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Ron Paul’s phony populism. When you talk too much for Twitter. Adam Curtis Blog: THE CURSE OF TINA. The Think-Tank Archipelago: Adam Curtis On How Libertarian Think-Tanks Crippled Thinking. Adam Curtis has just posted a must-read blog that tries to answer the big political dead-end we face today: Why can’t we think up any new ideas besides the failed libertarian free-market ideology that brought us to ruin?

The Think-Tank Archipelago: Adam Curtis On How Libertarian Think-Tanks Crippled Thinking

Curtis’ answer: We’re all prisoners of the Libertarian Think-Tank Archipelago. Curtis argues that the reason we can’t think of any ideas is because free-market think-tanks have perverted and strangled ideological thinking–both in Britain, whose free-market think-tanks were essentially set up by one of America’s Founding Fathers of libertarianism, FA Harper–and in America, where the free-market think-tank archipelago has done a fantastic job of transforming the political imagination into something like Amway salesmanship.

Above it all stands the Amway Master Salesman, Friedrich von Hayek, author of Glenn Beck’s favorite book, The Road To Serfdom. Naturally, Maj. Smedley was acquitted of the murder. Click here to read and watch Curtis’s blog post. Want us to stick around? Category:Libertarian think tanks. 33 Libertarian Organizations: Think Tanks. Critiques Of Libertarianism. The women-hating rage of the Republican right. As soon as I saw the video, I knew it was destined to be played on an endless loop on the news networks.

The women-hating rage of the Republican right

A couple of Rand Paul supporters outside a debate between Paul and his opponent for Kentucky senate, Jack Conway, pinned a activist to a curb with deliberation before one of them stomped on her head, luckily with enough ineptness that the victim was left only with a minor concussion. It was a shocking example of inchoate rightwing rage turned to violence, displayed in a way that Americans associate solely with white supremacists.

But it was more than that. The entire incident had a whiff of not just election rage, but of gendered violence. Large men stripping a wig off a slight, unarmed woman and pinning her to the ground? There are many beliefs that propel rightwing rage, but anti-feminism is one of the few that manages to inspire so much violence. The Paul campaign is a natural home for anyone who harbours resentments about women's changing roles in society. Ron Paul: Libertarian, Except When It Comes to Women's Rights. Ron Paul Hates You. Ron Paul: The Radical Right's Man in Washington. Ron Paul, In His Own Words. The Daily Link!: Ron Paul: Racist, Misogynist? Ron Paul Addresses John Birch Society. Dr.

Ron Paul Addresses John Birch Society

Ron Paul, Texas congressman and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, was the featured speaker Saturday evening, October 4 on the final day of the John Birch Society's 50th Anniversary Celebration. The topic of his keynote address was "Restoring the Republic: Lessons From a Presidential Campaign," in which he lectured the audience on how our republic can be restored with groups such as the John Birch Society (JBS) and his own Campaign for Liberty leading the way.

During his introduction, JBS President John McManus explained that Dr. Paul was known as "Dr. No" on Capitol Hill because he had voted against so much unconstitutional legislation over the years. Dr. Dr. In reviewing his 2008 presidential campaign, Dr. Not only were Dr. Ron Paul's Racist Quotes. The Ron Paul Campaign and its Neo-Nazi Supporters. When KKK leader David Duke switched parties to run for Louisiana governor as a Republican in 1991, then-President George H W Bush responded sharply, saying, "When someone asserts the Holocaust never took place, then I don't believe that person ever deserves one iota of public trust.

The Ron Paul Campaign and its Neo-Nazi Supporters

Ron Paul rally - Keith Dunn of John Birch Society. Big Lies: What If We Privatize Everything? Big Lies: Free Market Economics You hear a lot of noise these days from self-styled “libertarians” and right-wingers about how great the “free market” is.

Big Lies: What If We Privatize Everything?

Ron Paul fans, in particular, just love to throw around phrases like “Austrian School” as though they are actually economists who understand the intricate arguments involved in various economic theories and on what bases one might accept or reject those theories. Some have even suggested that all functions of government should be privatized. Let corporations build roads for profit, rather than collecting taxes and having the government handle it. So let’s take that example, and compare it to a similar infrastructure network that is currently privatized: broadband internet. The US currently lags behind much of the rest of the modern world in internet accessibility. Why is this? Simply put: there’s no profit in it. After all, building a cell tower or laying a few hundred miles of fiber optic line is not cheap. Roads Are Networks. Angry White Man. If you are a critic of the Bush administration, chances are that, at some point over the past six months, Ron Paul has said something that appealed to you.

Angry White Man

Paul describes himself as a libertarian, but, since his presidential campaign took off earlier this year, the Republican congressman has attracted donations and plaudits from across the ideological spectrum. Antiwar conservatives, disaffected centrists, even young liberal activists have all flocked to Paul, hailing him as a throwback to an earlier age, when politicians were less mealy-mouthed and American government was more modest in its ambitions, both at home and abroad.

In The New York Times Magazine, conservative writer Christopher Caldwell gushed that Paul is a “formidable stander on constitutional principle,” while The Nation wrote of “his full-throated rejection of the imperial project in Iraq.” Most voters had never heard of Paul before he launched his quixotic bid for the Republican nomination. Ron Paul Lags in Polls, but He Has a Private Jet - Rodney Hawkins - Politics.

SPENCER, Iowa - Ron Paul has turned jet-setter.

Ron Paul Lags in Polls, but He Has a Private Jet - Rodney Hawkins - Politics

On what was planned as a three-stop tour of Iowa Tuesday, the Republican presidential candidate who has made fiscal conservatism his hallmark missed his first event because of problems with his private leased jet. According to an aide, the Texas congressman had to commandeer a new jet and pilot to continue on. Paul, whose "money-bomb" donation drives and devoted followers have made him the third-most successful fundraiser in the presidential field (behind President Obama and GOP rival Mitt Romney) as of June 30, even though he lags in the polls, addressed the audience at his first event, in Council Bluffs, by phone. Noam Chomsky on Ron Paul's 9/11 Theories: "What He Said Is Completely Uncontroversial"