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Revolutionize Your Event with Whova - My Event Apps. Whova, a mobile apps especially used by working professionals for purposes like networking in conferences/expos, business events, community gatherings, and individual meetings.

Revolutionize Your Event with Whova - My Event Apps

The is quite beneficial in gaining insights on people with whom you interact or meet at events, conferences, and other business occasions. Though, there are numerous mobile app for event, however the Whova tops. Why Do People Love Apple SO Much? - helpingapps. Ever since from its launch in 2007, the Apple iPhone banged the smartphone industry, still continues to hit the market with the latest and unique feature, changing the overall persona of mobile industry.

Why Do People Love Apple SO Much? - helpingapps

Though, iPhone comes in expensive price and not fits everyone's pocket, the fan following do not experience any drop. Rather with time the popularity and fan following continues to increase. People are crazy for this phone, eagerly waits for its new launch and excitingly loves to explore the addition feather. At every launch, iPhone leaves users speechless with its distinguished features. Fitbit Charge 2 : The best all-around activity tracker. How LinkedIn is helping business grow?

Well, when we talk about LinkedIn, it more sounds like finding job opportunities, references and creating networks.

How LinkedIn is helping business grow?

However, it also provides a great platform to grow your business in numerous ways. On LinkedIn, you get to connect with thousand of mentors, offering plethora of amazing advice that helps in outstanding strategy in your product development, sales, marketing and team building. Whether you are looking to boost your business or increase your sale’s efficiency, here are some of the LinkedIn specialty that can help you to build your business: LinkedIn help in advanced search, resulting in quick visibility: In the process of generating sales, the first part involve how to find your customer. Blog - Nov. 21, 2016 With time there has been a robust growth in the smartphone usage, it is predicted that by 2020 the no will be pushing to 2.87 billion.

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With this, world will be witnessing a radical change in the field of mobile development. Many of us can state that it will be a golden era for all the business stakeholders. Presently the whole world is available in few clicks, touch, scroll it may be food, clothes, gifts or others. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Health Apps. Wearable AC-Heater is The Best Travel Gadget this Year. 5 Mobile Payment Apps for Small Business. The advanced technology has given out so many blessing, where you can access your business and service sitting anywhere and anytime.

5 Mobile Payment Apps for Small Business

Likewise, with business and services flourishing on mobile apps, now advanced payment options are available. However, there are many fraudulent occurring in the same. The top notch brands don’t let their customer to compromise on security, so many trustworthy apps are available for payment where you will feel secure while making or receiving payment. Let’s have a look on some of the safe and trusted Mobile Payment Apps that are really worth: Square: What is the Future Evolution of M-Commerce? The Best Free Apps to Help You Lose Weight - Healthcare & Fitness. Fitness come first and above all, so following a fitness trend in life is a crucial thing.

The Best Free Apps to Help You Lose Weight - Healthcare & Fitness

The smartphone world has made people to have eye on their health by introducing different healthcare app. With the health apps, staying fit is now easily possible in your hectic time schedule too and at the same time do not burn your pocket. When it comes to fitness, then losing weight comes first, in the hast life people are so careless about diet, to save time most of you prefers to have pizza, burgers, finger chip and etc. Unhealthy diet is reason for instant weight gain. But if you are following exercise and workout it can help you to be in shape.

Google's new Driving App available for all Smartphones. Blog - Nov. 11, 2016 Facebook onOctober 7th announced the launch of a Standalone iOS App that lets users of the social network directly access its "Events" features.

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"Today we're announcing Events from Facebook, a new app we designed for event seekers who are passionate about keeping up with nearby events and finding things to do with their friends. Whether you're looking for something to attend this weekend or just wondering what's happening in your area, Events will help get you there. " said Facebook in its announcement. Tips for a successful M-Commerce Strategy. Healthy Apps. 4 ways Social Media Marketing help Businesses - Your Social App - SocialApp. Blog - Nov. 11, 2016 Travelling is always joyful but the most stressful thing is planning the journey.

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Luckily, mobile apps are making this task easy. From trip planner and itinerary generator to online booking for flights and hotels there has been flooded apps on stores to ensure your trip goes smoothly. Here we got you some of the apps which can help you during your journey. Airbnb. UMANG, the master App for Government Services - Govt-Mob's Blog. Umang, a master app proposed by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi to execute smooth run for government services.

UMANG, the master App for Government Services - Govt-Mob's Blog

The project or the app is named UMANG (Unified Mobile App for New-age Governance). The app was proposed with the aim to integrate almost 200 government services such as passport services, land records, income tax, e-Post, Women safety, etc. The increasing smartphone users, the government is planning to introduce their several services on app, an SMS service, and IVR. With the technology driven Digital India, Govt. is all set to come up, as make e-governance, so that people can avail the services without any hassle or inconvenience.

How an Android App can make your Journey easier? - My Event Apps. Being a passionate travel lover, I used to travel a lot, exploring new and adventure land excites me.

How an Android App can make your Journey easier? - My Event Apps

Tripping and biking was never so easy, as it seems now a days. Either you are visiting a new city for business purpose or fun, you can now explore the happening spot of the city to relax and meet old pals or new friends. Well, your smartphone is best companion that will accompany your journey smoothly. Today, plethora of apps available, so you can choose the best suitable app from the app stores. 5 reasons why Apple's iPhones beat Google Android Smartphones - Mobi App Dev - Mobi-App blog. Your Mobile Apps Travel Guide. 5 Best Practices of Android App Development for Sure Shot Success. Things to keep in mind while Developing a Mobile App for Business. In today’s world mobile apps have established a robust platform enabling your business to make large user base which has quick tendency to promote business interests. And, here you can generate increased profits in your business. The app runs in your mobile devices, and allows with existing you to reach and engage potential customers, to keep them abreast of all your business aspects.

As you know apps play an important role in delivering a successful business result, therefore there are numerous things to keep in mind while developing a Mobile app for your business. Here are some of the important points to look upon: Market Research: Android Nougat: 14 brand-new Features that'll make you want to Update. Tactics to Increase your Play Store App Downloads - Mobi App Blog - Mobi-App blog. Native vs Hybrid Apps: Security Aspects. Benefits of App/Play Store Videos for increased Sales. High Conversion Rate: If you create app store videos the sale conversion rate is very high. You can draw an clear idea about any app watching Video, and therefore you can react within a second whether you need the app or not.

Videos can help in fast conversion of sale. Instant Precise and useful information: A an effective video conveys your apps story and helps in sharing your thoughts in an outstanding way.