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Tourists in London. At the souvenir shop Dad: -Ok, kids.

Tourists in London

You can both choose one souvenir each from this store. Kid 1: – But, what if I find two things I want? Dad: – Then you’ll have to choose one of them. Kid 1: – But Dad! Dad: – No buts, now go see if there’s anything you’d like to have. Kid 2: – Look dad, I’ve found a miniature model of Big Ben. Top 10 Things To Do In London. Window on Britain School. Why these UK school kids love learning languages. UK Countries 5-7 – Fick inte ha shorts – svarade med kjolar. Värmeböljan över Storbritannien har lett till att många börjar ifrågasätta klädkoder – och femtio pojkar i Devon bestämde sig för att protestera mot sina skoluniformer, rapporterar Devon Live.

Fick inte ha shorts – svarade med kjolar

De senaste veckorna har Storbritannien sköljts över av värme. Aftonbladet rapporterade nyligen om Joey, som valde att komma till jobbet i klänning och på så vis fick sin arbetsgivare att byta ut klädkoderna för varma dagar. Liknande problem har plågat många skolpojkar – eftersom elever i Storbritannien har skoluniform. Efter att de hade fått höra att de skulle straffas om de hade på sig shorts bestämde sig femtio pojkar vid skolan ISCA Academy i Exeter för att protestera. – Deras rektor hade sagt att ”ni kan ha kjol på er om ni vill”, men jag tror hon var sarkastisk, säger en av pojkarnas mammor till Devon Live.

Men barnen tog henne på orden. ”De förtjänar publicitet eftersom de försöker ifrågasätta en absurd regel”, skriver en person på Twitter. Men ännu har inget beslut tagits. UK. London. Scotland Castles: The History of Castles across Rugged Terrain - Exploring Castles. This is Scotland. You are Welcome. Beautiful Scotland - Aerial / Drone Showreel. This is London. This is Britain - School. Facts and information about London. London Primary Teaching Resources and Printables. London ⋆ A Virtual Trip to London - A student activity. A Weekend in London This page is aimed at students learning about England.

A Virtual Trip to London - A student activity

Airport You arrive at one of the three main London airports. Which airport would you arrive at from your country? How will you travel to London? How much does it cost you? Find out here. This is Britain Food. Tourists in London – – Dialoger på engelska. INTRODUCTION. LONDON TOUR GUIDE - ACTIVITIES-arkiv - Themework. Tour of London. Tour guide: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this fantastic tour of London by bus.

Tour of London

My name’s Greg and I’m your guide this afternoon on our tour of London. As you can see, we’re on an open-top bus, so you can see all the attractions from your seat and you don’t need to walk anywhere. And please don’t worry about the rain, I’m sure it’ll stop soon. A-a-and please ask any questions at any time.Tourist 1: I have a question.Tour guide: Yes? Tourist 1: Do you have extra umbrellas? VisitLondon virtual tour. London (for beginners) The City of London. This is the River Thames.

The City of London

It is almost 346 kilometres long, and is the second longest river in Great Britain. It flows through London, and it’s this part of the river that most tourists see. But there’s more to the Thames than a trip down the river. The Romans built a settlement on the River Thames, and over the centuries it grew into the City of London, with a huge port. Ships from around the world brought food, goods and people to the capital. But by the 1980s, most of the docks had closed and the area became run-down. A lot of money has been invested in this huge riverside area. The old warehouses are now attractive apartments. People also enjoy living on the water! Nick: Hi, Alistair. Alistair: Hey, Nick, welcome aboard. Nick: Thank you. Alistair: I love being close to the water. Nick: What’s it like to live on a boat?

Alistair: In the summer, it’s beautiful. Nick: Could you give me a tour?