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3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tutorial - EduCanon. Pricing. The Ultimate List of Educational Websites (don't think you want to print and post, just for teacher info... Read the whole thing to see what I mean… Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Great Overview of The Flipped Classroom. January 30, 2015 Looking for a short insightful overview of the Flipped Classroom concept?

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Great Overview of The Flipped Classroom

Dr Jackie Gerstein has this wonderful video clip where she explains the essence of flipped classroom. The video is very short, a little over 2 minutes but it really does the job. For those of you looking for more resources and guides on how to integrate this flipped learning paradigm into their instruction, this section has tons of materials to browse through. I am also sharing with you this chart I created last month comparing some major tools to use for a flipped classroom. You can check the Google Doc version of this chart from this link.

New Technologies and 21st Century Skills. New Technologies and 21st Century Skills. New Technologies and 21st Century Skills. Clarisketch. Top Tweets and Resources for Teachers and Leaders. About ETR Community EdTechReview (ETR) is a community of and for everyone involved in education technology to connect and collaborate both online and offline to discover, learn, utilize and share about the best ways technology can improve learning, teaching, and leading in the 21st century.

Top Tweets and Resources for Teachers and Leaders

EdTechReview spreads awareness on education technology and its role in 21st century education through best research and practices of using technology in education, and by facilitating events, training, professional development, and consultation in its adoption and implementation. -> Read More. The 6 Technologies That Will Change the Face of Education.

Ed Tech Trends The 6 Technologies That Will Change the Face of Education Makerspaces, wearable technologies and adaptive learning technologies are three of the six technologies that will have a profound impact on higher education within the next five years, according to the NMC Horizon Report: 2015 Higher Education Edition, released Wednesday by the New Media Consortium and the Educause Learning Initiative.

The 6 Technologies That Will Change the Face of Education

The annual report is developed by a panel of higher education experts to identify major developments in education technology and technological trends that will help shape teaching and learning in the near future. The researchers also identify the six most significant challenges facing education in the coming years. Technological developments are sorted into three categories: those whose impact will be felt soon (or is being felt now), those that will come into p[lay in the mid-term (two to three years) and those that are a bit further out on the horizon (four to five years).

New Technologies and 21st Century Skills. 20 Ways to Use ThingLink in Education. When I first learned about ThingLink late last summer, I was immediately impressed.

20 Ways to Use ThingLink in Education

My mind started racing about all the ways that ThingLink could be used by teachers, students and even beyond the classroom. If you’re not familiar with ThingLink, it makes images interactive. How do you make an image interactive? You upload a still image to ThingLink, and then you can add little icons on top of the image. Those icons become hyperlinks to other web media- websites, articles, videos, sound clips, and much more. Now tell me that isn’t AWESOME?! So, now that you’re hooked, what are some of the ways you could use ThingLink in your classroom?

One of the things I like the most about this tool, is that no matter the project or access to technology, you can incorporate ThingLink into your class. Popplet. Project 252. What is Scribology? Truscribe. Capture for Chrome: create and upload vi... MediaCore Capture for Chrome is a free Chrome extension that lets you capture picture-in-picture video from your screen and webcam, record a Chrome tab, any desktop window or your entire screen, or simply record from your webcam.

Capture for Chrome: create and upload vi...

Once you’re finished recording you can easily upload your video to MediaCore. 1) Start by downloading MediaCore Capture for Chrome from the Chrome store. 2) Next, click on the MediaCore icon in the Chrome toolbar and click on "Get Started" to launch the app. 3) Choose your settings: Select an appropriate video size and decide if you want embed video from your webcam and enable the microphone. 4) In this example I'm going to show you how to record a tutorial from your screen with the webcam embedded in the corner. 5) To get started, I'll click on "Start Recording" and select "Ecology Lecture 2013" from the "window picker".

Lessons Worth Sharing. Reviews & recommendations of tools for education. Results of the 8th Annual Survey of Learning Tools. Knowmia - Technology for Teaching. Made Simple. Instructional Design Central. What is eLearning?

Instructional Design Central

What is eLearning? In short, eLearning is the delivery of electronic-based learning. The term eLearning is generally synonomous to online learning, computer based training (CBT), mLearning (mobile learning), and virtual education. Top eLearning Tools There are dozens of eLearning software, tools, and programs in the market. eLearning tools range in cost anywhere from free to $3,000 for an individual license. Adobe® Captivate Adobe Captivate 8 software reimagines the way interactive eLearning is created for a multi-device world. Approximate Cost: $399 Articulate® Storyline Create polished interactive courses with Articulate® Storyline, the only e-learning authoring software that grows with you. Approximate Cost: $1,500 Lectora® Inspire Lectora® Inspire makes eLearning course development fast and simple.

Approximate Cost: $2,495 Udutu™ Udutu™ is a free eLearning authoring software. MorrisCooke.