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5 Content Marketing Myths You Must Avoid in 2020. About a decade ago, blogging was becoming mainstream and transforming into a lucrative money-making opportunity.

5 Content Marketing Myths You Must Avoid in 2020

Soon enough businesses realized that they could also create a business blog, share their brand story, and build an audience. The contemporary content marketing industry had started taking shape. Fast forward to 2019, and Google trends show that the interest in content marketing has crossed blogging. How to Use Content Marketing to Build a Strong Business Brand? (Infographic) Establishing and solidifying a strong business brand is a crucial component to business success.

How to Use Content Marketing to Build a Strong Business Brand? (Infographic)

As the forefront of your business, it is important to carefully consider everything that makes up your brand image – from your color scheme to the logo and tagline. However, beyond just a sleek logo and catchy tagline, a strong brand help increases the value of your business, provide your people with a sense of purpose and motivation, and most importantly – makes acquiring new customers easier. While creating a good branding can be a very challenging and costly process, the presence of multiple digital platforms nowadays makes the task a lot more feasible. From social media and video sharing networks to search engines and mobile apps, there are now a plethora of different online platforms that can help small businesses to establish and promote their business brand more effectively and cost-efficiently.

Learn more about these tips by checking out the infographic below. The Seven Needs of the Content-Centric Marketing Organization, Part Four: Collect. Content Marketing ROI: The Truth about Short-Term vs. Long-Term. “I blog all the time and I’m not seeing any traffic — why bother?”

Content Marketing ROI: The Truth about Short-Term vs. Long-Term

Okay, there’s a lot wrong with that sentence. First of all, define “all the time.” Does that mean every few months, every month, weekly, daily — hourly? The fact is — and you can quote me on this — the truth about how long it takes to get noticed in your content marketing… hurts. The Painful Truth About Content Marketing ROI — and Why You Should Grin and Bear It Anyway The honest-to-goodness truth about content marketing ROI is you’re not going to see content success the moment you press the launch button on your website and post your first blog.

In fact, you’re not going to see success with your content in the first month — and maybe not even in the first year, depending on your post frequency (and the quality of your content, of course). Nope. If you’re looking for a significant return on investment (ROI), then you NEED to be in it for the long haul. 9 Emotional Hooks That Will Make Your Content 10x Better. What makes a piece of content compelling?

9 Emotional Hooks That Will Make Your Content 10x Better

The secret ingredient to awesome content isn’t a watertight argument or even a great concept. It’s emotion. People make most of their decisions based on how they’re feeling, whether they realize it or not. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing decisions. If your content hasn’t been converting the way you want it to, injecting some emotion could make all the difference. Forging positive connections with your audience won’t just increase sales – it will also promote brand loyalty down the road. Marketing de contenu: 11 conseils pour des résultats à long terme - Combustible. Si vous suivez nos articles de blogue depuis un moment, ce ne sera pas une découverte : nous portons une importance capitale au contenu, et bien sûr au contenu de qualité qui représente la base de toute stratégie marketing efficace sur le web.

Marketing de contenu: 11 conseils pour des résultats à long terme - Combustible

Il faut néanmoins comprendre qu’une stratégie de contenu se planifie sur le long terme car ce sont véritablement les efforts réguliers qui vous amèneront les résultats les plus intéressants en termes de génération de leads et de conversions. Pour vous aider dans votre travail au quotidien, nous avons regroupé 12 conseils qui vous permettront d’optimiser vos contenus et d’en tirer le meilleur ROI sur le long terme. 1. Créer de nouveaux types de contenus Tout d’abord, contenu ne veut pas forcément et uniquement dire articles de blogue. D’autres formats peuvent aussi être utilisés : des visuels, des infographies, des podcasts, des séries de courriels ou encore des boîtes à outils pertinentes pour vos cibles. 2. 3. Coschedule. Modern marketing is driven by storytelling. And storytelling is driven by creating a sound communications plan.

This entails developing a clear understanding of how you’ll reach the right audiences with the right messages to meaningfully move the needle for your organization. In this post, you’ll learn: The importance of having a communications strategy in the first place.How to document your plan from start to finish (with a downloadable template).And how to execute that plan effectively. Best of all, we’ll keep everything simple and actionable enough to start putting this process into practice quickly without cutting corners. DOWNLOAD: Communications Plan Template Save time documenting your strategy with this downloadable template.

Les meilleures pratiques du Content Marketing. Inbound Marketing in 2018: A 13-Point Checklist for a Powerful... Get Over Your Creativity Block With These 20 Social Media Content Ideas. Content - Seven Easy Tactics for Generating Content Marketing Ideas : MarketingProfs Article. Over 2 million blog posts are published each day.

Content - Seven Easy Tactics for Generating Content Marketing Ideas : MarketingProfs Article

No wonder many marketers struggle with inventing fresh content ideas to fuel their marketing efforts. Yet, 99% marketers agree that a constant supply of inventive ideas is critical to marketing success, according to research conducted by content marketing expert Jean Spencer. So, here are seven tactics to help you overcome your idea-generation hurdles. 1. Rédiger un cahier des charges content marketing. Les 3 tendances du content marketing.