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5 Best Practices of Android App Development for Sure Shot Success. Things to keep in mind while Developing a Mobile App for Business. In today’s world mobile apps have established a robust platform enabling your business to make large user base which has quick tendency to promote business interests.

Things to keep in mind while Developing a Mobile App for Business

And, here you can generate increased profits in your business. The app runs in your mobile devices, and allows with existing you to reach and engage potential customers, to keep them abreast of all your business aspects. As you know apps play an important role in delivering a successful business result, therefore there are numerous things to keep in mind while developing a Mobile app for your business. Here are some of the important points to look upon: Market Research: A proper and accurate market research is must before you starts to develop application.

Pricing of App: While developing app, pricing is one of the challenging task which needs extra attention. Know your Target Audience: Before app development, having an understanding about the audience and their need is quite essential. Marketing Strategy: Conclusion: Like this: Need of Android App Maintenance for Retail Business Stores - Mobiloitte Blog. The brick and click model of retail may have given retail business stores a run for their money but customers are still seeking a personal experience while shopping rather than an online experience.

Need of Android App Maintenance for Retail Business Stores - Mobiloitte Blog

The retail business stores owners are providing a premium customer experience by aiding the inside store shopping experience with a help of an app. These apps are providing assisted shopping to the digital age shoppers. Who’s using mHealth Apps and How? - Medicos. The major transformation can be seen in healthcare industry, as more and more advanced data is becoming available with the apps.

Who’s using mHealth Apps and How? - Medicos

The trusted mobile health apps and reliable information is consistently successful in engaging users. Further, survey reveals that, time is not far when people will prefer app resource over physicians. The fitness trend and work ease of health specialist has made mHealth apps popular. The use of mobile devices by healthcare professionals (HCPs) has transformed many aspects of clinical practice. Travel With Android — How Mobile App benefits Travel and Tourism... Who’s using mHealth Apps and How? - Medicos. "Lightroom" helping in Importing Raw file onto your Android Phone - SocialMobWork. Lightroom is one of the essential tool that help in organizing, editing, and sharing your photography in your Android Phone.

"Lightroom" helping in Importing Raw file onto your Android Phone - SocialMobWork

Well, you can also use lightroom on your computer, iPad and iPhone. With time, developers are working to upgrade lightroom to accord the advanced technology. Recently, addition of legit RAW editing has been introduced in Lightroom, following an iOS implementation somewhere in July. This new feature is quite helpful, the photography and selfie trend has overdrawn the craze for pics. Therefore your photo library grows everyday, now you can quickly find any photo based on when you took it, where you took it, and who is in the photo. Note taking Apps to make Daily Work easier. Evernote:- Evernote is one of the most liked note taking apps which is available for a wide range of platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac and PC .

Note taking Apps to make Daily Work easier

It lets you dictate or manually enter notes, you can create to-do-lists and many more. The app got a great feature which i like is it got text identification feature which can easily recognize and index printed - and even hand written text. This helps a user to search for any specific words, it may be a PDF, typed memo scrawled on a paper. Download it for FREE (Android, iOS) OneNote:- Stop pop-ups on Android & speed Web Browsing. Technology, hand in hand with advantages, also comes with some demerits.

Stop pop-ups on Android & speed Web Browsing

Now a days, pop-ups on Android is common threat which end up decreasing the browsing speed of smartphones. The number of Android apps infected with malware in Google’s Play store nearly quadrupled between 2012 and 2014. The number score is now expected to grow largely. Whenever you download a game on your smartphone, the other day you can see you automatically hit the fourth page, an ad popped up. You ignores it, then close it out and continues to play closing the ads.

10 Tech skills to hire Android Google Application Programmers - Mobiloitte Blog. The number of Android users crossed the 1.4 billion user mark in 2015 itself and the Android share of the global mobile operating system market crossed 87.5% in 2016.

10 Tech skills to hire Android Google Application Programmers - Mobiloitte Blog

There are over 4000 Android devices with more than 400 Android device manufacturers. The advent of wearable technology will further fuel the growth of Android devices. All these numbers indicate the existence of a massive user base for Android applications. To seize the opportunities existing in Android market you would be planning to hire Android Google application programmers. Role of Mobile App Scalability for sustaining Users on App - Mobiloitte Blog. The paradigm shift from desktop to mobile internet is already taking place.

Role of Mobile App Scalability for sustaining Users on App - Mobiloitte Blog

Mobile apps are becoming preferred choice for paying bills, buying things, entertainment, booking tickets, travel advising, and searching products and services. As the number of Smartphone users are increasing at a staggering pace throughout the globe, mobile phone applications are receiving more number of active users. Facebook has 1.1 billion mobile daily active users which give a glimpse of the user base of most popular apps. How Swift betters Objective-C for iPhone Developer Services - Mobiloitte Blog. More and more iPhone developer services providers are choosing Swift over Objective-C to develop path breaking iPhone Applications.

