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Kapture CRM offers software tools and solutions to businesses, helping them bring a level of automation to every operation. The Sales CRM and Sales tracking app can be used to optimize prospecting and boost sales. With the help of Kapture's cloud-based CRM you can build a brand that customers enjoy doing business with.

3 compelling Reasons for your direct sales software should be a CRM platform. If you believe in in-person direct selling, you might be considered a simpleton and old-natured.

3 compelling Reasons for your direct sales software should be a CRM platform

Moreover, direct selling is incredibly challenging and presents new problems and growing responsibilities. A direct sales software lets you manage your responsibilities and handle your sales. Imagine a normal day out for a meeting; you left your office outfitted with a wonderful presentation and brimming with confidence. Once you reached the client location, you informed your sales manager. After the initial pleasantries, you start with your pitching and sales conversation. Everything was going smoothly so far, but now you began to face some problems. First of all, a successful presentation always substantiates by authentic information and documents.

In the end, it’s usual for a sales-person to feel overwhelmed by the various requests. A direct sales software could be a great tool to manage the above challenges. Information handling: Avail all necessary information on a per-demand basis. How Mobile CRM Can Benefit Your Startup Business. India’s startup ecosystem continues to increase at a rapid pace.

How Mobile CRM Can Benefit Your Startup Business

Now we have nearly 19,000 technology-enabled startup companies, according to Economic-survey 2015-2016. However, despite the innovative ideas and groundbreaking projects, many businesses struggle to survive the competition, and many are eventually forced to shut down. Accepting the challenges, many companies are now using Customer Relationship management software and getting wonderful benefits out of it. Mobile CRM Software. Sales Management Software.

Hotel Booking Management: Manage your reservation pipeline with Hospitality Software. Some 20 years ago, people came to know about different places only through travel magazines and journals.

Hotel Booking Management: Manage your reservation pipeline with Hospitality Software

Certainly, there were limited sources of information. New bookings came through hotel reservation offices, travel agents or phone calls. These new bookings were then transferred to physical books, which were then fulfilled. Today, this old school approach doesn’t work. Even the bookings comes through offline channels, you need to follow it up through online channels. Four Direct Steps to Determine Your Target Audience with Customer Segmentation.

You have come up with a great business idea – you are almost ready to roll-out.

Four Direct Steps to Determine Your Target Audience with Customer Segmentation

But before you go any further, you need to determine your target audience. You should also decide who will be the center piece of your different marketing moves and activities? Simply put, if you are selling pencil boxes, your target market should be school students. If your marketing message and retail outlets don’t follow this logic, it would be hard to move your inventory. When you think about it, this is an obvious logic. Is sales pipeline management really important for sales growth?

In the modern business ecosystem, you shouldn’t push the customer into buying your product.

Is sales pipeline management really important for sales growth?

Instead, you should nudge the customer into finishing the proposed purchase within a given time. The sales process progresses in a step-by-step manner that definitely takes time to result in a purchase. These step-by-step processes are termed as a sales pipeline that a particular lead should go through before conversion. Sales pipeline management is really important for running sustainable processes. Why you need a sale pipeline? Four Major Criterions to meet your Customer's Service Expectations. The term satisfaction is closely related to expectation.

Four Major Criterions to meet your Customer's Service Expectations

Relatively speaking, you only need to exceed your present expectations to achieve customer satisfaction. For better or worse, the recent years have seen customer expectation steeply climbing high. Yet, it’s more important than ever for businesses to impress and satisfy their customers. 89% of marketers think customer experience will become the main differentiator in 2017.

3 Team Spirit Building Ideas to Enhance Employee Collaboration at Workplace. The wheels of change are constantly moving and it’s a mandatory quality to be always on top of this churning wheel!

3 Team Spirit Building Ideas to Enhance Employee Collaboration at Workplace

A completely focused sales team is best placed to tackle this entire challenge. Great work environment is a necessity for all organizations. It can directly affect your business prospect in both positive and negative manner. A healthy office culture doesn’t become a reality overnight, but even the best team leaders won’t get much done without having a harmonious team. 5 Golden Rules for Increasing Sales. Sales tech has developed considerably over the past decade.

5 Golden Rules for Increasing Sales

Cutting-edge tools, increasing market demands and innovative marketing polices bring forth tremendous competition. At present it t is moving faster than ever. Just in a blink, new competitors appear, products similar to your business are released, and before you even know it, it’s a race to the bottom. But with thousands of competitors out there, how can entrepreneurs know which are right for them and their businesses? Keen business persons never think how to sustain; for them the only concern is how to become a top seller. So, below are five golden rules that help you achieve your business niche. 1. Banking CRM Solution: Handling the Cashless Dilemma with Principles of Automation. It’s been three months and the execution process of demonetization is slowly settling down.

Banking CRM Solution: Handling the Cashless Dilemma with Principles of Automation

From November 2016, cashless India has experienced notable amount of transaction through plastic money. Money transfers using mobile banking and immediate payment system (IMPS)–wherein money is transferred instantly using text messaging or online banking–showed the highest spike in over 12 months, ending October 2016. An India Spend analysis of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) data clarifies the situation. Mobile banking transactions grew 175%, whereas money transacted using mobile banking grew 369% from October to October, according to the report.

In this scenario, the greatest challenge of bankers is to build up a strong online banking service system for the common people. Sales Management Software. Set and Achieve Smart Business Goals with an Integrated Business Management Platform. Do you want to improve your team performance and build stronger business strategies?

Set and Achieve Smart Business Goals with an Integrated Business Management Platform

Are you utilizing your business management platform at its best? Most of the business owners believe Business Management is all about achieving their sales quota and afterwards providing excellent customer service. This is one way correct. Application of CRM software in E-commerce: Increase sales with better Customer Management.

