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Business Plan - EXTRATERRESTRIAL CULTURAL CENTER. Global Sovereign Alliance. The Virtual Sacred Circle of Nations. United Earth: An Open Invitation for Co-creation. Dear Co-Creators of a More Beautiful World, Your work in the world shows that you are part of a global movement towards creating a brighter future for everyone.

United Earth: An Open Invitation for Co-creation

As you know, this movement involves hundreds of thousands of communities, organisations, tribes and networks, and hundreds of millions of people who are all, in their own ways, working for the same thing: a healthy, free, peaceful, diverse and abundant world. Through our universal connection to the Internet we have a powerful opportunity to begin working together at the global level to co-create the world we all know is possible. United Earth is a collaboration of change-makers and international organisations working to provide an open, inclusive and equality-based platform for all people and groups to unite and cooperate for a wholesystems transformation of human society. Please visit the United Earth website ( to find out more and become a part of our worldwide-collaboration. One place for all the training, techniques and technology you need to master your life. Maven, Connector, or Salesperson: What's Your Archetype? In the book The Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell talks about three different archetypes of people: mavens, connectors, and salespeople.

Maven, Connector, or Salesperson: What's Your Archetype?

If you’re a changemaker, this framework can help you see why you work the way you do. Pam Slim and I have been using this model for a few years, both in our Lift Off Retreat and with clients in our individual coaching practices. She also wrote a post on maven, connectors, and salespeople back in 2010 and has been nudging me to write this one since around that time. So, here we go. Take Back Your Power: Investigating The "Smart" Grid [documentary] The paranormal scene of the magician Djedi! The Sphinx Very soon after Khufu took the throne he started thinking of planning the layout for the greatest pyramid ever built.

The paranormal scene of the magician Djedi!

The first thought that came to him was how to build secret tunnels inside the pyramid leading to his burial chamber. Djed/Djedet/Jedi Research. Excerpts From Various Sources Djed Eye (Jed-I), the Kemetic Third Eye of Heru The word Wizard comes from those who held the Staff of Power, which was called the WSR (Wassar). Osiris was the Life Force within creation, his backbone the Djed, or Djedhi, hence the "Force" of the Jedi Knights of Star Wars.

The Three Secret Doors and the Magician Djedi - The Plateau - Official Website of Dr. Zahi Hawass. By Zahi Hawass I never thought we would find anything behind the door discovered 64 metres inside the south shaft of the Great Pyramid in 1993 by Rudolf Gantenbrink.

The Three Secret Doors and the Magician Djedi - The Plateau - Official Website of Dr. Zahi Hawass

I said nothing would be discovered behind this door: I believed it was only a block with nothing behind it. But when we used the ultrasonic equipment and learnt that the thickness of the door was only 6cm, I said that this was a surprise and there must be something there. The first part of the live TV show was dedicated to opening the sarcophagus. Institute for Jedi Realist Studies - About Us. Jonathan Quintin. Jonathan Quintin Workshop Info: METAMORPHOSIS.

Jonathan Quintin

SYNERGY -Oneness of the Elements

About Global Health Solutions. Telephone: (703) 848-2333 Fax:(703) 848-0028 Order Line:(800) 759-3999 Address:P.O.

About Global Health Solutions

Box 3189 Falls Church, VA 22043 Shipping, Ordering and General You are being redirected... Join today for exclusive access to the audio and video resources in the Bruce Lipton Archive – featuring over 30 years of cutting-edge research and teaching.

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Plus, when you join you'll have the chance to ask your questions and hear Bruce LIVE on our Monthly Member Calls. Join today for exclusive access to the audio and video resources in the Bruce Lipton Archive – featuring over 30 years of cutting-edge research and teaching. Plus, when you join you'll have the chance to ask your questions and hear Bruce LIVE on our Monthly Member Calls. Burning Man Board: Change Burning Man From A Pariah To A Leader In Sustainability + Innovation.

Let's all help Burning Man become unequivocally a force for good in the world, a leader in sustainability, a place where solutions are born.

Burning Man Board: Change Burning Man From A Pariah To A Leader In Sustainability + Innovation

This petition lays out the plan, but it needs your signature to make it happen. Exoconsciousness. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, is the founder of the Institute for Exoconsciousness whose mission is to research and apply the abilities of human consciousness sourced in extraterrestrial experience.


