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Makerspace Project Ideas and Materials. School Libraries Index. Credibility Assessment Toolkit. Teaching and Coaching Search. Searching Beyond Google. Google Search Tools Tour. Current Events & Debate. Instructional Portals. Basement Palette. SchoolLibraryNJ Collections. EdTech Bloggers. Library Leadership. Academic Library Bloggers. Public Library Bloggers. Reading and Viewing Apps from your LIBRARY! (Check to see if your school or public library system subscribes.)

COVID-19 Books for Children (Several of these require adult emails to access. Most should be read with an adult.) Digital Stories.

Presentation Tools

525: Knowledge Organization, Access & Services for School Librarians. Leadership, Management and Evaluation of School Libraries (575) Search and the Information Landscape (530) Search Engines (Beyond Google) AASL National Standards For School Libraries. Emerging Literacies (RU515) Curation Tools and Platforms. Curation Platforms Toolkit. Interactive conversations/BackChannels/Exit Tickets. Library Bloggers/Podcasters (and some friends)

Intellectual property/ethics: Creative Commons, Copyright, Fair Use, Public Domain, CC0. Free Digital Stories/Books/Read Alouds (Scroll down for free library access)

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OER Portals. Free Music/Audio Portals. Curated News Options. Gamifying Instruction. HyperDoc Safari. Inquiry. Urban Librarianship. Tutorials. App Reviews and Best Lists. Screencasting / Instructional Video Tools. Valenza Business Law Resources. Avatar Generators. Professional development options. Meme Generators. Global Collaboration/Connection Ideas. SDG's. Assignment 1 Gallery: Spring 2018. Best Search Instruction Safari. Emerging Literacies Posters. Community Engagement.

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Digital Storytelling Tools. Video/Film/Documentary Resources. ISTE 2017. Assignment #1 Gallery Walk (515) Discovery Activity #4: Building a Digital Tutorial. Assignment #2: Gallery Walk (515) Discovery Activities. Discovery Activity #6: Coding Apps Exploration. Discovery Activity #5: Evaluating an infographic for Credibility. Discovery Activity #1: PLN Slambook.

Discovery Activity #3: Digital/Transmedia Storytelling. Discovery Activity #2: Curation for a Targeted Audience. Critical Issues Workshops: Fall 2017. Search Guides Spring 2017.

School Library Evidence & Evaluation Toolkit

For Linwood Schools.