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Aboriginal seasons

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Nyoongar calendar - Indigenous Weather Knowledge. Nyoongar calendar Nyoongar Nyoongar country spans from Leeman in the northwest to beyond Cape Arid in the southeast, in the southwest of Australia.

Nyoongar calendar - Indigenous Weather Knowledge

The Nyoongar calendar includes six seasons. Permission to use the Nyoongar seasonal calendar is granted by "South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council". Research and content by Jason Barrow. In the southwest of Australia, the Nyoongar seasonal calendar includes six different seasons in a yearly cycle These are Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba and Kambarang. The Nyoongar seasons can be long or short and are indicated by what is happening and changing around us rather than by dates on a calendar. This six season calendar is extremely important to Nyoongar people, as it is a guide to what nature is doing at every stage of the year, as well as understanding respect for the land in relation to plant and animal fertility cycles and land and animal preservation.

For more information on Nyoongar culture visit Kaartdijin Noongar—Noonjar Knowledge. Indigenous Seasons - Classroom - BTN. These guys are learning about the seasons.

Indigenous Seasons - Classroom - BTN

But not the ones you'd recognise. Uncle Lewis: You've got to say it 3 times, Warltati. KIDS: Warltati, Warltati, Warltati. Uncle Lewis: Good, that's summer. Uncle Lewis and Aunty Suzanne have paid these guys a visit to teach them all about the Kaurna seasons. Torres Strait Islands Weather Seasons Wheel (Interactive) - Crackerjack Education. Indigenous torres strait weather calendar. Torres Strait. The Torres Strait is Australia's northern-most frontier, stretching from the tip of Queensland to the southern shores of Papua New Guinea.

Torres Strait

There are over 200 islands scattered throughout the Torres Strait, and of these 17 are inhabited. The Torres Strait is 150 kilometres across and joins the Coral Sea to the east with the Arafura Sea to the west. Thursday Island, the main administrative centre for the Torres Strait, is the gateway to a diverse culture and vast region. The central islands are picture perfect coral cays; while in the east majestic mountains rise from the ocean. In the far north you'll find a cluster of islands which continue the tradition of trade with PNG coastal villages.

Languages The following information is an excerpt from an article which appeared in Islander Magazine in May 2011 titled Many Languages One Voice by Torres Strait Islander linguist, Dana Ober. Kala Lagaw Ya Meriam Mir Mer dialect (Mer, Waier and Dauar) Erub dialect (Erub and Ugar) Yumplatok Links. Indigenous seasons calendars. Indigenous Weather Knowledge. Indigenous Weather Knowledge: D'harawal Calendar. Indigenous Weather Knowledge - Bureau of Meteorology. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have developed an intricate understanding of the environment over many thousands of years.

Indigenous Weather Knowledge - Bureau of Meteorology

Artist: Laurie Nilsen. Indigenous Weather Knowledge - Indigenous Seasonal Descriptions. Australia's climate is diverse.

Indigenous Weather Knowledge - Indigenous Seasonal Descriptions

Monsoon tropics, desert, savannah, alpine and temperate regions can all be found in various locations. The sheer diversity of ecological zones can't be meaningfully simplified to a rigid European seasonal calendar for the entire continent. Aboriginal people inhabit regions that are geographically and ecologically distinct. Brambuk - The National Park & Cultural Centre. Indigenous seasons across northern Australia. Twelve Canoes. My Home in Kakadu (Video) - Crackerjack Education. My Home in Kakadu is a contemporary cultural story from a traditional owner of the Kakadu region that takes you on a journey through the amazing landscapes of Kakadu National Park.

My Home in Kakadu (Video) - Crackerjack Education

Learn about weather seasons, bush foods and hunting skills still alive in modern Australia. The story is read by Torres Strait Islander Mr Charles Jia. RESOURCE CATEGORY TAGS:Bush Tucker, Magabala Books, Native Animals, Videos. Our Seasons. Miriwoong calendar - Indigenous Weather Knowledge - Bureau of Meteorology. Miriwoong The Miriwoong calendar has three major seasons, covering the hot, wet, and cold times of year.

Miriwoong calendar - Indigenous Weather Knowledge - Bureau of Meteorology

The land of the Miriwoong and Gajirrabeng people covers a wide area with Kununurra being the heart of Miriwoong land. Permission to share this knowledge has been granted by the Mirima Council. Go to the Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring Language and Culture Centre website for more information. Banbai calendar - Indigenous Weather Knowledge - Bureau of Meteorology. Banbai calendar Banbai The Wattleridge Indigenous Protected Area covers 650 hectares of woodlands and forests on granite soils, home to an amazing diversity of plants and animals.

Banbai calendar - Indigenous Weather Knowledge - Bureau of Meteorology

Aboriginal seasons guided by the land : Features. Aboriginal seasons guided by the land Unlike the European calendar, there are six Nyoongar seasons in Western Australia’s South West region, which are indicated by changes in local plants and animals.

Aboriginal seasons guided by the land : Features

Learn how to pick the change of seasons with thishandy guide. Traditionally Nyoongar people hunted and gathered food according to the seasons, being guided by the signs in nature as to which animal and plant resources were plentiful at those times. ECU Cultural Awareness Officer Jason Barrow explains thetraditions and environmental indicators in the South West region of Western Australia for each of the Nyoongar seasons.

The Australian Christmas Tree is flowering during Birak season. Birak (December - January) During Birak season the rain eases and the warm weather really starts to take hold. Traditionally this was the fire season. There are many fledglings venturing out of nests in Birak, though some are still staying close to their parents such as magpies and parrots. Djeran (April – May) 5 Seasons (2004) clip 1 on ASO - Australia's audio and visual heritage online. Calendar.