She created the concept of Exoconsciousness which is the study of the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness. Rebecca’s signature is bridging consciousness science and ET experiencers. Her work encourages us to explore the questions: Do humans have an innate ability to experience extraterrestrial contact? And if so, how does it manifest and what are the implications for our species and our planet? Exoconsciousness is confirmation of humanity’s relationship with the Extraterrestrial Presence. Exoconsciousness normalizes psychic abilities, telepathy and ET contact as essential for a 21st century human. Rebecca is the author of Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind. Blog: Email:

One Community - One Community is a nonprofit and for The Highest Good of All organization creating open source and free-shared blueprints for a global cooperative of sustainable communities, villages, and cities. About Us - Mystery Schools International - Since 2003 Mystery Schools International has been a glint in founder and leading-edge transformation expert Todd Jenkins eye.

About Us - Mystery Schools International -

Together, the warming up, nurturing ideas, wisdom, knowledge and experiences, Todd is determined to combine the ancient Mystery Schools vision with modern esoteric studies. Mystery Schools International is no longer looked upon as being in the incubation stages. This gathering of Esoteric beliefs is not the hum drum sugar coated spiritual crap created to make individuals feel good without doing the work.

Founders of FREE. Who We Are. We are the 99%, in all of our tremendous diversity. We are the students and young people, the homeowners, the workers, the families, the immigrants, the seniors and retirees, and every other American sick of seeing their democracy serve only the interests of the 1%. United by a common vision, a common strategy, and a set of simple, clear guidelines, we work together in a decentralized movement where every community is empowered to take independent, creative action and every member is encouraged to develop as a leader.

How we work together ... World Bridger Media. Extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness. About the Author. START Your Life - Social-Live. Social-Live is a worldwide group of people helping each other in day to day life! Service to others is our mission. Unity for all humans is our goal. People helping people is a day to day human activity with Social-Live. You can run your business worldwide with our powerful success site and also have access to a world of people that can also help you find your Greatness. Total Self Sustainability is our mission. Together we all win with a positive attitude and a heart of gratitude. It's Non Profit Organazation. Freedomufos. Platinum and Palladium Bars. Arcturian Alien Revelation. CONTACT DANIEL - Vega Star Healings. INTERVIEWS - Vega Star Healings. Alliance for a Safe World - Asia - Pakistan - ICEF - Indus Community Empowerment Foundation.

Indus Community Empowerment Foundation (ICEF) Sindh is a nonprofit organisation, established in September 2010 in Pakistan. Home - HUGSHUGS. Collective Expansion. Artists. News & Events. What is Intuitive iQ? Victoria's Light. Julian Michael « Julian Michael – Celebrity Numerologist. Traulsen Video Bonding. Hugh Traulsen: Caring/Sharing 12/12 by To The Stars Through Adversity. Broadcast in Motivation 0 comments Follow This Show. Get a Vogel Crystal and Learn How To Use It. Humans Unifying Global Solutions.

EarthSky People. Stellarpax. Team One Community. Positiveimpactasheville. Shiloh Boss. Virtual Mastery School - Independent Direct Voice Communication - What is Direct Voice? An Independent Direct Voice Medium is known to have many similar traits in which the main one is that of being a Physical Medium. Just like there are many different types of doctors or surgeons, there are also many different types of Mediums. For example, we have Trance Mediums, Mental Mediums, Channeling Mediums, Physical Mediums and many more. In order to be able to experience Independent Direct Voice Communication, otherwise known as IDVC, one must be a Physical Medium, however, this does not mean all Physical Mediums are able to do IDVC.

Physical mediumship is defined as the manipulation of energies and energy systems by spirits. The spirit will tap into and use the energy of the Physical Medium in order to manifest or communicate in some way. During an IDVC session, the spirits will manipulate the energy of the Physical Medium and in turn use this energy to manifest physically and create a voice of their own. HOPEGIRL BLOG. Untitled. Se connecter à Facebook. Leaders. MillZone. HUM - social networking. SAFFE Global - S.A.F.F.E. Contacto - Ánkar Pleyadiana. SAFFE Global - S.A.F.F.E.