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Business Plan - EXTRATERRESTRIAL CULTURAL CENTER. Global Sovereign Alliance. The Virtual Sacred Circle of Nations. United Earth: An Open Invitation for Co-creation. Dear Co-Creators of a More Beautiful World, Your work in the world shows that you are part of a global movement towards creating a brighter future for everyone. As you know, this movement involves hundreds of thousands of communities, organisations, tribes and networks, and hundreds of millions of people who are all, in their own ways, working for the same thing: a healthy, free, peaceful, diverse and abundant world.

Through our universal connection to the Internet we have a powerful opportunity to begin working together at the global level to co-create the world we all know is possible. United Earth is a collaboration of change-makers and international organisations working to provide an open, inclusive and equality-based platform for all people and groups to unite and cooperate for a wholesystems transformation of human society.

Please visit the United Earth website ( to find out more and become a part of our worldwide-collaboration. Robert Schram. Life Mastery | One place for all the training, techniques and technology you need to master your life. Maven, Connector, or Salesperson: What's Your Archetype? In the book The Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell talks about three different archetypes of people: mavens, connectors, and salespeople. If you’re a changemaker, this framework can help you see why you work the way you do. Pam Slim and I have been using this model for a few years, both in our Lift Off Retreat and with clients in our individual coaching practices.

She also wrote a post on maven, connectors, and salespeople back in 2010 and has been nudging me to write this one since around that time. So, here we go. Mavens make change happen through information and ideas. You might be a maven if: You often feel overwhelmed because you have so many big ideas to unpack.You’re often frustrated by how “thin” a lot of information seems.You can get lost for days working on one idea, or spend months happily exploring the depths of one idea.Your expression is largely about ideas and information, rather than about people or sizzle.

Connectors make change happen through people. Take Back Your Power: Investigating The "Smart" Grid [documentary] The paranormal scene of the magician Djedi! The Sphinx Very soon after Khufu took the throne he started thinking of planning the layout for the greatest pyramid ever built. The first thought that came to him was how to build secret tunnels inside the pyramid leading to his burial chamber. King Khufu sat thinking about this, until he was seen by his son Prince Hordjedef, “Why you seem depressed my great father,” Said Prince Hordjedef. “for days; I have been thinking and discussing ways to build secret tunnels that will lead to my burial chamber with Prince Hemiunu ‘Khufu’s Vizier’ and the architect Khufu kha. Only then Prince Hordjedef started telling the king about the story of the famous magician Djedi. King Khufu was extremely surprised to hear this; He immediately asked Hordjedef to go bring him the magician.

When the magician arrived, he greeted the king who then asked, “Why you never came to meet me before Djedi?”. “This secret you cannot reach. What you have just read was not an imaginary tale. Djed/Djedet/Jedi Research. Excerpts From Various Sources Djed Eye (Jed-I), the Kemetic Third Eye of Heru The word Wizard comes from those who held the Staff of Power, which was called the WSR (Wassar). Osiris was the Life Force within creation, his backbone the Djed, or Djedhi, hence the "Force" of the Jedi Knights of Star Wars. Osiris was called SR, or ASR (Ausir), as well as Wassir. The Wasser staffs were electrical conductors of power, hence the Wizzards were Wassirs or Osiris' using WSR Wands for their Hex's (hexagon), in Egyptian Heku.Unknown Source The main tenet of the Star Wars universe is completion of the circle or finding the balance between good and evil.

Ironically enough, the idea of completing the circle with ritual and of finding balance in awareness was known in ancient Egypt as raising the Djed. The purpose of the ritual was to preserve order and repel chaos. Historically, the Djed was raised at crucial transitional times between cycles, evoking light and stability to dispel darkness and disorder. The Three Secret Doors and the Magician Djedi - The Plateau - Official Website of Dr. Zahi Hawass. By Zahi Hawass I never thought we would find anything behind the door discovered 64 metres inside the south shaft of the Great Pyramid in 1993 by Rudolf Gantenbrink. I said nothing would be discovered behind this door: I believed it was only a block with nothing behind it.

But when we used the ultrasonic equipment and learnt that the thickness of the door was only 6cm, I said that this was a surprise and there must be something there. The first part of the live TV show was dedicated to opening the sarcophagus. We introduced the tombs of the Pyramid builders and talked about their life and the food they ate, such as bread and beer, and we discussed how they used to take a nap inside the work area. We also explained the analysis of the skeletons of the workmen and discussed the medical care they received, as well as the medical problems evident from the X-rays such as stress on the back from moving heavy stones. We found one skull that had evidence of cancer. BACK to The Plateau Homepage. Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - About Us. Jonathan Quintin. Jonathan Quintin Workshop Info: METAMORPHOSIS Jonathan Quintin is a cosmologist and multi-media artist who was born and raised in New Zealand.

