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Language: What foreign words are difficult to translate into English. Stylish and Creative Necklaces. Collection of unusual and creative necklaces that will look great on your neck and get you noticed.

Stylish and Creative Necklaces

Bicycle Necklace Stylish bicycle shaped necklaces designed by Rachel Pfeffer. [link] Ice Necklace Creative necklace with frozen ice cubes that will melt on your neck. Pencil Shaving Necklace For all the people who have tried to save a beautiful pencil shaving, here is one that you can keep forever. Razor Necklace Razor blade necklace hangs from silver oval shaped cable chain.

Camera Necklace Black and silver metal camera necklace designed for photographers. Tetris Necklace Cassette Tape Necklace Face the music with this awesome cassette tape inspired jewellery. Glasses Necklace Nerd Specs necklace is a great conversation starter at a party. Origami Necklace. The Best English-Language Fiction of the Twentieth Century - By Rank. Self Publish a Book - - StumbleUpon. offers free stuff, freebies, freeware, samples, downloads, email, games, free software, fonts, Webmaster programs, MP3s, sweepstakes, contests, coupons, catalogs. Kitchen Helpers. I found these helpful charts last week and just had to share!

Kitchen Helpers

Both of these beauties are from Chasing Delicious (aka one of the most fab foodie blogs out there)! Aren’t they faaaaabulous?! Buy them here. (Note: There are lots of little charts like this online, but these are my favorites). I love tea, but I’m no expert. For people of the UK, have this one with you while you’re meal planning or grocery shopping! I’ve fond some other helpful charts that I’ll share in another post! Yay charts! Danteworlds - StumbleUpon. Prettiest Words: All of Them. 23 Pages. Could Always Use More, Though - StumbleUpon. The Anagram Dictionary.

T h e a n a g r a m d i c t i o n a r y Online Dictionary - Orchy G'day all...

The Anagram Dictionary

A long time ago I decided to make use of an electronic scrabble dictionary by using it to build an anagram dictionary. Anything with that many words is going to show up on a huge number of web spider searches. No Title Hi! With this little message, the file is not only coming up eventually in a fair proportion of all searches, but it also had a summary that aroused people's curiosity. I had no intention of experimenting with the web or trying to lure web users into my den. It's interesting the number of anagrams that are fitting: Eternity and entirety, backward and drawback, discern and rescind, demand and madden, comedian and demoniac, American and cinerama, aspirate and parasite, oldies and soiled, lust and slut, to name a few of many hundreds. Abbe babe abed bead bade abel elba bale able bela abet beat beta bate abhorred harbored abhorrer harborer abides biased able abel elba bale bela abler baler blear blare aces case.

Room Box Number 16 - The Bake Shop. The Bake Shop!

Room Box Number 16 - The Bake Shop

The hinged front opens to reveal... ...Sweet confections, every one hand-made from clay Cakes in the front window Sweet pastries and donuts Candy made from various colors of Fimo clay The candy counter, front view The candy counter, clerk's view Each piece is made up of colored clay twisted or layered Home made cakes More clay pastries Clay bread Jars of candy, again each piece made up of individual bits of colored clay Candy corn: sheets of white, yellow and orange clay layered, rolled into a tube, sliced into circles, then cut into pie wedges Each piece is less than 1/8" long Back to Room Boxes Page Back to Dollhouses Back to InPayne.

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