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CintaNotes - A Free Note Taking Application

CintaNotes - A Free Note Taking Application
CintaNotes is a Microsoft Windows application for taking and managing notes. The program sits in the system tray and springs into action on a hot key. It is ergonomic, fast and unobtrusive; feels like part of the system. A must-have tool for all knowledge workers! Lightweight and user-friendly Tired of complex, bloated and slow note taking software?

Note taking and organization What is KeepNote KeepNote is a note taking application that works on Windows, Linux, and MacOS X. With KeepNote, you can store your class notes, TODO lists, research notes, journal entries, paper outlines, etc in a simple notebook hierarchy with rich-text formatting, images, and more. TreeSheets A "hierarchical spreadsheet" that is a great replacement for spreadsheets, mind mappers, outliners, PIMs, text editors and small databases. Suitable for any kind of data organization, such as todo lists, calendars, project management, brainstorming, organizing ideas, planning, requirements gathering, presentation of information, etc. It's like a spreadsheet, immediately familiar, but much more suitable for complex data because it's hierarchical.

, Note Taking Software for Windows 10 Discover how WhizFolders can be used in a variety of ways. 1 Use WhizFolders as a thinking and brainstorming tool. Click to Read... SEN - Special Education Needs Some pupils in your class may have problems in accessing the curriculum due to learning difficulties with reading, writing, spelling or numeracy, visual or hearing problems, emotional or behavioural problems. I.C.T. can, in many cases, help to alleviate the problems. For pupils who find handwriting difficult or impossible the use of a keyboard might enable them to record their work for easily. Speech to text software is readily available now and has a high rate of accuracy. Simplenote Downloads Official Apps The official Simplenote apps can be downloaded here. More Ways to use Simplenote People are building great products that work with Simplenote. If you experience problems with these, please contact their developers directly. Mac OS X

Tomboy : Simple note taking Login Tomboy Simple note-taking. Screenshots & Videos Feel free to use the following screenshots e.g. in your Blog, or in Wikipedia to illustrate articles about Docear. If you want to see more screenshots, look at the Details page, or the manual. The basic view with your research categories, PDFs and annotations (including bibliographic data) A draft of a new paper with PDFs and annotations, copied from your Library Your Library, with PDFs and annotations. The left part shows the “workspace panel” that allows to create different projects, and to do simple file management LTTC Student ePortfolio @ HKIEd With the key objectives of nurturing engaged and reflective learners, ePortfolio is implemented to offer a platform for students to manage, monitor and reflect upon their own learning during their study at HKIEd. Students are required to use ePortfolio to document their formal and informal learning experiences in General Education, Language Enhancement, Co-curricular Learning and Overseas Exchange Opportunities. Students who are enrolled in teacher education programmes would also use ePortfolio for their Field Experience. Building the ePortfolio provides students with opportunities to consolidate and internalize the knowledge and skills acquired in the learning activities.

ZuluPad ZuluPad is a notepad on crack. It's a place to jot down class notes, appointments, to-do lists, favorite websites, pretty much anything you can think of. The great thing about ZuluPad is that it combines the best parts of a notepad with the best parts of a wiki, a concept made popular by Wikipedia . The basic idea has been called a personal wiki or a desktop wiki. 100 Apps for Taking Notes on Your iPhone Note-taking applications are some of the hottest items on the App Store. More and more these utilities make it easy to record data in a fast and convenient way and the fact that this information lives on our phones means that we can access it anytime we need it. The 100 apps below will help you accomplish all your iPhone note-taking endeavors.

Classroom Materials We are pleased to share these free materials to download and use in your classroom, including worksheets contributed by fellow teachers and the full text of Fun with Grammar by Suzanne Woodward. Why I am not a fan of the Communicative Approach: Commenting on David Barker's Teacher Talk post, The Shapal Method, a reader asks David Barker why he is not a fan of the Communicative Approach. We love David's response. Passport to the Internet: Student tutorial for Internet literacy (Grades 4-8) This interactive tutorial teaches students the critical thinking skills they need to apply to their online experiences, including online safety, authenticating online information, recognizing online marketing ploys, protecting their privacy, managing online relationships and dealing with cyberbullying. (Available through a licensing arrangement. For information on how to obtain a licence see the Resource Catalogue. Many provinces, territories, school boards and districts and individual schools have already licensed Passport to the Internet.

Create a Hyperlinked Notes Database with Tomboy I’ve been playing with Linux for a couple of years now. One of the applications on Linux that I’ve grown to use often, is Tomboy. Since I spend most of the day in Windows, I was pleased to find out that the developers of Tomboy have ported it over to Windows (and Mac). I’ll tell you a bit about this app and how to install it on your Windows PC. What is Tomboy? It’s a note taking application.

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