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Importance Of Understanding The Differences Between B2B And B2C Customer Services. Surveys from reputed companies have indicated that individual and business clients are willing to pay extra for better customer support, sometimes more than they’re willing to pay for better products/services.

Importance Of Understanding The Differences Between B2B And B2C Customer Services

All smart businesses make efforts to retain their existing customers as well as gaining new ones, more popularly known as B2C Customer Service. Offering customer support to other businesses, also known as B2B customer service, however, has some challenges unique to it. The quantum of consequences of poor B2B services is naturally higher than that of poor B2C services, although both demand the attention and resources of a company. In order to decide how each needs to be planned and managed, the starting point would be to understand their differences. 1.

People involved in B2B support often come across more complex issues than in the B2C sector. 2. The Significance of Education CRM for Schools & Institutions. Educational institutions are practically service-oriented large-scale businesses with a clear motive of producing highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals.

The Significance of Education CRM for Schools & Institutions

The primary focus of educational institutions is to provide quality education and be the best in the market. They strive to make their school/college the most sought after name. Managing a plethora of students and a huge roster of teachers can be a handful. However, things are made easy access to a competitive school CRM system. It carries out a specific set of functions that you will need. Streamline All Student InquiriesWith a CRM in place, you can easily track and follow up on all inquiries made by the prospects who want to apply for a seat at your institution. Faster Response RatesWith a systematic data collection solution, you can make sure none of the leads is lost. Student PortalStudents in the school would surely need a place to get together for events, projects, and other activities. Counter CRM Challenges with a Custom Solution. Smart Training Tips for On-Boarding New Service Agents.

If you are a service desk manager, you will know that onboarding new service agents to your helpdesk is a daunting task with a load of factors that need to be considered: Every new joining individual has a different learning curve.

Smart Training Tips for On-Boarding New Service Agents

It takes time for every new agent to be familiarised with the process. – Early-stage mistakes are a given.Onboarding new agents directly impact real-time customer satisfaction. It’s a known fact that organising extended training sessions for your new hires is not feasible since agent attrition is high for service desks. As such, it’s important to take the smart route to train with brief, smart, and concentrated sessions with regular knowledge checks in place to ensure that support agents are aware and armed with regular process updates to tackle every issue that comes their way. Multi Location Service Centers with Kapture CRM for Customer Ticket Resolution. Kapture CRM introduces a new module that can help electronics and appliance service centres track, manage and validate tickets resolved by field service agents on a unified dashboard.

Multi Location Service Centers with Kapture CRM for Customer Ticket Resolution

This new service module; 1. Automatically creates new service requests originating from multiple platforms that are collected into an omnichannel ticket inbox. 2. These tickets are then manually/automatically tagged onto customer profiles. 3. The Consumer Evolution: Creating a Compelling Consumer Experience. In the present scenario, customer satisfaction has become the most significant factor for businesses.

The Consumer Evolution: Creating a Compelling Consumer Experience

Companies try hard to make the customer experience as smooth as possible. This perception is a product of consumer experience and globalization. The consumer’s voice is more vocal than ever as they command the policies of every company. Some companies even take up social stands because of overwhelming public viewpoints on certain issues. In a consumer conscious market, it’s necessary to understand the process of handling customers and rendering solutions. Chat Integration: Chat integration stores the customers’ previous interactions so that your support team can spontaneously access relevant customer information. Self-service: Connect your Business to your Favourite Apps - Kapture CRM Infographic. How can a Sales CRM help your business? Why do you need a Sales CRM?

How can a Sales CRM help your business?

Kapture Sales CRM is an effective solution to filter large volume of leads and categorize them according to requirement. The sales CRM platform nurtures leads from the time it is initiated to the time it is closed. The online sales management software consolidates all the leads from multiple platforms and deposits them into the Omni channel lead inbox where agents can attend to the queries.

The Sales CRM platform automates a lot of tasks such as auto lead allocation and ticket creation so that agents can save a lot of time. The sales pipeline management tool can be used to classify leads into hot, warm or cold which provides valuable insights for the sales team to tackle potential buyers better. Diverse tools: The Sales CRM tools let you map the journey of every customer and monitor each lead with customer mapping.

Features of Customer Relationship Management Software. Customer Experience and Feedback Management. Online Hotel Booking Management Reservation System. Sales CRM for Hotel Industry. Overview Get an overview of all your booking sources and the revenue generated by them or get a detailed view of revenue based on day, week, and quarter and get deeper insights on the hotel sales CRM.

Sales CRM for Hotel Industry

With the sales software for hotels, manage corporate sales, channel partners, quotes & discounts, and daily plans with real-time updates. Sales CRM Software: Sales Management Software&System, Cloud sales CRM Tool. 4 Inbound Call Center Software Features Your CRM Must Have. Customer Experience Hacks for Big Brands - Infographic. Hotel Management Software System, CRM Software for Hotel and Hospitality Management. Overview Manage multiple bookings & enquiries across all properties & packages collectively into a single inbox on the hotel CRM software.

Hotel Management Software System, CRM Software for Hotel and Hospitality Management

Unify your enquiries from booking engines, web forms, travel partner sites, mails, and calls with a watertight enquiry management system and remove the hassle of chasing multiple channels with a CRM for hotel management. Existing guest enquiries get auto attached to the guest account or a new guest account gets created for new enquiries.