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The Science of Storytelling. You’ve heard that storytelling is important in business, and in life.

The Science of Storytelling

That it’s a powerful tool that has lasting impact. But why is that? And how can you become better at it? Below, we’ll explain the effect of storytelling on our brain, and then give you five tips on how to become a better storyteller. Have you ever been in an audience when someone is telling a story on stage? It’s not magic. If we were to put you in an MRI machine and tell you facts (like this one!) But in a study at Princeton University, scientists found that, when you listen to a well-told story, the parts of your brain that respond are those that would if you were inside the story.

Even more impressive: this effect also happens to the person telling the story. One explanation for this is mirror neurons. When someone is telling a story and our brains respond as if we are inside the story ourselves, we feel a powerful connection to the storyteller. The Secret Behind How The New York Times Creates Viral Articles. This guest post is written by Robby Smith.

The Secret Behind How The New York Times Creates Viral Articles

Robby is on the Science of People Team and is working toward his certification as a Certified Body Language Trainer and Coach. You can connect with him on LinkedIn. Have you ever wondered what makes a story so compelling? Or why certain stories go viral? At the Science of People, we were curious and wanted to know the true ingredient of a powerful story. One of the Largest The New York Times is a media giant. And digitally, they have it dialed in. (statistic numbers from Statista) Most Emailed Ok, NYT is huge—how can we learn from them? The Most Popular list includes: Most EmailedMost Shared on FacebookMost Searched on the webMost Tweeted You can also view which top articles have been trending over the ‘Last 24 hours’, ‘Last 7 days’, and the ‘Last 30 days’. So Vanessa asked me back in October of 2015 if I could archive NYT’s ‘Most Emailed’ on a spreadsheet and see which articles are trending every week.

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Stories. Mind Mapping. Design Tips. How To Move People With Your Story. How to Tell a Great Story. We tell stories to our coworkers and peers all the time — to persuade someone to support our project, to explain to an employee how he might improve, or to inspire a team that is facing challenges. It’s an essential skill, but what makes a compelling story in a business context? And how can you improve your ability to tell stories that persuade? What the Experts Say In our information-saturated age, business leaders “won’t be heard unless they’re telling stories,” says Nick Morgan, author of Power Cues and president and founder of Public Words, a communications consulting firm.

“Facts and figures and all the rational things that we think are important in the business world actually don’t stick in our minds at all,” he says. But stories create “sticky” memories by attaching emotions to things that happen. Start with a message Every storytelling exercise should begin by asking: Who is my audience and what is the message I want to share with them? Principles to Remember Do: Social Media Storytelling Formulas: 11 Quick-Fire Ways to Create Your Stories. Legendary marketer, Seth Godin, describes marketing as “the art of telling a story that resonates with your audience and then spreads.”

Social Media Storytelling Formulas: 11 Quick-Fire Ways to Create Your Stories

If you look at some of the biggest brands around, you might notice that they are often amazing storytellers. Apple tells stories of people challenging the normsNike tells stories of people doing the impossibleAirbnb tells stories of travelers living in homes around the world and belonging anywhere. But how do you tell compelling stories? How do you tell stories that your audience wants to hear? And how do you tell your brand story? While researching on the topic of storytelling, I discovered several tested-and-proven storytelling formulas — formulas used by companies like Pixar, Apple, and more.

These formulas can be applied to your company’s overall marketing, content you produce, social media updates, copy on your website, and more. 27 Best Copywriting Formulas: How to Tell a Captivating Story Online. You’ve heard it said that storytelling is an essential element to drawing the reader into your content and driving more engagement.

27 Best Copywriting Formulas: How to Tell a Captivating Story Online

So how can you add this element to the blogposts you write? Can you fit a captivating story into a social media update, even one that’s 140 characters long? Here’s the great news: There’s a formula for that. Many storytellers and copywriters have tested out the best intros and segues to draw readers to a piece of content. Their copywriting formulas just plain work—in blogpost intros, in social updates, in emails, and anywhere else you might happen to write online.

Here are 27 of the best ones I’ve heard. Identity. Personal Brand. Multimedia Storytelling. Moonlite - A Bedtime Story Projector For Your Mobile Phone by Natalie Rebot. Kickstarter Collections Projects We Love Saved Trending Nearly Funded Just Launched Everything Categories.

Moonlite - A Bedtime Story Projector For Your Mobile Phone by Natalie Rebot