He has spent over 30 years in the investigation and application of sacred geometry and presents his work internationally. Sacred geometry is a universal language that describes the inner workings of nature and the intrinsic order of the universe. It is the natural sanction that unites all forms of life… from microbes, plants, animals and humans to the motions of the planets and stars. For Jonathan, as a cosmologist, sacred geometry provides the tools for exploring universal order. For the artistic side of him, it offers a source of unlimited possibilities for expressing the laws of creation. Jonathan has travelled extensively and lived in different countries around the world.

The intention was to create a sanctum that was resonant with the harmony of universal order; an atmosphere conducive for experiencing states of higher consciousness.

SYNERGY -Oneness of the Elements

WaterCure | About Global Health Solutions. Telephone: (703) 848-2333 Fax:(703) 848-0028 Order Line:(800) 759-3999 Address:P.O. Box 3189 Falls Church, VA 22043 Shipping, Ordering and General Global Health Solutions, GHS, a worldwide publishing house, founded and developed by F. GHS is dedicated to spreading the information of new science in medicine and promoting the public awareness of the hidden wonders of natural, simple, pure water in improving the public health and well-being. GHS publishes Dr. Dr. GHS is proud to be the publisher of all of Dr. GHS is committed to fulfilling Dr. You are being redirected... Join today for exclusive access to the audio and video resources in the Bruce Lipton Archive – featuring over 30 years of cutting-edge research and teaching.

Plus, when you join you'll have the chance to ask your questions and hear Bruce LIVE on our Monthly Member Calls. Join today for exclusive access to the audio and video resources in the Bruce Lipton Archive – featuring over 30 years of cutting-edge research and teaching. Plus, when you join you'll have the chance to ask your questions and hear Bruce LIVE on our Monthly Member Calls. Burning Man Board: Change Burning Man From A Pariah To A Leader In Sustainability + Innovation. Let's all help Burning Man become unequivocally a force for good in the world, a leader in sustainability, a place where solutions are born. This petition lays out the plan, but it needs your signature to make it happen. Strange, but true - we need YOU. Do you have even a little bit of “Burner Shame” because of the environmental impact of the event? Do you find yourself having to defend the event?

If you love Burning Man, please sign and share this now. Bonus: all signers will be invited to our exclusive on-playa party Thursday afternoon @ IDEATE. PURPOSE: Let's help Burning Man retain and grow its role as positive cultural leader by creating a sustainability and innovation plan that will ensure the long-term survival of the festival and culture. GOALS: More fun! 1. We are in an existential climate crisis. TRANSITIONING FROM A LIABILITY TO AN ASSET (aka NUTS AND BOLTS) “Burning Man will never be sustainable,” you may say. 1. About | Exoconsciousness. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, is the founder of the Institute for Exoconsciousness whose mission is to research and apply the abilities of human consciousness sourced in extraterrestrial experience. She created the concept of Exoconsciousness which is the study of the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness.

Rebecca’s signature is bridging consciousness science and ET experiencers. Her work encourages us to explore the questions: Do humans have an innate ability to experience extraterrestrial contact? And if so, how does it manifest and what are the implications for our species and our planet? Exoconsciousness is confirmation of humanity’s relationship with the Extraterrestrial Presence.

At its heart, it is a social, cultural movement that joins with consciousness scientists, energy healers, spiritual practitioners, paranormal researchers and near death experiencers to transform how we humans know ourselves. Blog: One Community - One Community is a nonprofit and for The Highest Good of All organization creating open source and free-shared blueprints for a global cooperative of sustainable communities, villages, and cities.

About Us - Mystery Schools International - Since 2003 Mystery Schools International has been a glint in founder and leading-edge transformation expert Todd Jenkins eye. Together, the warming up, nurturing ideas, wisdom, knowledge and experiences, Todd is determined to combine the ancient Mystery Schools vision with modern esoteric studies. Mystery Schools International is no longer looked upon as being in the incubation stages.

This gathering of Esoteric beliefs is not the hum drum sugar coated spiritual crap created to make individuals feel good without doing the work. Valuable information that attracts the adventure-minded who fearlessly pushes through the unknown typically associated with Spiritual growth and development. Mystery Schools International started with one man on a mission. Today Mystery Schools International has a plethora of international on-line students, volunteers with knowledgeable educational facilitators – and it was all done selflessly for the good of Humanity. With no advertising. Free Registration. Founders of FREE. Who We Are | 99Rise. We are the 99%, in all of our tremendous diversity.

