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Tech Support Outsourcing: How to Protect Yourself from Scams. Tech Support Scam Methods Have you ever experienced seeing a pop-up warning that says “Your computer or device has (number) of viruses!

Tech Support Outsourcing: How to Protect Yourself from Scams

Call this toll-free number right now!” Or “Click this link to download this computer security software now” while browsing the internet? And no matter where you click, you can’t get rid of the message. Or worse it re-routes you to a shady website, or a download is initiated. Or have you ever received an unsolicited call from a toll-free number telling you either (1) that they are from a well-known company like Microsoft, Norton or Kaspersky and that they are calling because they detected a suspicious malware on your computer/device, or (2) that they are calling to ask if you were happy with the services you are given by the tech support service you paid for, offering a refund, either because you weren’t satisfied or because the company is going out of business. If you have, then you just witnessed the prologue of a tech support scam. Pop-Up Warnings. How App Developers Can Reduce the Risk of Cyber Attacks.

The evolution of technology has brought seemingly endless benefits to both businesses and consumers.

How App Developers Can Reduce the Risk of Cyber Attacks

But along with the progress comes a few setbacks, like the increase in the number of cybersecurity attacks for example. The end goal for attackers remains the same—monetary theft. And with around 249,662 new domains and 5,518,007 new hosts launching daily, their targets are continually growing. In addition, the proliferation of mobile technology has given cybercriminals a new platform to carry out their attacks. Secondary or affiliate stores in the Android market can be taken advantage of to compromise official apps or create fake apps. This makes security a critical consideration for app developers. Data leakage Breaches can happen for different reasons. However, insecure data storage leaks are something that developers and users can control.

Social engineering Basic trickery is also dangerous on mobile, especially since this attack can easily be done through email. Damaged cryptography. 7 IT Myths That Need to Be Confirmed or Busted. Businesses across every industry have made improvements by leaps and bounds through the integration of advanced technology, and along with it, upgrades in their information technology infrastructure.

7 IT Myths That Need to Be Confirmed or Busted

While businesses like BPO companies have been upgrading theirs, innovators who are steps ahead have revolutionised some processes in their respective industries. The resulting changes have created some myths in the field of IT from companies that are averse to development. As with everything that involves change, many companies have a hard time catching up. Any significant adjustment disrupts their processes, with those that can adapt or even reinvent themselves leaving them in the dust. In retrospect, traditional views have held true for the past 30 years. Real value can only be achieved through the alignment of business and IT strategies, and not if you hold on to some of these commonly believed IT myths. Digital technology is disrupting every business sector. Verdict: Confirmed. How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping the Future of Cybersecurity.

Keeping your information technology systems secure isn’t as simple as you may think.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping the Future of Cybersecurity

This generation’s digital revolution has brought about countless cyber threats that seemingly evolve along with new advancements in science and technology. However, IT outsourcing services have also evolved to address new forms of threats. Among these new panaceas is Artificial Intelligence, a concept you may have first heard of in the 1999 Robin Williams movie, “Bicentennial Man” or the 2001 Spielberg hit “A.I. Artificial Intelligence.” While these mainstream movies have successfully brought AI to the consciousness of many, a lot of them have yet to realise the impact of AI to cybersecurity. Cybersecurity measures are crucial now, more than ever. Statista predicts that by 2020, each person around the world is expected to have 6.58 connected devices. If you don’t have an IT outsourcing provider who can offer a nearly invincible cybersecurity system, then now’s the time for it. Bottom Line. How Your Business Can Proactively Protect Customer Data [Infographic]

IT security is an issue as old as the technology itself, but that doesn’t excuse large companies when they are revealed to be facing some of these problems.

How Your Business Can Proactively Protect Customer Data [Infographic]

The Fall of the Mighty Social media giant Facebook learned this the hard way. It was revealed this year that a data security flaw allowed British political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, to use the personal information of some 87 million Facebook users in the US. The data was used to drum up pro-Trump propaganda on the platform, even creating the “Defeat Crooked Hillary” video campaign to influence the 2016 elections possibly. CEO Mark Zuckerberg was summoned by both the US Senate Commerce and Judiciary committees and the Brussels-based European Parliament to explain the issue to lawmakers further, all while assuring that the company is doing everything in their power to right the wrongs. Precautionary Strategies for Customer Data 1. 2. 3. Have a schedule for regular encryption updates. 4. 5. 6.