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Gold & Platinum - April 25, 2010. Welcome to the RIAA's Gold & Platinum Program searchable database.

Gold & Platinum - April 25, 2010

We've added some new intuitive search features to help users narrow their searches and find certifications faster. If you are not able to find a certification that you are looking for, please try this important tip: enter the artist's name in the format Last Name, First Name. That means, for example, that the following artist's name is best searched in this format: Bieber, Justin. with a Volcano Ashes Layer. Watch Air Traffic - LIVE! Windows 7 Forums. Domain names and VPS cloud hosting. Everything You Know About Productivity is Wrong. Last Updated Feb 18, 2010 7:57 AM EST.

Everything You Know About Productivity is Wrong

Online - E-Media Tidbits. A continuing theme at South by Southwest Interactive is figuring out how to foster innovation at organizations.

Online - E-Media Tidbits

A team of Google employees shared some thoughts on Sunday about how they create and improve upon services such as Gmail, Google Talk and Google Buzz. It became clear that although these people have achieved plenty of successes, they are familiar with failure — mostly private, sometimes public. Their thoughts are relevant for any organization, particularly news organizations, trying to change how they do their work. Strive for a goal, even if you don’t know how to achieve it.

Jonathan Perlow, a senior engineer on the Gmail team, said the e-mail service was created to achieve three things: Offer e-mail that didn’t require people to delete messages Create a user experience comparable to desktop e-mail applications Block spam — all of it. Notes on Leadership: Be Like Steve Jobs, . . . And Bill Campbell. Editor’s note: When venture capitalists invest in early stage startups, more than anything else they are investing in the founders of the company and their ability to lead their employees through the most improbable set of circumstances to take an idea from a germ to a real and profitable business.

Notes on Leadership: Be Like Steve Jobs, . . . And Bill Campbell

In this guest post, Ben Horowitz of VC firm Andreessen Horowitz explains the leadership traits he and his co-founder Marc Andreessen look for before they invest in a startup. SOme of their investments include Skype, Zynga, Factual, and RockMelt. Before becoming investing partners, Horowitz and Andreessen co-founded Opsware, which they sold to HP for $1.6 billion, and prior to that Horowitz was an executive at Netscape.

At Andreessen Horowitz, we favor founders running the company. The reasons are many (and will be the topic of a future blog post). 7 Tips for Negotiating a Freelance Contract. Envato Studio is an online marketplace for freelance services focused on design and web-development.

7 Tips for Negotiating a Freelance Contract

Services range from designing a logo to WordPress customization, and all service providers have been reviewed and recommended by our expert review team. If you were a user of the FreelanceSwitch Job Board (as either a freelancer or client) we recommend you check out Envato Studio. Also check out the Envato Studio Blog. This is now home to some of the content published on FreelanceSwitch (including the Freelance Freedom Comic) as well as fresh content that may be of interest.

The free encyclopedia. Worldometers - real time world statistics. World Digital Library Home. Exclusive: How Google’s Algorithm Rules the Web.

When it comes to finding stuff, there's Google — and there's everyone else.

Exclusive: How Google’s Algorithm Rules the Web

Photo: Mauricio Alejo Want to know how Google is about to change your life? Stop by the Ouagadougou conference room on a Thursday morning. It is here, at the Mountain View, California, headquarters of the world’s most powerful Internet company, that a room filled with three dozen engineers, product managers, and executives figure out how to make their search engine even smarter. Five Ways to Make Change Easier : The World. There's a simple reason that change efforts are difficult, and it's not that people are lazy or resistant or stupid.

Five Ways to Make Change Easier : The World

Change is hard because February 16, 2010 There’s a simple reason that change efforts are difficult, and it’s not that people are lazy or resistant or stupid. Change is hard because it disrupts behaviors that are on “autopilot.” If you were forced to start brushing your teeth with your opposite hand, you’d struggle. Critical thinking web. Ten rules for writing fiction. Elmore Leonard: Using adverbs is a mortal sin.

Ten rules for writing fiction

The Blog of Scott Hansen » Overcoming Creative Block. I do not know what to write.

The Blog of Scott Hansen » Overcoming Creative Block

I am sitting here staring at the screen, running sentences in my head, and turning my music on and off. Earlier I went foraging for food (in hopes of sparking some magical words), but ended up getting distracted by Arrested Development for 20 minutes. This happens just about every time I sit down to do anything. I’ll probably go play the guitar between this paragraph and the next. Of course this is a familiar situation. Knowing this I decided to ask some of today’s most exciting artists and creators what they do when the ideas aren’t flowing. What follows are 25 strategies from these creatives to spark your inspiration; hopefully you’ll find something helpful in there. Nicolas Felton is a graphic designer based in New York City.