We are the students and young people, the homeowners, the workers, the families, the immigrants, the seniors and retirees, and every other American sick of seeing their democracy serve only the interests of the 1%. United by a common vision, a common strategy, and a set of simple, clear guidelines, we work together in a decentralized movement where every community is empowered to take independent, creative action and every member is encouraged to develop as a leader. How we work together ... 99Rise is organized more like a “starfish” than a “spider”. We all know that if a spider has its head or leg cut off, it will end up dead or severely crippled. As Ori Brafman & Rod Beckstrom note in their seminal work "Starfish & the Spider", with starfish its a very different story.

Where we come from ... This website is the 501c4 site for 99Rise. World Bridger Media. Exoconsciousness | Extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness. About the Author. START Your Life - Social-Live. Social-Live is a worldwide group of people helping each other in day to day life! Service to others is our mission. Unity for all humans is our goal. People helping people is a day to day human activity with Social-Live. You can run your business worldwide with our powerful success site and also have access to a world of people that can also help you find your Greatness. Together we all win with a positive attitude and a heart of gratitude. Any-day now we will also have a classroom setting accessible via handphone to teach you any lessons in life.

Our team will help you with your business needs today: Design beautiful apps and hosting.. For mobiles and tablets and laptops and desktops... We design your site and app Design your app by customizing the navigation mode, header, body, splaschcreen and icon. We add your content Add content by using the built-in CMS or connecting existing content sources. We test your site and app U-6.ME Worldwide Social-Live people helping people find true success.. Welcome to Peace for People | It's Non Profit Organazation. Freedomufos | Liberté UFOS. Gold Coins Minneapolis | Gold Bars St. Paul | Silver Coins and Bars | Platinum and Palladium Bars | Miles Franklin. Arcturians | Arcturian Alien Revelation. A mysterious race of light emitting beings was the folklore tales of the Lyrans,Reptilians, Sirians, and many other alien races who only imagined the likelihood of such powerful beings.

They were said to exist in the 4th and 5th dimensions and were able to choose when to manifest into the 3rd dimension and become the physical manifestation of the great alien race known as the Arcturians! The story told of great elders who governed these great spiritual beings called the Brotherhood of the All who did not allow for the interaction of Arctuians and the lower planes of existence. Although these great beings were greatly talked about, many did not believe in such a race; and furthermore, those who did believe in Arcturians only had old tales of ancient times when Arcturians traveled the known universe. worlds as we know them today. Power, knowledge, and existence. Arcturian Light Quotient Increase your light quotient by following the arcturians... Arcturian Awakening Lesson (2): Thoughts. CONTACT DANIEL - Vega Star Healings. INTERVIEWS - Vega Star Healings.

Alliance for a Safe World - Asia - Pakistan - ICEF - Indus Community Empowerment Foundation. Indus Community Empowerment Foundation (ICEF) Sindh is a nonprofit organisation, established in September 2010 in Pakistan. ICEF is located in Sindh Province and is working mostly for the disadvantaged segment of society, regrdless of colour, caste, and creed. ICEF has two offices: one at Hyderabad and the other at Sukkur The Region The Sindh Province was hit by floods of 2010 and heavy rainfall of 2011; the catastrophe damaged livelihoods, agriculture, Infrastructure of rural communities, and caused major internal displacement of people, which increased the ratio of poverty. Whereas the northern part of Sindh province is a victim of inter-community conflicts between different castes and tribes, the city of Karachi is target of political conflicts between different political parties along with attacks of Taliban.

Women & Children's Rights Go Unnoticed Feudal Society Creates Many Hurdles High Illiteracy Rates The education situation of the country is poor. The Formation of ICEF. Home - HUGSHUGS. Collective Expansion. Artists. News & Events | Be A Nelson. What is Intuitive iQ? | Intuitive iQ. Victoria's Light.

Julian Michael « Julian Michael – Celebrity Numerologist. Traulsen Video Bonding | hughtraulsen. Hugh Traulsen: Caring/Sharing 12/12 by To The Stars Through Adversity | Motivation Podcasts. Get a Vogel Crystal and Learn How To Use It | Joe Eigo. Humans Unifying Global Solutions. VISION | EarthSky People. Stellarpax. Team One Community :: Innovation | Collaboration | Transformation. Positiveimpactasheville. Shiloh Boss. Virtual Mastery School - Independent Direct Voice Communication - What is Direct Voice?

About | HOPEGIRL BLOG. Untitled. Se connecter à Facebook. Leaders. MillZone | HUM - social networking. SAFFE Global - S.A.F.F.E. Contacto - Ánkar Pleyadiana. SAFFE Global - S.A.F.F.E.