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Day in the Life: Australia. Boy is bullied and called 'gay' because he dances - then Simon says 4 words that make audience cheer. Top 10 des trucs à voir à Londres quand on a déjà tout vu (et qu’on aime les Anglais) At the chocolate factory. Royal chef reveals the Queen's favourite meals. A typical lunch, served at 1pm, would be fish, such as a grilled Dover sole, on a bed of wilted spinach or with courgettes.

Royal chef reveals the Queen's favourite meals

Then there would be afternoon tea of cakes, scones and sandwiches. Mr McGrady reveals her favourite cakes were honey and cream sponge, ginger, fruit and the chocolate biscuit cake that Prince William also chose to be served at his wedding reception. At least two varieties of sandwich were offered, such as cucumber, smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise, ham and mustard. The crusts cut off. A day in the life of The Queen - her daily routine. Queen Elizabeth II, who recently became the longest-reigning British Monarch in history, is busy from morning until midnight it would seem… Take a look at The Queen’s daily routine and how she spends most of her time.

A day in the life of The Queen - her daily routine

The Queen’s day is always busy. Picture by: Splash News Rising at around 8.30 am, Her Majesty is greeted by the sounds of the bagpipes each morning at nine, as a piper plays on the terrace beneath her apartment at Buckingham Palace. She usually takes a bath before having breakfast in her apartment alone, and it is usually Cornflakes or Special K cereal and fresh or dried fruit. At Christmas, when she usually receives truffles as a gift, The Queen will have scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and a grating of truffle as a festive treat. Once the letters are dealt with, it’s then time to open the contents of the famous ‘Red Boxes’, sent up by Her Majesty’s Private Secretaries. The Queen sits at her desk with her red box of official government papers. The Royal Family. AJ+ - 24 Hours of Guns in America: We pulled the stats to...

A Soldier's Letters Home. Explore England's literary hotspots. From meat eating to Miss World: what each country is number one for - Travel. The Signature Food of Each State. You're going to want to see this one a whole lot bigger—here you go!

The Signature Food of Each State

Today's map comes from the Cooking Channel, which asked viewers to vote on each state's favorite/signature food. The results can be seen above, and you can get more details (and recipes) here. A lot of delicious choices, but also some controversial ones, including calling it fried ravioli instead of toasted in Missouri.

Let the arguments begin! See Also: The Most Iconic Food Chain in Each State. The World Is Obsessed With Facebook. How to Write a Letter to Santa Claus (with Sample Letter) Lexique Scolaire. Un article de Wiki Agreg-Ink.

Lexique Scolaire

Cette page entreprend de répertorier les éléments lexicaux nécessaires pour pratiquer le "tout-anglais" en classe. Cette page est donc une récapitulation du "Classroom English". Tous les visiteurs de ce wiki sont invités à y contribuer en s'inscrivant et en respectant le modèle de départ (ordre alphabétique, mots anglais en caractères gras). La règle générale pour traduire les termes scolaires : "I think most the time it is best to come up with a fairly literal (and easy to understand) translation of the original, because of the vast differences between the French, UK and U.S. school systems. " (Jerry) Zinn Education Project. Burned Out of Homes and History: Unearthing the Silenced Voices of the Tulsa Race Riot Teaching Activity.

Zinn Education Project

By Linda Christensen. 20 pages. Teaching about patterns of displacement and wealth inequality through the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot. HALLOWEEN. Scholastic News Election 2016. European portal for youngsters in vocational education training (MavoieProEurope) Brexit : que disent les unes de la presse britannique ? The British Royal Family. Finn MacCool and the Giant's Causeway. Halloween online educational material - Studyladder. British Life and Culture in the UK - Woodlands Junior School. Anti Bully and prevention of bullying. BBC iWonder - Am I a bully? Comprendre le “Bloody Sunday” à Derry, en musique et films. Vous connaissez tous cette chanson si célèbre « Sunday, Bloody Sunday » de U2, mais savez-vous bien de quoi elle parle et ce que Bono raconte dans ses paroles ?

Comprendre le “Bloody Sunday” à Derry, en musique et films

L’histoire du Bloody Sunday = dimanche sanglant Le 30 janvier 1972, à Derry en Ulster alors que les catholiques d’Irlande du Nord manifestent encore pour l’égalité avec les protestants, les parachutistes britanniques ouvrent le feu sur une foule totalement pacifique de 20 000 personnes, faisant 14 morts et autant de blessés, parmi eux beaucoup n’avaient que 17 ans.

Les manifestants ne s’attendaient pas à cela ayant eu l’assurance que l’IRA ne sèmerait pas le trouble ce jour-là. Toy Story [Nothing to Declare] Fulla, the Muslim Barbie.

Toy Story [Nothing to Declare]

After spending five anxious days in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, hanging out in a Bedouin tent with an international fugitive who’s wanted as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist”—a character who figured prominently in a story I was reporting about a Muslim charity in southern Oregon with purported links to al Qaeda—I was relieved to finally be en route to Portland, albeit standing at the tail end of a line that was advancing glacially toward a distant security checkpoint at Frankfurt Main Airport. As the final boarding call for my connecting flight home echoed through the cavernous hall, I thrust the shopping bag that I’d been lugging onto the conveyor, and waited anxiously at the end of the X-ray machine for my bag, growing increasingly agitated the longer it failed to appear. Deep Trouble [X Marks the Spot] Travel Bug's Travel Blog.

In the humorous travel anthology “Not So Funny When It Happened,” Australian writer Jayce White recalls a trip to Zimbabwe in which he was awakened one morning in his humble accommodations — a round thatched hut at Victoria Falls — by an infernal uproar.

Travel Bug's Travel Blog

A troop of baboons ran amok outside “swinging from light poles, and bashing out industrial dance beats on garbage lids and barbeque amenities.” Oddly, White’s companions slept right through the noise, so he was the only one awake when “a baboon the size of an adult wookie” demonstrated his ability to turn a doorknob, burst into the room, and nonchalantly pulled up a chair at the dinner table, inches away from the bed where White was lying, and began to chow down on the travelers’ leftovers from dinner.

White attempted to chase away the animal by unleashing a stream of angry profanity, but the baboon didn’t even flinch. Top 10 Hilarious Travel Stories. If you travel extensively, you should have a few essentials: a carry-on bag that fits into the overhead bin, a valid passport, all the required inoculations, a pair of comfortable walking shoes, and perhaps most important of all, a sense of humor.

Top 10 Hilarious Travel Stories

The ability to laugh at one's predicament comes in handy when you're confronted with the absurd situations every globetrotting adventurer faces sooner or later: lost luggage that keeps arriving at whatever destination you've just left, unpalatable menu items, bizarre local customs, and the occasional encounter with a fanatically officious, deeply suspicious border guard in a country where you don't speak the language. Google Maps. Around The World. Time For Kids.