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Election 2016

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Scholastic News Election 2016. Students: Vote Here! Scholastic News Election 2016. Election 2016. Mock Election – Youth Leadership Initiative. Jumpstart a Lifetime of Political Involvment for Your Students with Our Mock Elections View the Demo Each year, YLI conducts the largest secure, student-only, online mock election in the nation, using electronic ballots tailored to each student’s home legislative district.

Mock Election – Youth Leadership Initiative

Read below about our plans for 2016. Teachers, if you haven't already, Sign Up with YLI for your students to participate! Teaching Resources. Election Central 2016. Election 2016: Lesson Plans and Digital Resources for Educators. This election has been unlike any in modern history.

Election 2016: Lesson Plans and Digital Resources for Educators

According to a survey of educators by Teaching Tolerance, the campaign’s contentious tone has spilled over into classrooms. Presidential elections are exciting for students and provide an opportunity to discuss and debate a range of issues in the classroom.