How Swift betters Objective-C for iPhone Developer Services - Mobiloitte Blog

Swift was designed to be a modern programming language which is less error prone and more precise as compared to Objective-C. Swift has addressed many loopholes which exist in Objective-C. Following are the key advantages of using Swift over Objective-C. Lesser Code. How Android and iOS Mobile App can take your Business to another Level - businessonmobile. Today, in order to drive your business to the next level of success, understanding the importance of mobile applications may help you boost your business.

How Android and iOS Mobile App can take your Business to another Level - businessonmobile

The increased usage of mobile phone and apps are giving an excellent platform to engage your mobile customers easily. No doubt, Apps are of great necessity to maintain your online business as it go handy, users are becoming more and more dependent on it. Keeping user engagement is easy on mobiles as compared to desktop. At present, there are two platform, i.e. Android and iOS, on which apps are developed depending upon the business need. UX! – The Importance of the User Experience – Mobility Solution. The User Experience refers to activities carried by user when they try to connect with your business or organisation via your mobile website, mobile application or online communications. The things covered in user experience includes everything the see, hear and do as well as their reviews positive or negative.

However, poor user experience is the recent concern area for most of the company as almost all business hold an online platform to engage traffic and derive success. 10 way to increase the user engagement & retention for your App - Mobi-App blog. Top 5 Reasons a Small Business Should Develop a Mobile App - buzmob-solution. The high end technology is attributing a new horizon to the business sector. No matter, if you own a small business or gigantic, don't allow your mind mislead that mobile apps are in favor of brand only. Today, numerous small and midsize businesses have stepped into mobile trend. Introducing effective mobile strategy that easily temps the users in way that will yield more productivity, is an crucial task. Clutch, a business-to-business research and review company, found that nearly half of small businesses plans to have a mobile app by 2017 with the increasing popularity of apps.

In this article, let's point out some key reasons why should small business go with mobile app: Engage yourself with the customers: Is a mobile app better than a mobile website - buzmob-solution. In this era of techno-war, business are starving to gain ample no. of customers in their ward. No doubt, mobile apps are doing wonder in making business easier and at a single glance to view. However, it's not totally correct to state that mobile app alone has changed the brand popularity.

Earlier, people were dependent on Desktop as well as Mobile enabled website for their business meets. Top 5 Best Apps To Save Snapchat Photos, Videos And Stories On IOS / Android - buzmob-solution. Snapchat, one of the popular app, hyped by teenager enables user to chat, share videos, photos and stories. This app pose an unique feather where the post, messages, photos and video disappears within 24 hour from the upload time. However, one wants to download pictures, photos or video, then the use might have face some complexities.

As the application is popular, everyone is looking a way out for the smooth and easy download. This article will lead you towards some outstanding applications that will help you to save photos, videos, stories and post on snapchat. Moreover, these options are available for both iOS and Android platform: Blog - Oct. 25, 2016 From decades, technology has revised and now the updated version of this can be clearly viewed with the bang of mobile app trend. Mobile apps trend is common in almost every industry as it is helping business to generate huge profit. From past few year the healthcare industry was looking out for transformation coupled with new technology. Currently, healthcare industry has expanded to a great extent, constituting approx 1,50,500 apps.

Simple and effective healthcare apps are introduced time to time, considering exact requisite of people who deals in the same industry. Manage Events using a smart Event Management App. Google Play Store Redesign for Developers and Revenue. With number of tech trends, today I am writing on the latest advancement Google is making with their Android Play Store. Travel With Android — 6 Ways to Use your Smartphone When you Travel. Are mHealth Apps actually having a positive effect on users’ Health? - Medicos. mHealth, Apps. 9 Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help You Plan for 2017 - socialmobwork. Are you a business or a technology enthusiast who have a keen interest in knowing about the future of Smartphones?? Top 5 Android games of 2016.

Gaming is one of the craze buzz on mobile phone, whether it's kid or middle age person, gaming trend on mobile is very common. Time to time, games has been improving to give new level of excitement and user friendly approach to the player. In this article, let's explore latest games that are stealing heart of people. Android Apps Development Strategy for Developing Markets - Mobiloitte Blog.

In the third quarter of 2015, 84.7 percent of all smartphones sold were equipped with Android OS. 5 Ways to Add Value to Your Business through User Experience (UX) First concern while a business setup must be user experience, if you overlook this very concern, then your startup may turn out to be failure. In order to increase your user engagement with your product or services, positive user experiences lead to increased drastic effect and smooth engagement and faster growth.

Easy Adoption: As you know, technology is not confined to certain level, rather time to time it keeps on changing to satisfy the existing meets. Blog - Nov. 4, 2016 Healthcare sector is on the new digitization journey accompanied by major tech companies. Revenue your Android App can Generate for your Business. How a Mobile App for your Shopping Business can help drive Sales?

