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Kindergarteners Are Born Engineers - STEM Lesson. Imagine yourself as an 8th grade teacher walking into a classroom of five and six year olds with the expectation that you’re going to teach them aerospace engineering.

Kindergarteners Are Born Engineers - STEM Lesson

6 Terrific Sites for Sourcing STEAM Learning Activities. Robotics Lesson Plans. Lesson Plans. ELA Candid Camera Lesson Plan Appropriate for grade levels ES to HS Combine Makey Makey with a webcam to create candid stories about your classroom.

Lesson Plans

In this lesson you can also learn how students can write out short tableaus and create GIF cards for visualizing ideas in a text or even vocabulary reinforcement.Tableaus also work for other contents. Social studies teachers can use this lesson for understanding historical events and science teachers could ask students to act out scientific ideas and concepts. Click here for the full lesson plan. Distance Rate and Time for Math/Science/Physics Appropriate for grade levels 8th to HS. KEVA planks. Makerspaces for Schools and Libraries. Sarah Margalus. Log into Facebook.

How and why you should turn all those pizza boxes into portable television studios for your students.

Earlier in the school year my students created whole-class videos using our large green screen studio. While I assigned students a variety of tasks (director, camera operator, acting coach), my students spent the majority of their time on the carpet as an audience member. At the end of these units I wondered how we could increase student ownership of the production. Could I have my students create a green screen movie without having to play the audience member for large portions of the time? Makerspaces, Maker Education, STEM, and STEAM are gaining lots of traction in Kindergarten though college level education.

Articles, resources on social media, and conference presentations on these topics are proliferating at a rate that most educators are now familiar with maker education. How to Run a Maker Madness Tourney at Your School by @AnnemarieCat - A.J. JULIANI. This is a guest-post written by a middle school teacher in my district, Annemarie Catalano.

How to Run a Maker Madness Tourney at Your School by @AnnemarieCat - A.J. JULIANI

This year has been a big push to create a “maker culture” within our district. One of the ways we wanted to help bring this culture into the fabric of our learning was to create a Maker Madness Tournament. The teachers at Centennial School District did a fantastic job in making this idea come to life. We held our first ever Maker Madness Tournament this past April (it ended with the Global Day of Design on May 2nd) with students in grades K-8 competing in grade level design challenges!

Annemarie Catalano, Mike Edney, Andy Doster and the rest of Log College Middle School were one of our schools that ran the Maker Madness Tourney. Elementary Library Makerspace Resources. Collaborative Resources created with Mrs.

Elementary Library Makerspace Resources

J in the Library Elementary Librarians to Follow STEM Facilitators in Elementary Amazing Professors Teaching Teachers/Librarians Best Resources for Elementary School Makerspaces Instagram. Activity Example - Digital Citizenship Superhero Challenge — Bloxels. Start Here. How to navigate The menu bar at the top of the page is a great place to start, as it contains some of the main information on the blog, including the About page, Our Makerspace Journey, links to presentations I have done, curated resources and contact information.

Start Here

You’ll find links to my social media pages, a search box to find specific articles, and categories. (Note: This menu bar doesn’t always show up on mobile devices) Whenever you’re looking at the blog feed or an individual post, you’ll see a sidebar on the right. This includes my social links, newsletter sign-up and blog e-mail subscription sign-up. KEVA planks. Untitled. Don’t Leave Learning Up to Chance: Framing and Reflection. Building a Makerspace Library. If You Let Them Build It, They Will Learn. History of Making The idea of ‘making’ in libraries has a long, rich history.

If You Let Them Build It, They Will Learn

I was able to trace it all the way back to 1873, to Gowanda, New York, where the Gowanda Ladies Social Society came together to knit, sew, socialize, and talk about books. In 1905, Frances Jenkins Olcott, the children’s department head at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, helped to establish home libraries in working-class houses, where she organized crafts such as sewing or basketry for local kids. In 1933, the Manitoba (Canada) Crafts Museum and Library was created as a meeting place and resource to connect people to crafts while both preserving the province’s cultural heritage and teaching students how to craft. In 1960, the Nebraska Public Library Commission hosted a variety of special activities, including creative arts, that were organized by area groups. ISLMA Virtual Maker Meet Up – Mattson's Musings. Today I had the opportunity to share some of my MakerSpace journey with librarians around the state of Illinois in a digital maker meet up!

ISLMA Virtual Maker Meet Up – Mattson's Musings

The Illinois School Library Media Association does wonderful work to connect school librarians across the state so that we can learn and grow with and from each other. You can access an archive of the entire Maker Meet Up here. Some #MakerSpace Resources – Mattson's Musings. Hello friends!

Some #MakerSpace Resources – Mattson's Musings

Like many of you, I have started dipping my toes into the MakerSpace waters. The Secret to Classroom Management in a Title I School - WeAreTeachers. I’ve been teaching middle school for twelve years. I’ve been in an urban school in which 99% of students receive free lunch for nine of those years. And I’ve tried a lot of classroom management strategies with varying degrees of success. Makerspace Resources. All the Makerspace resources you could hope for (and more) I first started learning about the Maker Movement in education and makerspaces in late 2013. Since then, I’ve been using this page to compile and curate some of the best articles, videos, blogs, books and other resources that have helped me along the way.

My hope is that you will consider this a go-to resource as you progress along your own Maker journey. No matter whether you’re just getting started with makerspaces or are looking to grow your program, there’s something here for you. WeDo Lego - Programing - Parkway Mobile Makerspaces. Cubelets - Modular Robotics - Parkway Mobile Makerspaces. Makey_Makey_Crowdsourced_Tutorial.docx. Makersmaken 50tools ENG. How to Create a Makerspace in any Space – The Tech Edvocate. Follett Learning, MakerSpaces in Your Library.

A Librarian's Guide to Makerspaces: 16 Resources. "There were more than 135 million adult makers, more than half of the total adult population in America, in 2015. " What is a makerspace? You’ve no doubt been hearing that word more than a few times over the past several years. Makerspaces, also called hackerspaces, hackspaces, and fablabs, are collaborative spaces where people gather to get creative with DIY projects, invent new ones, and share ideas. Since the first official makerspace convened six years ago in a library in upstate New York, libraries have remained an ideal setting for makerspace events across the country.

Many offer community resources like 3D printers, software, electronics, craft and hardware supplies, and more. There were more than 135 million adult makers, more than half of the total adult population in America, in 2015. Articles & Blog Posts on Makerspaces 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) Creating a Makerspace at Your School. In this webinar for the Leadership 3.0 community, New Jersey Library Media Specialist Laura Fleming introduced the Maker Movement and provided tips on how you can create a makerspace in your own school. An overview of makerspaces and how they foster experimentation, invention, creation, exploration, and STEM/STEAM-related concepts were examined.

Attendees learned about the Maker Movement and the role libraries are playing in it. View the webinar to gain practical applications and tips for establishing a makerspace at your own school. Earn your CE Certificate for viewing this recording: Join the free Leadership 3.0: Essential Skills for Innovative Leaders community on and take a quiz to receive a CE Certificate for viewing this webinar. Past webinars, presentation slides, and CE quizzes are available in the Webinar Archives folder of the Community Toolbox. K12 Lab Network Resource Guide, 2015 - Google Docs. How Librarians are Rockin’ the Makerspace Movement. Makerspaces in the Library. Login. Eli7095.