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Instructional Technology

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Adult Coloring Pages · 1,300+ Free Printables. Your Hearing Test, Online & Free. offers free stuff, freebies, free product samples, freeware. ESRB Ratings. How to create an app for free: easy app maker Appy Pie best app builder.

Save paper & ink printing only what you want « ESL with technology. Quickly Create Online Quizzes For Free. Polona Typo. 3D Printing. Versal for Teachers. Random Name Picker. This week’s tip features a web tool that selects a random word from a list that you provide.

Random Name Picker

When used with a projector, it is a great way to review vocabulary words, important dates, or concepts — or use it to randomly pick a name from your student list. Class Tools Random Name Picker. URL Shorteners. Ever come across a web address that is really really long?

URL Shorteners

Maybe you want to write it on a whiteboard, or jot it down in a notebook, or email it to someone, but it is TOO long! Well there’s an easy way to solve the problem – use a URL shortener. Update – Tammy has also created her own URL shortening tool that provides a shortened URL and a QR code. How Old Am I? This week’s tip features a website that will calculate how old you are — not only in years, but also in months, weeks, days, hours, and seconds!

How Old Am I?

It also counts down (by seconds) to your next birthday. Warning – this may be depressing to adults! Age Calculator. Google Timer. This simple “trick” will allow you to keep track of time for a classroom task, for group work, for a timed test, or for making hard-boiled eggs.

Google Timer

You won’t believe how easy it is… Google Timer Go to the Google Search Page: timer 5 minutes (or whatever time you want) Press the enter key. The timer will automatically start counting down! Google Sheet Interactive Dice! Roll a single or double dice with a keystroke using — wait for it — a Google Spreadsheet!!!

Google Sheet Interactive Dice!

Google Sheet Interactive Dice This template is an example of a clever way to start with a Google Spreadsheet, add a few formulas, change a little of the formatting, and end up with something really cool! Print onto Sticky Notes. Coding Resources. Robots. Innovation in teaching. Technology Literacy. Collaboration, meeting, and teaching platform. WordItOut – enjoy word clouds, create word art & gifts. Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share.