Client Tips during iOS Application Development project - Mobiloitte Blog. The application development process requires the active participation of the client to move the project in the right direction and get the desired outcome from the project. Mobile Gaming Strategy for iPad App Development - Mobiloitte Blog. iPad is very different from iPhone as it is of the size of a book and not built to be used as a mobile phone. The approach game developers take while developing games for Apple devices is to develop a game for iPhone and increase the graphic fidelity to make it available for iPads.

The game developers take this escape route of porting the content of an iPhone game for iPad. Must have Skills for an iOS App Developer to Hire - Mobiloitte Blog. Must have Skills for an iOS App Developer to Hire - Mobiloitte Blog. Pros: Digitizing Transportation with real-time Data Sync on Cloud - Mobiloitte Blog. Do Bots really have Productive Scope in Education Vertical? - Mobiloitte Blog. Native or Web-Based? Selecting the Right Approach for Your Mobile App. ​How to Build a Mobile App for Your Business in 13 Easy Steps - Mobi-App blog.

Native App vs Web App: A Future without apps. Factors to Boost In-App Engagement: App Development Grey area - Mobiloitte Blog. Factors to Boost In-App Engagement: App Development Grey area - Mobiloitte Blog. Why you need Custom Business App Solution to Manage Work Processing? - Mobiloitte Blog. How is Digital revolutionizing the Education landscape? - Mobiloitte Blog. Mobility with Finance: Why it is a smart move for CFOs? - Mobiloitte Blog. Why is Kids Education App a good investment for Startups to Earn? - Mobiloitte Blog. Cloud and IoT Apps for error-free Publishing and Increased Production - Mobiloitte Blog. What is a Web App, Hybrid App or Native App - Which is the Best for Your Mobile App Idea? What is a Web App, Hybrid App or Native App - Which is the Best for Your Mobile App Idea? Native apps vs Hybrid apps: Which one should you choose and why? App store optimization on google play for Higher Downloads.

Magna - Native App or Responsive Website? Which one’s better? iOS 10 Features You'll Want to Use - TechNotes Blog - TCEA. iOS 10 Features You'll Want to Use - TechNotes Blog - TCEA. iOS 10 Release Date, Features, News And Everything We Know. Tips To Choose The Best Platform For Your App – 9cortech. Cross-Platform Framework Comparison: Xamarin vs Titanium vs PhoneGap - Optimus Information Inc.

Phone Gap - The coolest mobile app development framework. Mobile UX Design: Key Principles. Do you Need Bots for your Business? The Shiny Side of Bots. 10 biggest Mistakes while designing Apps' UI/UX. Google Event – Sneak Peek of Google’s Hardware Product Line. How is IoT helping Businesses Solutions ramp-up Services? How do Apps go viral? Best Practices for App Marketing. Real Life Scenarios of How IoT Support Sales for FMCG Marketplaces. 15 Best Apps Like Tinder for Android and iOS - Ashik Tricks.

Top 6 Reasons to Redesign Your Business Website. Top 6 Reasons to Redesign Your Business Website. 23% of Users Abandon an App After One Use. Tech in Asia - Connecting Asia's startup ecosystem. Modern Mobile Website Design Trends 2016. 5 Most Popular Trends In Mobile Apps Design- 2016 - Oodles Studio. What Does the Internet of Things Mean for Small Business? 10 biggest Startup Mistakes to learn from a successful Business - Mobiloitte Blog. What you should focus on while choosing the best mobile app development platform. What you should focus on while choosing the best mobile app development platform.

Reasons to Choose the Android Platform for Apps Development. Why Shopping Businesses need to Integrate IoT in stores to drive more Sales? - Mobiloitte Blog. How IoT is a Boon to remove Event Management Hustle? - Mobiloitte Blog. Real-life Scenarios: How Retail Stores Boost Revenue with IoT? - Mobiloitte Blog. How Medical Practitioners and Patients benefit from IoT? - Mobiloitte Blog. Tablets Used To Improves Patient Experience. Who Is Matt? Matt Johnson Productions. Xiaomi’s phenomenal growth spells trouble for these firms. MindMeister reveals the future of cloud-based mind mapping. Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A Mobile App - buzmob-solution. Keep track of your Training with the best Fitness Tracker Apps. The Best iPhone Apps For Runners.

How to Optimize your Mobile Commerce site for better Search engine results? How Automating Manufacturing Processes with IoT Enhances Production? - Mobiloitte Blog. How IoT is changing the face of Hospitality? Let's see How. Branded Mobile App for a Shopping Mall equals Higher Footfall - Mobiloitte Blog. 5 Coolest Piece of Wearable Tech at New York Fashion Week - Mobiloitte Blog. Future opportunities which a business can enjoy with a m-commerce app. Privacy risks associated with Mobile Health and Fitness Apps.

Health and Technology - The 5 best Apps for Life - The 5 best Apps for Life. Incredible Event Management Apps which you shall not ignore. Blog - What to Expect while Upgrading iPhone to iOS 10? - Mobiloitte Blog. Why IoT to build Next Generation of Real Estate? - Mobiloitte Blog. 5 Best Android Apps To Hide Photos And Videos – Mobility Solution.