If you are in E-commerce business, achieving higher traffic and more purchases are likely to be your primary objective. And, this is more than enough to make your head spin. Besides, you have to deal with thousands of issues related to shipping, delivery, product return, customer queries, product disputes, so on and so forth. The market transformed dramatically in the past decades. We are now in the power era of consumers. Today customers have hundreds of options available online. 36% of online customers spend more than 30 minutes deliberating before a purchase. Converting Challenges into Opportunities: Manage your customer Feedback with a CRM software.

One of the main challenges of business-customer relations is about dealing with negative feedback. Customer service has always been a central part of developing brand loyalty. In fact it is the heart of a business model that allows a business to thrive. It’s easier than ever for consumers to openly share brand experiences. Now they are also using online portals and social channels to express their resentment.

But, the way you reply to unhappy customers will decide what they say about your brand afterward. Major Crisis Scenario’s Faced by the Executives. Quick Response to Live Feedback: Ensure Customer Satisfaction and Engagement through Social Channels. We all like our issues to be resolved, while complaining to a company’s customer service agent. But, what makes us buy their products again and again? Or what makes us recommend them to our friends? We know that the quality of the product means a lot to us, but there are some additional factors always running in our head, while recommending a brand. 70% of buying experience depends on how the consumers feel they are being treated.

Though companies are now investing record amounts of money in customer support operations, what’s regularly missing in our experience is the spark between us and the customer support agent. Stay Ahead of Competitors: CRM Solutions for Real Estate Professionals. With the rising competition in real estate business, agents and other professionals find it increasingly difficult to attract new clients. Today the buyers have an array of choices before them, while making their investment decisions.

But for the real estate professionals, there are plenty of challenges. The main challenge lies in intensive targeting through campaigns. The Key to Increase Your Sales: It’s All about Following-up. Following up with the clients and customers is one of the most vital business strategies a sales or marketing person can follow. It is now an established fact in sales and marketing sector. The follow-ups add value to the product or service and helps to build a long term relationship with the customer.

Lead to Sales Conversion: Reasons why sales leads are shying away from your business. Sales Boosting Mantra for Startups: Integrate CRM with Social Media Platforms. Social media is not just about hugely appreciated networks; it also boosts up brand engaging with direct and live communication with the customers. It’s about target audience interacting live with the companies, regarding the products, gaining and giving insights on a daily basis. Manage your international business operations with a Digital platform. This is a guest post written by Damien Justus. Six Emphatic ways to increase your Lead Prospecting Empathy.

It’s a basic human experience get stuck in repeat-mode if you are doing the same things again and again. Gradually, the repetitive process will become second nature and you will begin carrying it out in a robotic manner. This means that your daily work will start requiring less deliberate thinking. Consequently your interactions will carry lesser empathy and understanding of your customers. This stands particularly true with the ultra-competitive lead prospecting process. How to increase your Team productivity with CRM software? Often, any effort to increase the team productivity is met with dubious consent. Having to monitor and increase productivity is much dreaded activity on both sides of the table. Both the employees and management have grown to think that it may undermine their working relationship.

The management’s take is that a stringent monitoring process could cause a potential leak of employee trust. From the employee perspective, it’s trying to force ‘management policing’ into their daily life. Even as both these sides may carry their own justification and arguments, the facts and figures inarguably point towards the need for an integrated monitoring system. In this situation, both parties require a minimally intrusive system that can understand and evaluate all the ongoing activities. The CRM-based work monitoring system lets you evaluate and monitor all the ingrained work processes. This blog helps you understand the associated challenges with regards to improving the overall team work output. Marketing automation Benefits: Beating the big marketing budget with a smart marketing process. As per Gartner research, companies globally kept aside 12% of their total revenue on their marketing budgets in 2016. If you consider the trend, the numbers are all-set to increase incrementally in the coming years.

If you don’t have the biggest marketing budget, you are sure to struggle against the big fishes in your industry. Yes, I’m talking about global conglomerates like Google, Amazon, Expedia, E bay etc. In this place, you should have a solid strategy to reach-out and engage with your core audience. Otherwise, you will simply end-up being overwhelmed by your market circumstances. The marketing automation system benefits you by gaining the best market visibility through combining the right marketing processes. What We Learned About Shifting Success In B2C Industry To B2B Industry?

Businesses consider the B2B and B2C to be completely non-related and isolated marketplaces. Business people who had success in making the switch are the misnomers of our generation. An Issue Tracking System will impact and improve your business. Here’s how? In the present-day service economy, the customer opinions and online reviews dictate your business success. Online CRM Trial - KaptureCRM. Operational CRM v/s Analytical CRM: Which choice will boost your Enterprise Efficiency?

Occasionally, all businesses are required and expected to sort out their business priorities. Automated Helpdesk Alerts. CRM Reporting and Analytics. Sales Lead Tracking Software. Banking Relationship Management.  Distributor Software. Lead Management Mobile App. Distribution Management Software. Stock management software. Real Estate ,Bank, Hotels, FMCG, Pharma. Workflow Updating Software. Automated Helpdesk Alerts. CRM Reporting and Analytics. Sales tracking software. Customer Relationship Management. Lead Management Mobile App. Distribution Management Software. Marketing Research Tools.

How to invoke Employee-participated CRM Implementation? - Kapture CRM. It’s human Nature to resist changes. Especially, it involves permanently altering the way of conducting one’s daily life. From a purely evolutionary standpoint humans are equipped to stick with something that’s already working, rather than adapt a risky procedure. Ingrained deep within human psyche, this affects our daily decision making capability and associated skills. Level of Resistance faced by this change is proportional to magnitude of change. When a change involves direct and immediate change, this resistance becomes paramount. How these five brands built their brands through smart Customer Service Automation? - Kapture CRM.

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