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How AR and VR can aid inquiry. Using Google Expeditions, IGB International School students share their VR creations with each other In part two of our series on educational technology, two schools share how augmented reality and virtual reality tools are enhancing student learning and creativity Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are tools that allow students to be immersed in an experience beyond the classroom walls. “These experiences spark inquiry and lead to deeper questions,” says Peg Keiner, Director of Innovation at GEMS World Academy Chicago, USA, which uses a variety of AR/VR tools to enhance learning. Keiner explains that: “AR’s strength is in the ability to see the complex connections between 3D objects that are often microscopic, fragile, or completely out of reach for student access.

While VR transports students to places in history or locations they would be unable to visit.” MYP students at GEMS World Academy Chicago use AR in science Getting creative Transdisciplinary inquiry.

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