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AASL National Standards For School Libraries

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A quick guide to resources to support implementation

AASLtools. It All Fits Together: The New National Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries (Webinar) Marcia A. Mardis is associate professor and assistant dean, Interdisciplinary Research and Education, in the College of Communication and Information at Florida State University (FSU) in Tallahassee. A longtime member of AASL, Marcia is chair of the Standards and Guidelines Editorial Board. Among her recent honors were receiving the 2016 FSU College of Communication and Information’s Leadership Builder Award, a 2016 Michigan Association for Media in Education President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Profession, and several research and teaching awards from FSU.

Mary Keeling is district supervisor of library media services for Newport News (VA) Public Schools where she has led development and implementation of a district-wide inquiry process model. She chairs the AASL Standards and Guidelines Implementation Task Force. AASL Standards Framework for Learners (pamphlet) AASL Learner Framework. Calendar - National School Library Standards. AASL Standards Web Portal: Accessing Standards and Support Resources. Something Familiar and Something New: Unpacking the Standards. Drs. Elizabeth Burns and Marcia Mardis discuss the new standards.

Did you get your copy of the new standards yet? I must tell you that I am officially excited about them. While I was at the conference, I attended the “AASL ESLS Research Symposium.” The purpose of the symposium was to get an overview of the standards and how they apply to research in school librarianship. I appreciated the overview. Here are some of my takeaways from the session that I will keep in mind as I review my materials. The standards are written to reflect both formal and informal learning environments.Three approaches are addressed with applicable domains and competencies.

Here are some additional features that I liked about the standards: Here are a few ways that you can get familiar with the new standards and the resources included in them. Host a “standards unpacking” day in your school district. Title: Social Networking with Students and Parents: It’s Safer Than You Think Title: Going Deeper with Social Media. AASL How to Read the Standards (One-Pager) AASL Shared Foundation Infographics (PDFs) Web Banners - National School Library Standards.

Presentation Templates - National School Library Standards. Print Templates - National School Library Standards. AASL Message Boxes. Learners Interpret the Shared Foundations - National School Library Standards (Videos) AASL Standards - Standards Structure (Video) Common Beliefs - National School Library Standards. National School Library Standards. AASL Persona Profiles (PDF)

Six Action Steps Infographic | National School Library Standards.