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Junior School and Gawura Library

Home to everything for hearts that love, minds that grow and lives that live.

All-stage resources

Christian resources. PDH. Parent resources. Teacher Resources. Early Stage 1 English: Themes. Early Stage 1 History: Personal and Family Histories. Early Stage 1 Science: Paddock to Plate. Stage 1 English: Informative texts (zoo animals and plants) Stage 1 History: Present and Past Family Life. Stage 1 History: Technology / Transport. Stage 1 Science : Look! Listen!

Stage 1 Science: Material World. Year 2 - Research skills. Infants: Perspectives. Stage 2 Geography: Places are similar and different. Stage 2 History: ANZAC Day. Stage 2 History: Community and Remembrance.

Stage 2 Science: Earth and space (day and night)

Stage 2 Science: Feathers, Fur and Fins. Stage 2 Science: Movement. Stage 2: Perspectives. Stage 3 English: Advertisements and Information text. Stage 3 English: Literature circles. Stage 3 Geography: The Northern Territory. Stage 3 History: Australia as a Nation. Stage 3: Perspectives.