you have any difficulty on reflecting your lessons, or you wish to consider studying your lesson in more detail, you could record your own lesson to analyse afterwards. 3. When you are preparing your lessons, think about the following: “By the end of the lesson, students will be able to …”. The End is Near - Food52. In Food History 101, we're hitting the books -- to explore the who, what, when, where, and why of what we eat today.


Today: The history of Sweden's long relationship with coffee. Whether hot, iced, or doused in cream, coffee provides an essential jolt to many a morning routine. While we often enjoy the beverage at the same time each day (and, for many, at repeated intervals throughout), the American coffee ritual is largely one of convenience and efficiency: to-go cups and mid-commute slurps. Undoubtedly, the recent rise in artisanal coffee production and bean-to-cup enthusiasts may have encouraged more of an appreciation for “coffee shop culture,” but we’ve got nothing on the ritualized drinking habits of the Swedes.

English news and easy articles for students of English. Idioms and Phrases - Learn Common English Expressions.


The official site of Sweden. Filmklipp. A tour of accents across the British Isles performed in a single, unedited take. Läsning. Cities around the World: ESL practice exercises. Augusti 2013. Språklänkportalen - Startsidan.