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English speaking countries

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USA. 21 Accents. United Kingdom. Around The World. Fun Country Facts for Kids - Interesting Trivia & Information. English Conquers the World ⋆ About This theme page presents lesson plans and materials to learn about how the English Language Conquered the World in year 5-9 of Swedish Compulsory School Related topics: English Speaking Countries, London, New York City English Speaking Countries A list of 87 countries where English is spoken as a first or an official second language, See the interactive map below! Warm-up Chapters English Conquers the World A traditional reading chapter about how English started spreading around the worldEnglish Conquers Activities Comprehension and language activities to go with the text (year 8-9) Reading English Conquers the World EZ An easier version of the original chapter (year 5-7) Listening Jay Walker: The world’s English mania | TED Talk | (4:34) My Secret Land: Nancy – UR Nancy berättar om sig själv och sitt hemland.

Viewing Research Project Feedback> Around the world. English Speaking Countries - Kimstudies. 4º- ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES. New Zealand.